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Posted by iNext on 2006-02-15       Article Source : Reuters

Opsware Inc, a supplier of software used to automate computer data centers, on Monday said it had reached a multimillion dollar distribution agreement with Cisco Systems Inc.
According the agreement, Cisco will distribute the company's network automation system under the Cisco brand, using its sales force and marketing partners. The two companies will also work together to develop more advanced network management systems.

Further terms of the deal were not disclosed.

In November, Opsware said it expected fourth-quarter

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Posted by iNext on 2006-02-14       Article Source : Reuters

UK cable firm NTL is teaming up with BitTorrent Inc., the company behind the popular file-sharing software, to test a new service that will let users purchase movies and music video downloads.
The trial, which will also include technology from Cambridge, England-based CacheLogic Ltd., comes as BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen works to establish the software as a legitimate means of distributing content.

The free software is currently one of the most popular ways to share pirated TV and movies.

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Posted by iMark on 2006-02-13       Article Source : Reuters

Shares in French software firm Infogrames (IFOE.PA) plunged on Friday due to doubts over the future of its majority-owned video games maker, Atari Inc. and after a restatement of its accounts.
Europe's largest video games maker and owner of Atari said it had to restate its interim accounts after reducing the value of goodwill. It added it was in talks with its creditor banks over its debt facilities.

Companies such as Infogrames and Atari have suffered as the video

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Posted by iTech on 2006-02-13       Article Source : ExtremeTech

Roughly half of today's PCs won't be able to take advantage of the "Aero Glass" compositor found within Microsoft's upcoming Vista software, due at the end of this year.

The estimate was one of the conclusions cited in a report released late Thursday by Jon Peddie Research, which used the same year-end data to conclude that Intel's share in the graphics market is steadily decreasing.

The fault, Peddie reported, was that the low-cost integrated graphics controllers customers have chosen process the

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Posted by inet on 2006-02-08       Article Source : InfoWorld

iWay software is the Belkin of application adapters, those pieces of software that hook enterprise apps to middleware from the likes of BEA, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sonic, and Sun.  As of today, iWay is joining the ranks of all those companies (Microsoft excepted) and announcing and shipping its own ESB, iWay Service Manager.
Jake Freivald, vice president of product marketing for iWay, says that the catch-all ESB moniker has evolved to mean middleware that offers transformations, intelligent message routing, distributed

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Posted by iNext on 2006-02-07       Article Source : Reuters

Volkswagen AG's American unit on Friday said it is working on a prototype vehicle which features Google Inc.'s satellite mapping software to give drivers a bird's eye view of the road ahead.

The two companies are working with the graphics chipmaker Nvidia Corp. to build an in-car navigation map system and a three-dimensional display so passengers can recognize where they are in relation to the surrounding topography.

Volkswagen of America Inc., working through its Electronics Research Laboratory in Palo Alto, California,

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Posted by inet on 2006-02-06       Article Source : NewsFactor

Nineteen members of an international computer piracy ring have been indicted by a U.S. federal grand jury, which accused the group of making illegal copies of $6.5 million worth of movies, games, and software.
The indictments were announced by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in Chicago against the 19 individuals, alleged to be members of the underground piracy group known as "RISCISO" (Rise in Superior Couriering plus the file format ISO).

The ring, which included individuals from the U.S.,

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Posted by iMark on 2006-02-05       Article Source : Reuters

Business software maker SAP AG on Thursday introduced a Web-based version of its market-leading customer relationship software that aims to shore up its position over rivals Oracle Corp. and Salesforce.com Inc.
The German company's new subscription service targets large- and medium-sized businesses in the market for customer relationship management (CRM) software, which helps office workers track sales leads and manage customer relationships.

SAP said its first release would help customers manage their customers, contacts and sales pipelines and be followed

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Posted by iMark on 2006-02-03       Article Source : AP

CHICAGO - A federal grand jury has indicted 19 people on charges they used the Internet to pirate more than $6.5 million worth of copyrighted computer software, games and movies.
The indictment outlines an alleged plot by defendants from nine states, Australia and Barbados to illegally distribute newly released titles, including movies like "The Incredibles" and "The Aviator," and games like "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005."

A grand jury in Chicago returned the indictment late Tuesday following undercover investigations

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Posted by iTech on 2006-01-21       Article Source : TechWeb News

Microsoft's Office Live service will likely include a Web-based e-mail client dubbed "Office Live Mail," a Web site run by several Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals said Thursday.
Office Live, one of the major pieces in Microsoft's new strategy to push into the software-as-service market in an effort to derail competitors such as Google, Yahoo, and Salesforce.com, is targeted at small businesses with 10 or fewer employees. When it releases -- details are still sketchy, since it's not yet entered full

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Posted by iMark on 2006-01-21       Article Source : Reuters

Cingular Wireless, the No. 1 U.S. cellphone service provider, said on Wednesday it would begin selling a mobile phone running the latest Microsoft Corp. software for mobile phones.
The Cingular-branded 2125 Smartphone, made by High Tech Computer Corp. (2498.TW) will go on sale for $199 on Wednesday. Cingular, a venture of AT&T Inc and BellSouth Corp., is aiming the phone at both business and consumer customers, spokesman John Kampfe said.

It will be the U.S. first phone based on

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Posted by iMark on 2006-01-15       Article Source : Microsoft Watch

The Microsoft Office Live beta is expected to go live any day now.
Office Live is not a hosted version of Microsoft Office. Instead, it is a set of software services Microsoft is developing as extensions to its shrink-wrapped Office product. Microsoft introduced the Office Live concept in November last year, at the same time as it rolled out its Windows Live strategy. Company officials said at that time to expect a first beta of Office Live in early 2006.Read More...  

Posted by iMark on 2006-01-15       Article Source : NewsFactor

Microsoft will continue to develop its Office for Mac software for at least another five years, the company's Macintosh Business Unit has announced.
The popular software will be available for Macs running either PowerPC, its current chip configuration, or the Intel-based Macs recently unveiled at Apple's Macworld conference.

In addition to formalizing the agreement that cements Office for Mac into place for the next handful of years, Microsoft also noted that there will be enhancements to Entourage 2004

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Posted by iMark on 2006-01-14       Article Source : IDG NEWS SERVICE

The Windows operating system expert who exposed Sony BMG Music Entertainment's use of "rootkit" cloaking techniques last year is now criticizing security vendors Symantec and Kaspersky Lab for shipping software that works in a similar manner.
Mark Russinovich, chief software architect with systems software company Winternals Software, says that the techniques used by Symantec's Norton SystemWorks and Kaspersky's Anti-Virus products are rootkits, a term usually reserved for the techniques that malicious software uses to avoid detection on an infected PC. Read More...  

Posted by iNext on 2006-01-14       Article Source : InfoWorld

NetSuite on Thursday detailed a new effort to let third parties tap its data model as a platform on which to build applications distributed as SaaS (software as a service).

The NetFlex Applications Program lets partners use the company's NetFlex platform of Web services, integration technologies, and customization capabilities to build applications.

"The first wave is for third-party apps to extend the NetSuite service into areas we haven't moved into yet," said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite.

Such areas include

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