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Posted by inet on 2005-11-11       Article Source : InformationWeek

Still, the company is cautious about the future. "It's too early to say it's turned around," says chief development officer Charles Giancarlo.
Networking market leader Cisco Systems said Wednesday that growth in sales to businesses in the first quarter of fiscal 2006 was higher than any of the last five quarters. The company also saw rapid growth in a few product markets, including storage networking and enterprise IP communications.
Still, the company is cautious about the future.

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Posted by iTech on 2005-11-11       Article Source : VARBusiness

On Wednesday, Cisco Systems reported a slightly lower quarterly profit due to the cost the company incurred from a newly regulated method of expensing stock options.

The company's net income for the fiscal first quarter of 2006 was $1.3 billion, or 20 cents per share, compared with $1.4 billion, or 21 cents a share, in the same quarter last year. Net sales for the quarter were $6.5 billion, a 9.7 percent increase year-over-year and a decrease of 0.5 percent from Q4 '05;

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Posted by inet on 2005-11-11       Article Source : EE Times

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Communications semiconductor supplier Emcore Corp. has acquired the assets of Phasebridge Inc., a privately-held supplier of multi-chip, system-in-package optical modules and subsystems.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded in 200, Phasebridge (Pasadena, Calif.) has produced modules and subsystems for fiber optic gyroscopes (FOG) for weapons & aerospace guidance, radio frequency (RF) over fiber links for, and emerging technologies such as optical RF frequency synthesis and processing and terahertz spectroscopy.

Phasebridge’s operations will be integrated over the

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Posted by iNext on 2005-11-10       Article Source : TechWeb News

The microcontroller, relegated for years to the 8-bit world, is moving rapidly into 16- and 32-bit universes, according to an In-Stat report released Wednesday.

The market research firm said the shift is being driven primarily by newer robust products including smart cards, PC peripherals, and hard disk drives. In-Stat predicted that by 2009, 16- and 32-bit controllers will account for twice the revenue of 8-bit controllers

“Properly designed, higher bit-width microcontrollers will require less power consumed per workload executed than

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Posted by iTech on 2005-11-10       Article Source : EE Times

Broadband and optical components supplier JDS Uniphase Corp. posted a net loss of $67.0 million, or 4 cents per share on sales of $258.3 million in its first fiscal 2006 quarter ended September.

By comparison, JDS Uniphase lost $145.7 million, or 10 cents per share on sales of $170.9 million the previous quarter and lost $36.0 million, or 2 cents per share on sales of $194.5 million in the year-ago quarter.

JDS Uniphase (San Jose) has made several acquisitions this year, including

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Posted by inet on 2005-11-10       Article Source : EE Times

WASHINGTON — A spending bill approved by a House-Senate conference this week boosts spending for U.S. research programs that had been facing steep budget cuts.

The fiscal 2006 appropriation for the National Science Foundation (NSF) was increased by conferees by 3.3 percent over last year to $5.65 billion. The $58 million increase is expected to preserve funding for all major NSF research programs, according to Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., the ranking Democrat on a science appropriations subcommittee.

The spending package

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Posted by iMark on 2005-11-10       Article Source : EE Times

The IEEE Wednesday (Nov. 8) said it has approved standards for hardware description languages SystemVerilog and Verilog.
The Verilog standard, IEEE 1364-2005, is a revision to the existing standard. IEEE said the revision to the Verilog language standard resolves several ambiguities and corrects minor errors.

SystemVerilog, IEEE 1800, is said to extend the Verilog language, the predominant language used for chip design, to address the growing complexity of electronic system and semiconductor designs. SystemVerilog is a unified language for hardware

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Posted by inet on 2005-11-10       Article Source : Mobile Pipeline

In a sure sign that certified WiMAX wireless broadband products are close to appearing, vendors have started to tout their interoperability as proven at a "plugfest" that ended this week in Beijing.

The plugfest, the second such event sponsored by the WiMAX Forum, is part of the certification process, which has been focused in the CETECOM testing laboratory in Spain. When the interoperability testing process is fully completed, WiMAX products will be certified as being interoperable with each other and compliant with

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Posted by iMark on 2005-11-10       Article Source : Mobile Pipeline

Toshiba's Digital Products Division, which previously had been providing access to wireless hotspots in the U.S. developed by other vendors, has expanded the service to include access in about 110 countries.

The company's MyConnect Internet access service now provides access to 23,000 hotspots across the world plus, roughly, an equal number of dial-up numbers, the company said in a statement. Overall, it said it is aggregating access provided by more than 250 providers.

Unlike other aggregation services such as those

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Posted by iNext on 2005-11-09       Article Source : EE Times

Mosaid Technologies Inc. rolled out its latest memory test system for use in engineering test, analysis and bitmapping applications.

The MS5205 from Mosaid is said to test DRAMs, flash, embedded memory and mixed memory/logic devices, said Glenn Evans, general manager of the Systems Division at Mosaid (Ottawa).

The tester is said to support 72 data I/O pins and 72 address/clock pins, testing at up to 400-Mbps in the double data rate mode.

"Fully configured, the MS5205 offers double

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Posted by inet on 2005-11-09       Article Source : EE Times

SAN FRANCISCO — Structured ASIC supplier ChipX and EDA vendor Magma Design Automation Inc. have made available an RTL-to-GDSII design flow based on Magma's Blast Create SA and Blast Fusion SA implementation system to support the new CX6000 structured ASIC product line, the companies said.

The companies, each based in Santa Clara, Calif., said the collaboration would enable ChipX customers to deliver high-performance designs with USB 2.0 and PCI Express cores in as few as eight weeks.

"We worked very

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Posted by iMark on 2005-11-09       Article Source : EE Times

NEC Electronics Corp. and Link A Media Devices Corp. have formed a strategic partnership to develop SoCs for next-generation perpendicular recording hard-disk drives. The first product will hit the market next summer.

NEC said it has invested $8 million in Link A Media (Santa Clara, Calif.) to become a 16.7-percent shareholder. The deal also allows NEC to reenter the hard-disk drive chip market.

"Link A Media has the advanced technology that enables perpendicular recording for high density recording. NEC Electronics,

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Posted by iNext on 2005-11-09       Article Source : TechWeb News

IBM has teamed up with several federal government agencies to help manage and prevent large wild fires and plan long term responses.
The project, called Fire Program Analysis, is helping the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service plan, budget and respond more efficiently and flexibly to wild fires. IBM announced the second phase of the project Monday.

Last year, one of IBM's On Demand Innovation Services teams helped five agencies coordinate and plan the initial response to fires and monitor

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Posted by iNext on 2005-11-08       Article Source : EE Times

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Kopin Corp. has received a $750,000 contract from the Dept. of Defense (DoD) to develop an advanced display driver chip for its full-color CyberDisplay SXGA active-matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD).

The application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) from Kopin (Taunton, Mass.) is being designed for compatibility with digital interfaces for advanced soldier systems such as the Digital Enhanced Night Vision Goggle, Objective Force Warrior and Future Force Warrior.

The full-color driver ASIC being funded is expected to be available in

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Posted by iMark on 2005-11-08       Article Source : Networking Pipeline

Juniper Networks announced new software capabilities for its router families that could give telecom service providers an easier way to roll out video-on-demand services over IP-based broadband connections.

Called the Network Resource Manager (NRM), the latest addition to Juniper's router-management wares lets users of the company's E-, M- and T-series routers dynamically construct Label Switched Paths (LSPs) from video sources to routers at the edge of a network. The implementation gives administrators the ability to dynamically allocate bandwidth for each LSP, ensuring

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