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Posted by iTech on 2005-11-08       Article Source : Reuters

File-sharing service Grokster Ltd. has agreed to stop distributing software that allows users to copy songs over the Internet after losing its case before the U.S. Supreme Court, a recording industry trade group said on Monday.
The settlement with the Recording Industry Association of America follows the high court's unanimous ruling in June that Grokster and other "peer to peer" networks can be held liable if they induce users into violating copyright laws.

Grokster, the lead defendant in the

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Posted by iNext on 2005-11-08   

Yahoo Inc. and TiVo Inc. are teaming up to blend some of their services, a move that further fades the lines between offices and living rooms, TVs and PCs.
Under a partnership announced Monday, the two will collaborate to offer Yahoo's Internet-based content and services through TiVo's digital video recording devices.

Users of Yahoo's TV page will be able to click on a record-to-TiVo button directly from a television program listing to remotely schedule recordings.

And in the

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Posted by iNext on 2005-11-08       Article Source : Reuters

The European Commission hopes a meeting next week will come up with an agreement to allow governments more direct influence over the domain name system that guides traffic around the Internet.
A U.N. report has put forward a more multi-national approach to running the Internet which serves a billion users worldwide, saying this would be more democratic and transparent, a view the 25-nation European Union shares.

Day-to-day handling of domain names is done by the Internet Corporation for Assigned

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Posted by iTech on 2005-11-08       Article Source : USA TODAY

Internet search giant Google introduces its first downloadable cellphone application on Monday, bringing its acclaimed map technology to phones.
With Google Local for mobile devices, users can get colorful, overhead views of a neighborhood and even check a hotel listing to see how close it is to the beach. Unlike most new cellphone offerings that work on only a handful of phones, Google's application can be used on more than 100 current phones that use the Java Brew programming language. Read More...  

Posted by inet on 2005-11-07       Article Source : AP

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Here you are, one of the millions of Americans who like to play casual games on the Internet, ready to log on for some fun.
So you go to a gaming Web site and try to ignore the ads on the page. Then you wait as the game loads and a 10-second advertisement covers your computer screen.

Ah, the start button.

Now you can play, but don't expect the virtual escape to guarantee

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Posted by iNext on 2005-11-07       Article Source : Reuters

Yahoo and TiVo plan to announce a deal today that will connect Yahoo's online service to TiVo's set-top boxes, which, in addition to recording television programs, have a largely unused capability to connect to the Internet, the New York Times said on Monday.
The deal will allow TiVo, which has been struggling to differentiate its service from video recorders offered by cable and satellite companies, to offer a range of content and services linked to the Internet, the paper said.Read More...  

Posted by iTech on 2005-11-07       Article Source : Reuters

The turkey will reach the Internet table a week early this year as a companion to VH1 Classic's annual "A Very Classic Thanksgiving Special."
Clarence Clemons (The E Street Band), Patty Smyth (Scandal), Wonder Mike (Sugar Hill Gang) and Chris Barron (Spin Doctors) will join host Twisted Sister's Dee Snider on "First Course," a programing appetizer being served on VH1's broadband network VSpot beginning November 17.

"A Very Classic Thanksgiving" premieres the traditional way at 7 p.m. November 24.Read More...  

Posted by inet on 2005-11-07       Article Source : AP

A new method of communicating is creating intriguing services that beat old ways of sending information. But law enforcement makes a somber claim: These new networks will become a boon to criminals and terrorists unless the government can easily listen in.
This was the story line in the mid-1990s when the Clinton administration sought to have electronic communications encrypted only by a National Security Agency-developed "Clipper Chip," for which the feds would have a key.

The Clipper Chip eventually

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Posted by iMark on 2005-11-06       Article Source : Adweek.com

Advertisers on the never-ending hunt for ways to engage are now counting on consumers to be the proactive ones, by "pulling" marketing messages off the Internet and into their homes--specifically, onto their computer desktops. Companies from Purina to Best Buy are experimenting with new ad vehicles to offer rich brand experiences through desktop applications.
"If you can actually get any real estate on the desktop and have a persistent presence, it's the Holy Grail," said Karen Katz, evp of FilmLoop,

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Posted by iTech on 2005-11-06       Article Source : AP

LOS ANGELES - The social networking Web site MySpace.com has launched its own record label in a joint venture with Interscope Records hoping to capitalize on its broad reach among music-savvy consumers.
MySpace Records will feature independent and unsigned artists as well as compilations that include top groups from other labels, the company said Thursday.

The label's first release will be a compilation of tracks that have become popular among the sites 36 million registered users and will feature

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Posted by inet on 2005-11-06       Article Source : TechWeb News

Internet services provider United Online Inc. has launched a telephony service under its NetZero brand.
The voice over Internet protocol phone service available this week provides computer-to-computer calling at no charge. Premium services include calls to landline phones.

The Woodland Hills, Calif., company is currently offering three-months of its paid service at no charge. Prices range from free to $14.95 a month, which includes phone-to-computer calling in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. International calling starts at two

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Posted by iTech on 2005-11-06       Article Source : USA TODAY

Amazon is trying to do for books what Apple's iPod digital player did for portable music. The online retail giant on Thursday said it will offer online access to books for a fee to customers who buy hard copies of the same book. The service starts next year.

Also, in a twist on pay-per-view television, Amazon will start making pages of books available online on a pay-per-page basis.

"We think this is a big deal," Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says.

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Posted by iTech on 2005-11-06       Article Source : AP

Web browsing used to be mostly about just that: Surfing site after site for information and goods. But lately, more people are using the Internet as much to produce and share things as to consume them. A new browser called Flock seeks to address the new reality of enhanced online creativity and community.
It's a souped-up version of the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox browser, with features added to help users create Web journal entries and share favorite Web sites.


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Posted by iNext on 2005-11-05       Article Source : InternetWeek

The U.S. online travel market has shown significant growth over the last year, a trend that's expected to continue at least through 2010, a research firm said Thursday.
The market is expected to reach $68 billion by the end of the year, up from $57 billion last year, JupiterResearch said. By 2010, the market is expected to grow to $104 billion. JupiterResearch analyst Diane Clarkson said the firm recorded strong increases in revenue across all segments of the industry.
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Posted by iTech on 2005-11-05       Article Source : AFP

Google launched its controversial effort to digitize millions of books for online viewing -- but said it would limit access to any copyrighted material for now.
The Internet search giant said the initial collection will include "public domain" works -- those without current copyright protection -- in an apparent effort to ease concerns that have led to legal challenges.

"Because they're out of copyright, these cultural artifacts can be read in their entirety online at http://print.google.com, where

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