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Posted by inet on 2005-10-20       Article Source : NewsFactor

Seeking to push adoption of Linux in the growing smartphone market, the Open Source Development Labs has launched the Mobile Linux Initiative (MLI), a working group whose mission is to address the needs of vendors creating next-generation, voice-data handhelds.
Taking a page from the OSDL Carrier Grade Linux working group that helped accelerate Linux adoption in the telecommunications industry, the MLI will focus on mobile versions of Linux and open-source applications to help boost adoption in the wireless industry.
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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-19       Article Source : eWEEK

The Free Standards Group and its Linux Standard Base work group Tuesday announced the formation of the Linux Standard Base Desktop Project, with the support of Adobe Systems Inc., Intel Corp., IBM, Hewlett-Packard Co., Linspire Inc., Mandriva SA, Novell Inc., RealNetworks Inc., Red Hat Inc., Trolltech, Xandros Inc. and others.
The LSB (Linux Standard Base) Desktop Project's goal is to standardize common libraries and application behavior so as to make it easier for ISVs to write Linux desktop programs.
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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-19       Article Source : TechWeb News

Open Source Development Labs, which employs     Linux creator     Linus Torvalds, said Monday it has brought together Motorola Inc. and several other high-tech vendors in an effort to develop a Linux platform for advanced cellular phones and other mobile devices.
Members of the OSDL working group, called the Mobile Linux Initiative, also include MontaVista Software, PalmSource, Trolltech and Wind River. The participants plan to develop a base-level platform that handset manufacturers can build on top of, Dave Rosenberg, analyst for Beaverton,

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Posted by inet on 2005-10-18       Article Source : IDG News Service

Motorola and PalmSource are among the companies that lined up behind a new initiative Monday that aims to promote the use of the Linux operating system on cell phones. The Mobile Linux Initiative was launched by Open Source Development Labs to tackle technical challenges and generally support the adoption of Linux on handheld devices. :
"There is a lot of momentum for Linux on handhelds, specifically for mobile phones," said Eirik Chambe-Eng, president and cofounder of Trolltech, a company that builds

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-17       Article Source : InfoWorld

Zend Technologies this week will announce Zend PHP Framework, a development environment for PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) applications. Zend also will reveal its participation in the open source Eclipse Foundation.
The initiatives are part of the company's PHP Collaboration Project, to be announced at the Zend/PHP Conference & Expo in Burlingame, Calif. Companies such as IBM, Oracle, MySQL, Intel, Actuate, and SurgarCRM will be partnering with Zend on the project.

Due later this year, Zend PHP Framework is intended

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Posted by inet on 2005-10-16       Article Source : eWEEK

OpenOffice.org made available for free download a third release candidate of Version 2.0 of its popular open-source office suite Friday. The release includes bug fixes only and no new features.
The project had planned to release its final 2.0 version on Oct. 13—the fifth anniversary of the founding of the organization—but it decided to hold off due to a "show-stopping" problem with the software. No new date has been attached to the final release, but community manager Louis Suarez-Potts said

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-15   

The City of Mannheim is following the lead of its neighboring southern German city of Munich in moving away from Microsoft software and toward     Linux, but the city's IT officials this week are calling the move a "soft migration."
Mannheim is gradually moving its 110 servers to open-source software before it tackles the job of moving its 3,700 PCs, according to media reports. The city has commissioned a study on OpenOffice.

"It shows that open-source software continues to gain

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-15   

Google has reeled in another prominent programmer, this time the lead developer on the open-source Gaim instant messaging project.
Sean Egan announced Wednesday on the Gaim project blog that he has taken a job at Google to work on the Mountain View, Calif.-based search giant's Google Talk instant messaging client.

"The goal of Google Talk is to make real-time communication as open as possible, and in that regard, I've been working to offer all of Google Talk's features into

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-14   

MySQL is eyeing a November release date for version 5 of its open-source database, a major upgrade that the company hopes will make it a bigger player among enterprise customers.
The Swedish company released what may be the final test version of the product, known as a release candidate, about two weeks ago. If no "show-stopper bugs" turn up it will ship the final, commercial version in November, said Kaj Arno, MySQL vice president for community relations.

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Posted by inet on 2005-10-14       Article Source : eWEEK

Hewlett-Packard Co. has signed new multiyear global subscription agreements with both Novell Inc. and Red Hat Inc. that will consolidate and expand HP's existing     Linux use agreements with the two vendors.
"In a nutshell, what this does is take internal Linux usage at HP up a notch. While there are currently more than 15,000 Linux-based systems in use within the company, these are umbrella license agreements for the whole company and allow us to build and deploy internal Linux systems

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-14       Article Source : Newsfactor.com

OpenOffice.org had hoped to celebrate its fifth birthday today by launching the next generation of its office software suite, but a glitch has delayed release of the product for one week.
According to a blog posting by OpenSource.org community member Stefan Taxhet, "a serious showstopper" apparently related to graphics was detected at the last moment, and developers agreed to postpone the release until the problem has been fixed.

The delay also allows developers to apply patches for other problems

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-13   

IBM and Novell are making it easier to buy and manage blade servers by offering a one-price licensing agreement for Novell SUSE     Linux on IBM's BladeCenter chassis.
Under the new subscription option, which the companies jointly unveiled Wednesday, customers of IBM's blade servers would pay for one license for SUSE Linux to cover the entire BladeCenter chassis, regardless of how many and which types of blade servers are in it. The new licensing model is expected to be available late

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Posted by inet on 2005-10-13       Article Source : InfoWorld
Oracle and Zend Technologies have announced that Zend Core for Oracle for IBM AIX,     Linux, and Sun Solaris, and the beta version of Zend Core for Oracle for the Windows platform are now available.
Zend Core for Oracle accelerates the building and deployment of mission-critical, PHP-based Web applications. Zend Core for Oracle also offers an updated PHP "OCI8" driver to connect with the Oracle Database, providing enhanced reliability, stability, and performance for Oracle Database-driven Web applications. Oracle offers free downloads of
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Posted by inet on 2005-10-12       Article Source : enterprise-linux-it.com

Open-source technology specialist Mozilla has released the second beta version of the next major overhaul of its Thunderbird e-mail client, with improved security features and tools designed to make the product more user-friendly.
Thunderbird 1.5 Beta 2 includes a phishing detector that issues an alert to users when a suspicious link appears in an e-mail message. It also includes support for server-side spam filters used by Internet service providers, said Scott MacGregor, the lead for Thunderbird at Mozilla.

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-11       Article Source : InfoWorld

JBoss plans to offer an open source enterprise service bus (ESB) in 2006, the company said.
The company views an ESB as a foundation for providing standardized data integration. Based on the Java Business Integration specification, the bus will link to components from JBoss and others, such as JBoss Web services stack and the JBoss jBPM (Java Business Process Management) system for process orchestration.

"All of these things will be able to be plugged into the ESB

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