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Posted by inet on 2005-10-23       Article Source : TechWeb News

For the second time in as many weeks, Microsoft revised a critical security bulletin, this time to clarify confusing directions about which patch Windows 2000 users should deploy.

Directions in the MS05-050 security bulletin, which was released Oct. 11 to fix a flaw in DirectX, confused some customers, who then downloaded the wrong patch, a Microsoft spokesperson said Friday.

"Microsoft is aware that a limited amount of customers, who may have obtained the wrong security update for their version of

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-23       Article Source : InformationWeek

Internet users worldwide may have experienced a slower Internet early this morning due to a major disruption of service from tier one carrier Level 3 Communications.

Performance measurements by Keynote Systems showed significant drops in availability and increases in Internet response time around the world in the overnight hours, with the worst disruption around 2 a.m. eastern standard time. Some Web sites were unreachable and service was shut off for some users, says Keynote, which monitors Internet and E-commerce performance. Level 3

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Posted by iMark on 2005-10-23       Article Source : TechWeb News

The federal government has made minimal progress in improving technology in accordance with 9/11 Commission recommendations, according to a new report.

The 9/11 Public Disclosure Project released the second portion of its privately-funded "Report on the Status of 9/11 Commission Recommendations" Thursday. The report, by former 9/11 commissioners, examines government reform. It criticizes efforts to guard civil liberties, account for intelligence spending and share information.

It states that the President has made "minimal progress" in leading national security institutions into

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Posted by iMark on 2005-10-23       Article Source : TechWeb News

Even game consoles are under attack by hackers, a security company noted Friday. But although the current crop poses little risk to the average player, the next generation may if attackers decide to take on the Internet-centric xBox 360, Microsoft's next game machine.
Panda Software said that over the last several days, it has tracked a trio of Trojans that aimed to reduce Sony's PSP (PlayStation Portable) and the Nintendo DS game consoles into expensive bricks.

The three pieces of

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Posted by iNext on 2005-10-22       Article Source : TechWeb News

The Navy on Friday confirmed blocking access to commercial email services provided by Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp., Google Inc., America Online Inc. and others, saying they posed a security risk to its networks.

The decision, which went into effect this week, applied to military and civilian personnel on ships or ashore in the United States and overseas.

That action was taken in order to prevent viruses or other malicious software from entering the system, which is used to carry information

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Posted by iMark on 2005-10-22       Article Source : TechWeb News

Dutch prosecutors who last month arrested a trio of young men for creating a large botnet allegedly used to extort a U.S. company, steal identities, and distribute spyware now say they bagged bigger prey: a botnet of 1.5 million machines.

According to Wim de Bruin, a spokesman for the Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie, or OM), when investigators at GOVCERT.NL, the Netherlands' Computer Emergency Response Team, and several Internet service providers began dismantling the botnet, they discovered it consisted of about 1.5

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Posted by iNext on 2005-10-22   

Hackers and scammers have suddenly turned to a new technique to hide malicious JavaScript on compromised or criminal sites, a security researcher said Thursday.
According to Dan Hubbard, the senior director of security and research at Websense, a family of obfuscation routines with the umbrella name of "JS/Wonka" has spread wildly in the last few weeks.

"For whatever reason, the number has just skyrocketed since the last of September," said Hubbard. "There are 10,000 unique sites using this exact

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-21       Article Source : EE Times

Bay Microsystems Inc. will work with Network Equipment Technologies Inc. on the next phase of an effort to develop multiservice switching platforms for the Pentagon’s Global Information Grid and other secure networks operated by U.S. intelligence agencies.
The partners will develop a 2U chassis capable of aggregating Internet Protocol, Asynchronous Transfer Mode and Time-Division Multiplexed traffic.

Bay Microsystems (San Jose, Calif.) specializes in network processors and designing its chips into secure network architectures. It announced a contract in May for

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Posted by inet on 2005-10-21       Article Source : Messaging Pipeline

C2C, Westboro, MA, said that its Archive One e-mail archiving and compliance software now supports the archiving, search and retrieval of instant messages and RSS feeds.

With the new capability, users can now retain IM and RSS feeds in Archive One's secure data repositories to meet regulatory compliance and internal requirements. The archives may be made accessible only to permitted officers and administrators or may be searched by users for message retrieval, depending on the organization's internal policies and retention requirements. Read More...  

Posted by iTech on 2005-10-21       Article Source : TechWeb News

Zone Labs Wednesday rolled out an anti-spyware product for consumers and small businesses that takes a proactive approach by basing its defense on firewall technology.

"Our approach looks at the behavior of spyware, not at a database of definition signatures," said Gregor Freund, the chief technology officer of Zone Labs, which is part of the Redwood City, Calif.-based Check Point Software.

Rather than rely on spyware- and adware-specific definitions to detect and delete unwanted programs after they've gotten a foothold

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-21       Article Source : TechWeb News

A vulnerability in the Snort open-source intrusion detection software puts companies at serious risk, the researcher who discovered the bug said Wednesday.

"The vulnerability is very easy to exploit, and potentially quite workable," said Neel Mehta, the team leader for Internet Security Systems' (IS) X-force research group, and the discoverer of the flaw.

The vulnerability is in Snort's preprocessor component used to detect an older, and essentially obsolete, Trojan, Back Orifice. A single UDP packet can trigger a stack-based overflow,

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-20       Article Source : AP

Nigeria--with its global notoriety as a base for criminals exploiting the reach of the Internet--is considering making spamming a criminal offense that could land senders of unsolicited e-mails in jail for three years.
"Any person spamming electronic messages to recipients with whom he has no previous relationship commits an offense," said the text of the draft law presented to the legislature this week.

A person found guilty risks either at least three years in jail, a fine equal to US$3,500

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-19       Article Source : TechWeb News

Federal regulators have outlined several ways in which financial institutions can keep financial data and account access more secure on the Internet.
The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council released new security guidance for Internet banking last week. The guidance will replace Authentication in an Electronic Banking Environment issued in 2001.

The council states that single-factor authentication is behind much of the identity theft and account fraud reported in the past several years. Banks will be required to have a two-tiered

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-19       Article Source : TechWeb News

A security firm on Monday mistakenly identified a new Trojan as the first to exploit one of last week's vulnerabilities in Windows, but corrected itself and labeled it as one which attacks the same bug as August's Zotob bot worm.
Fanbot.c, said Trend Micro late Monday, included a proof-of-concept exploit against one of the vulnerabilities disclosed Tuesday, Oct. 11 in Microsoft's MS05-051 security bulletin. Trend also said that although the Trojan was written in Visual Basic -- which usually indicates low-level skills

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-19       Article Source : NewsFactor

Following the release on Monday of the latest beta of Windows Vista, Microsoft has confirmed that it plans to integrate its antispyware software into the operating system. The move could set Microsoft in a pitched battle against Internet security vendors and potentially government antitrust regulators as the company prepares for the 2006 release of Windows Vista.
This second Community Technology Preview (CTP) for Vista does not include any actual antispyware code. However, reports indicate that there was visual evidence of

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