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Posted by inet on 2005-10-14   

NEW YORK - Myanmar uses Internet software filters from a U.S. company to essentially create a private intranet for the country, allowing it to monitor e-mail and block sites from opposition groups, university researchers have found.
In the latest study on censorship, the OpenNet Initiative found Myanmar's to be among the most extensive.

Free e-mail providers like Hotmail are routinely blocked, forcing users to rely on state-controlled services that are easier to control. The group also found inaccessible the

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Posted by inet on 2005-10-13   

Google Inc. and Comcast Corp. are talking with Time Warner Inc. about acquiring ownership stakes in America Online's Web portal AOL, according to a person familiar with the discussions.
Under the deal, the three companies would form a new entity through which they would jointly own the Web portal, according to the person, who requested anonymity Wednesday because release of the information was not authorized.

AOL has been successful of late at generating online content, but America Online's business

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Posted by inet on 2005-10-13   

TOKYO - Japan is readying a new network for cell phones that will allow people to connect to the Internet to talk over the phone more cheaply and transmit data more quickly.
The government plans to introduce mobile Voice over Internet telephony by 2007, officials said Thursday.

The mobile service under consideration at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will allow people to use Voice-over-Internet Protocol, or VoIP, phone service, on cell phones — similar to what's now

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-13       Article Source : Reuters

ABC's unprecedented plan to offer next-day downloads of its biggest prime-time hits for $1.99 per episode via Apple's online iTunes store opens a new revenue stream for the TV industry and a new era of digital portability for viewers, experts said on Wednesday.
The move, unveiled in conjunction with a new partnership between the Walt Disney Co. and Apple Computer Inc marks the latest bid by a major broadcast network and its parent company to shake up "old media" models

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-13       Article Source : Reuters

Companies that want to sell music online in the European Union can now get a single license to operate in all 25 member states, the European Commission said on Wednesday.
"These licences will make it easier for new European-based online services to take off," Internal Market and Services Commissioner Charlie McCreevy said in a statement.

Starting an online music service in Europe such as Apple's iTunes currently requires the consent of dozens of license holders in each country --

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-12   

Google Inc. is financing its promise to make the world a better place with an initial commitment of nearly $1 billion to a philanthropic arm devoted to causes that mesh with the online search engine leader's crusade.
The altruistic effort, formally announced late Tuesday under the umbrella of Google.org, follows through on a pledge that the Mountain View, Calif.-based company made last year as it prepared its ballyhooed initial public offering of stock.

At the time, Google co-founders Larry

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Posted by inet on 2005-10-12       Article Source : Mercury News

A year ago, few Internet users had ever heard the word ``podcast,'' let alone listened to one.
Now Yahoo is making a bet the podcasting phenomenon has a mainstream future. The Sunnyvale company Monday unveiled a slick service that lets people easily find, review and automatically download any of the tens of thousands of radio-like audio shows that are fueling a wave of personal digital publishing.

With Yahoo's stature as the most-visited Web site, the new service will undoubtedly

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-12       Article Source : Reuters

The BBC, Britain's publicly funded broadcaster, said on Tuesday it wants more than 1.6 billion pounds ($2.8 billion) in increased funding to pay for a slew of new online services and the switchover to digital TV.
Under the BBC's proposal, the license fee -- a tax on all UK television-owning households, currently worth nearly 3 billion pounds a year -- would be increased annually by 2.3 percentage points above the rate of inflation for the seven-year period from April 2007.Read More...  

Posted by iTech on 2005-10-11       Article Source : AFP

Japan's top mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo and Internet commerce giant Rakuten said they have formed an alliance in online auctions to challenge domestic industry leader Yahoo.
Rakuten, Japan's largest online shopping mall operator, will spin off part of its online auction business catering to individual sellers and set up a wholly-owned subsidiary on December 1, the two companies said in a statement.

NTT DoCoMo will acquire 40 percent of the new firm's common shares for about 4.2 billion

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Posted by inet on 2005-10-11   

Yahoo Inc. online news search tool on Monday added Internet journal entries as a supplement to professional media offerings — an experiment that figures to test the public's appetite for information from alternative sources.
Under Yahoo's new approach, a keyword search for online news will include a list of relevant Web logs, or "blogs," displayed in a box to the right of the results collected from mainstream journalism.

Google Inc., which runs the Internet's leading search engine, so far

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-11       Article Source : Reuters

EBay Inc. will buy VeriSign's payment processing business for $370 million and merge it with its PayPal unit as part of a wider e-commerce payment services and security alliance, the companies said on Monday.
The move was seen as letting PayPal, already the largest online payments company, expand faster beyond its core audience of eBay-based transactions and to compete better with credit cards as an online-payment system, analysts said.

VeriSign's payment gateway software connects Web businesses with payment processors

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-11       Article Source : Mercury News

AT&T said Tuesday that it will open a San Jose data center to double its Bay Area capacity for handling customers' Internet traffic.
The company declined to say how many employees the data center will have when it opens in November.

The center will ``host'' data traffic for thousands of businesses in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. Demand for such capacity is increasing as individuals and businesses do more and more through computers and the Internet.


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Posted by inet on 2005-10-10       Article Source : AP

SAN FRANCISCO - Hoping to tune into the latest craze in digital media, Yahoo Inc. is introducing tools for finding, organizing and rating "podcasts" — the audio programs designed to be played on Apple Inc.'s iPod and many other portable music players.
The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company, which operates the world's most visited Web site, plans to begin testing the new service Monday at http://podcasts.yahoo.com.

Although it can do several things, the free service focuses on making it

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Posted by iTech on 2005-10-10       Article Source : Mercury News

Google unveiled its first significant partnership with a television network Monday, a deal that allows it to show the entire first episode of UPN's sitcom ``Everybody Hates Chris'' on its Web site.
The move is more familiar to online portals such as Yahoo and AOL. And it hints at what might be yet to come from the Mountain View technology giant, which wants to maximize the amount of the world's video that is searchable.

Internet users can find the

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Posted by inet on 2005-10-10   

Nuance Communications, a Menlo Park maker of speech-recognition software, has sued Yahoo for unfair competition and theft of trade secrets, accusing the Internet giant of ``raiding'' all but one of Nuance's research and development engineers.
Nuance said 13 engineers from its Menlo Park and Montreal offices were 75 percent finished with a project that would allow people to search the Internet by speaking their queries into a telephone, rather than typing them on a computer keyboard. Nuance planned to sell

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