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Posted by iMark on 2005-11-11       Article Source : IDG NEWS SERVICE

Google's enterprise unit was recently entrusted with the business versions of the snazzy Google Earth mapping products, and executives are already discussing ways to integrate them with the company's enterprise search products, according to a Google executive.
"There's definitely a lot of potential for integration between the Google Earth products and the Search Appliance and the Google Mini. We're starting to look at what might make sense," said Dave Girouard, general manager of the Google Enterprise unit.


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Posted by iMark on 2005-11-11       Article Source : AP

BRUSSELS, Belgium - A digital divide has appeared among Europeans, with age, income and education determining whether the continent's citizens use the Internet, according to a new European Union study released Thursday.
Eurostat, the EU's statistics agency, said its survey which gathered information from across the 25-nation bloc revealed a digital divide, especially between the young and those over 50 years old, many of whom have never or hardly use computers or use them to go online.

European governments

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Posted by iTech on 2005-11-11   

The New York Times Co. said Wednesday it had signed up about 135,000 paying subscribers to its new online service that offers access to Op-Ed columns and other premium content.
The new service, TimesSelect, launched Sept. 19, and is free to home delivery subscribers. Non-subscribers can get access to the service for $49.95 a year or $7.95 every month.

The Times said it had signed up more than 270,000 subscribers to the service since it began, and that about

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Posted by inet on 2005-11-10       Article Source : AP

In one of the largest sales yet of property in an online game, a Miami resident has bought a virtual space station for $100,000 and wants to turn it into a cross between Jurassic Park and a disco.
Jon Jacobs, a director of independent films, plans to call the space resort, in the science-fiction themed game Project Entropia, "Club Neverdie." Like other land areas in the game that has been visited by 300,000 players, the resort grounds will spawn dinosaur-like

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Posted by iNext on 2005-11-10       Article Source : InformationWeek

Earlier this week, IBM introduced new software called Public Image Monitoring Solution (PIMS) to help companies track what's being said about them online.
According to Marc Andrews, director of strategy and business development for unstructured information at IBM, companies today need search technology and analytics to cope with the massive amount of information being generated online. "One of the biggest challenges is there's so much information out there that it's difficult to determine which issues are significant," he explains.Read More...  

Posted by iNext on 2005-11-10       Article Source : TechWeb News

The Associated Press and Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday they are jointly developing a video network that would deliver daily news and advertising to AP members' Web sites.

Under the deal, Microsoft's online division MSN would provide the video player and technology for streaming the content, the companies said. Participants in the AP Online Video Network would get a custom-branded player and a share of the advertising revenue.

MSN would also sell the advertising for the fully ad-supported service. AP plans to

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Posted by inet on 2005-11-10       Article Source : AP

BEIJING - The entrepreneur who runs Yahoo Inc. 's China-based Web portal has announced a new strategy based on promoting the site as a search engine, saying he's ready to spend heavily in a battle with Chinese-language search leader Baidu.com.
Wednesday's announcement by Jack Ma, chief executive officer of Alibaba.com, highlighted the intense rivalry in China's market of more than 100 million Internet users.

Alibaba took control of Yahoo's China sites in a deal in August, in which Yahoo

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Posted by iTech on 2005-11-10       Article Source : AP

Verizon Communications Inc. sharply cut its prices for unlimited telephone service across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic on Tuesday, including markets where Cablevision Inc. has just boosted broadband Internet speeds.
The latest jockeying augurs an ever fiercer struggle ahead between the phone and cable TV industries, with consumers getting lower prices and advanced services.

The new Verizon plans range from $35 to $40 for unlimited local and domestic long-distance plus call waiting, caller ID and voice mail, or from $30

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Posted by iTech on 2005-11-09       Article Source : TechWeb News

As the holiday shopping season nears, TeaLeaf Technology is urging retailers to apply brick and mortar customer service standards to online business.

The company, based in San Francisco, helps businesses ensure that online consumers complete their transactions.

Tea Leaf offers a view of the customer experience and replicates customers’ transactions with a view through their browser. The information can be gleaned in real time and from digital archives. A comprehensive database, an add-on data extractor, and graphics help uncover obstacles

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Posted by iMark on 2005-11-09       Article Source : Reuters

Even as banks and regulators step up efforts to thwart identity theft over the Internet, the worry that fraudsters remain one step ahead is convincing many Americans that banking online is too risky.
At an identity theft forum in New York on Tuesday, security and policy experts said banks are taking appropriate steps to stop online criminals, but that their best efforts -- and consumers' own vigilance -- may not be enough.

"Consumers can do everything right -- not

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Posted by iMark on 2005-11-09       Article Source : Reuters

Internet search leader Google Inc. is scouting out the travel bookings business with a new feature that connects users to travel agencies that offer the cheapest fares.

Google said on Tuesday it was testing the feature, putting it in competition with travel search sites like Sidestep and Kayak, which sift through all published bookings information for fares and reservation prices.

The feature would not compete directly with services offered by online travel agencies Expedia and Travelocity. But those agencies and others

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Posted by inet on 2005-11-09       Article Source : AFP

The breaking of the Monica Lewinsky scandal and this year's Live 8 concerts were voted among the most influential Internet moments of the past 10 years by organisers of the annual Webby Awards.
The committee that decides the awards -- the self-proclaimed Oscars of the Internet -- chose the dotcom boom and bust as the most eventful episode over the past decade.

Launched by Netscape's IPO in 1995, the boom spurred billions of dollars in private investment in the

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Posted by iTech on 2005-11-09       Article Source : AP

DALLAS - Squeezed by high fuel costs, airlines continue to turn to their Web sites and other technology to save money and make customers happy by speeding up the check-in process.
Many airline travelers, of course, still buy their tickets at reservation counters or over the phone from call centers. But the airlines are pushing customers to book travel online, which saves the carriers on labor costs.

The Web site of American Airlines, the largest U.S. carrier, draws upward

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Posted by iNext on 2005-11-09       Article Source : AFP

T-Online, Europe's biggest supplier of Internet access, saw earnings fall sharply in the third quarter as a result of the high costs of buying new customers for its high-speed broadband Internet services.

T-Online, a unit of German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom, said in a statement on Tuesday that net profit slumped by 73 percent to 23.4 million euros (28 million dollars) in the period from July to September.

Operating profit plummeted by 80 percent to 22.2 million euros, despite

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Posted by inet on 2005-11-09       Article Source : Reuters

A group of social investment funds from Western countries on Monday called for Internet companies to refrain from supporting repressive human rights practices in China and other nations.
In a letter by 25 investment funds based in the United States, Switzerland, Canada and Australia that manage a total of $21 billion in investments, fund managers warned companies ranging from Yahoo to Cisco of the risks in "collaborating to suppress freedom of opinion and expression."

The investor group said it

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