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Posted by iMark on 2006-03-26       Article Source : EE Times

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The market for thin-film and organic photovoltaics (PV) is projected to be worth over $2.3 billion by 2011, according to NanoMarkets (Glen Allen, Va.), an industry analyst firm.

Companies that use amorphous silicon, non- silicon inorganics or organic polymers/small molecules rely on relatively little or no crystalline polysilicon materials, which are in short supply.

Indeed, thin-film and organic PVs are generating a buzz in the industry. Major multinationals are also supporting this technology, as Honda Motor

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Posted by iNext on 2006-03-25       Article Source : EE Times

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Energy Conversion Devices Inc. (ECD Ovonics) has selected Greenville, Mich., as the location of its third solar cell manufacturing plant.

In February, ECD Ovonics (Rochester Hills, Mich.) approved a plan to expand the module manufacturing capacity of its wholly-owned subsidiary United Solar Ovonics to 300 megawatts (MW) by 2010. The first phase of the expansion plan includes constructing the Greenville plant with an annual capacity of 50 MW, expected to be operational in 2007.

United Solar Ovonic's existing 25MW

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Posted by iNext on 2006-03-24   

QuickLogic Corp. has optimized its QL5822 QuickPCI programmable bridge device to connect Intel Corp.'s PXA processors and wired Ethernet controllers.
QuickLogic continues to work with Intel to develop "companion devices" for the Intel PXA processor, fueling Intel's push into embedded applications. A companion device is a QuickLogic QuickPCI programmable bridge controller coupled with preverified IP and software drivers.

The key difference between a companion device and IP is that QuickLogic's companion device is shipped pre-programmed with the pre-verified IP

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Posted by iTech on 2006-03-23       Article Source : Reuters

Yahoo Inc. on Tuesday said it is launching a service in the United States that lets people make phone calls through the company's instant messaging software.

Available in several other countries since December, the service allows people to make calls from their computers for 2 cents a minute or less to the top 30 national phone markets, including the United States.

The "Phone Out" service also allows calls from computers to regular phones at varying rates to a total of 180 countries.Read More...  

Posted by iNext on 2006-03-23       Article Source : TechWeb News

Under growing pressure due to declining revenues, European telecommunications operators will do well to turn to Internet Protocol television (IPTV) for further growth, a study said Tuesday.

Almost on cue, Deutsche Telecom announced it will begin delivering enhanced TV in a few months.

Frost and Sullivan, which released the report, noted that France Telecom, Telefonica of Spain, Telecom Iceland, and TeliaSonera of Sweden began deploying commercial TV over broadband last year. "Telecom operators launching IPTV can make it a success

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Posted by iMark on 2006-03-23       Article Source : Networking Pipeline

A month after completing its acquisition of router manufacturer Tasman Networks for $99.5 million, Nortel has released a new series of routers designed for converged networks.

Nortel's new Secure Router 1000 portfolio includes the 1001, 1002 and 1004 for small offices and branch offices, as well as the Secure Router 3120 for mid-range branch deployments. The routers are designed to bring converged, real-time applications including data, voice, video and streaming media, down to the branch office level.

The routers offer

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Posted by iNext on 2006-03-22       Article Source : VARBusiness

AT&T plans to seek relief from regulations on its broadband data services for business clients after U.S. regulators eased rules on another major provider, CEO Ed Whitacre said on Tuesday.

A divided Federal Communications Commission on Monday exempted Verizon Communications from scores of regulations on broadband for business customers, including requirements that it connect to other networks, negotiate deals with competitors, and pay into the Universal Service Fund.

"I think it will be pretty close to what Verizon did," Whitacre

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Posted by inet on 2006-03-20       Article Source : EE Times

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The semiconductor rankings changed in 2005 in what was considered the year of the “soft landing” for the IC industry, according to iSuppli Corp.

Global semiconductor sales amounted to $237.1 billion in 2005, up 3.6 percent from $228.8 billion in 2004, according to iSuppli. Meanwhile, Broadcom, Hynix, IBM, Micron, Qualcomm, Sony, STMicroelectronics and Toshiba all gained ground in the overall top-20 chip rankings in terms of sales in 2005, according to iSuppli (El Segundo, Calif.).

Falling in

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Posted by iMark on 2006-03-19   

Zantaz Inc., the Pleasanton, Calif. provider of hosted information retention and discovery management systems, has integrated its mailbox management and compliance archiving systems in a single offering called First Archive On Demand.

The new approach to message management will reduce the cost of managing digital information by more than 30 percent as compared to traditional on-site mailbox management solutions, according to Zantaz. The service provider said users can reduce risk by delegating the management and backing up of data stores that contain

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Posted by iNext on 2006-03-19       Article Source : CRN

Microsoft is slated to release its long-awaited Team Foundation Server to manufacturing on Friday and begin posting pieces of the software on the Microsoft Developer Network next week.

Team Foundation Server is the last component of the Visual Studio Team System that Microsoft shipped in November. The server software adds an assortment of collaboration and project-management functions to Microsoft's set of developer tools.

While partners have been working with beta versions of Team Foundation Server for months, some related third-party

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Posted by inet on 2006-03-19   

Kingston Technology Company Inc. has unveiled a USB flash drive said to secure data on the fly via password and 128-bit hardware-based AES encryption.

USB drives have become very popular media, particularly among mobile users, for physically exchanging files. But the act of transferring files in this manner can present severe security and compliance issues when enterprise data is delivered in this fashion, especially if these small devices are lost or stolen.

Offering up to 4 Gbytes of storage, Kingston's

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Posted by iTech on 2006-03-17       Article Source : VARBusiness

When John Chambers works the room, he literally works the room. At an invitation-only session for press and analysts on Wednesday, the Cisco president and CEO burst into the small conference room and began introducing himself and presenting business cards to each of the 30 or so attendees.

Chambers has long been known for his habit of walking among the crowd when he delivers speeches to large audiences, earnestly making his points as if he were in a pressing one-on-one conversation. He took

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Posted by iNext on 2006-03-17       Article Source : EE Times

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Taiwan’s Via Technologies Inc. has rolled out what the company claims is the world’s lowest power microprocessor line.
The C7-M ULV from Via (Taipei) is an x86-based processor line, which enables a range of compact and portable devices. The chips are based on IBM Corp.’s 90-nm process technology.

The processors are available in frequencies from 1.0-to-1.5-GHz. The chips provide power consumption as low as 3.5 watts. It comes in the smallest package on the market measuring

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Posted by iTech on 2006-03-16       Article Source : CRN

Cisco Systems’ portfolio continues to expand as part of the company’s effort to build more intelligent networks.

Last week the company unveiled plans to enter the physical security market via an agreement to acquire SyPixx Networks, a privately held video surveillance vendor. The $51 million deal will bring SyPixx’s portfolio of analog-to-digital video camera encoders, digital-to-analog video monitor decoders, analog video transmission equipment, video recording and management products into the Cisco fold.

The new products will enable Cisco channel partners

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Posted by inet on 2006-03-12       Article Source : EE Times

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Lucent Technologies’ Bell Labs reported Wednesday (March 8) at the Optical Fibers in Communications (OFC) conference that is has achieved 100-Gbit/s Ethernet signal transmission over 400 km using dispersion-compensated fiber.

Bell Labs Director Martin Zirngibl said a hybrid amplifier using both erbium-doped fiber and Raman amps was used, achieving an aggregate data rate of 107 Gbits/s. That represents forward-error-correcting overhead which could be used in a commercial 100-Gbit Ethernet network.

The transmission experiments build on earlier work

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