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Posted by iMark on 2005-12-12       Article Source : InformationWeek

Internet advertising is expected to account for 10 percent of the overall U.S. market by 2010, a twofold increase over last year, a market research firm said Thursday.

In five years, revenues from online advertising will reach $23.5 billion out of the estimated $235 billion companies are expected to spend, Park Associates said. Last year, Internet advertising accounted for 5 percent of a $189 billion market, which includes newspapers, magazines, cable TV and network TV.

In terms of a compound annual

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Posted by iNext on 2005-12-11       Article Source : TechWeb News

SAP AG has co-developed a product with Intel Corp. to speed search capabilities. Separately, SAP is working with Cisco Systems to ease application installation and networking, SAP confirmed Thursday.
The project with Intel, code-name Euclid, is being tested with several customers. Intel is contributing its 64-bit processor technology, which lets software keep large amounts of data on the chip in main memory. SAP is contributing search technology and related algorithms.

Euclid is the vehicle through which SAP will fold

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Posted by iNext on 2005-12-11       Article Source : TechWeb News

Yahoo Inc. on Thursday released in beta an online service that lets registered users post and answer questions, a move that adds a human element to Web searching.
The Sunnyvale, Calif., portal said Yahoo Answers complements its standard search engine by letting people ask straightforward questions and receive answers based on the collective knowledge of other Yahoo subscribers.

The service addresses the need for answers to everyday question that can't be easily handled through keyword searches, the company said.

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Posted by iMark on 2005-12-11       Article Source : Reuters

Yahoo Inc. said the company plans to allow computer users to make and receive calls from phones at rates that undercut eBay-owned rival Skype and are significantly below traditional phone companies.
Yahoo said on Wednesday a new version of its Yahoo Messenger text, voice and video communications software to be introduced in the next few days will include "Phone Out," with low per-minute charges for calls from computers to phones, and "Phone In," a low-cost subscription service for phone callers

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Posted by iNext on 2005-12-10       Article Source : ADWEEK

The theme of the year for media companies has been "on demand." From the video iPod to selling episodes of hit TV programs through video-on-demand services to the explosion of broadband programming, video is increasingly available when consumers want it. Now, advertisers are mulling whether their TV marketing messages can follow suit, and what it will take to get consumers to choose to watch them.

TiVo last week announced its next step in developing an on-demand advertising system, which CEO Tom Rogers

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Posted by iMark on 2005-12-09       Article Source : Reuters

BRUSSELS, Belgium - The European Union planted its flag in cyberspace Wednesday when the ".eu" Internet domain name opened for business.
Until now, Europeans had to choose between a national domain such as ".fr" for France or a global one like ".com," which is often seen as American.

EU Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding said she expected several hundred thousand sign-ups for ".eu" in the first few days. National registries in some countries — such as Belgium, home to

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Posted by iNext on 2005-12-09       Article Source : Reuters

Comparison shopping Web sites have seen a surge in holiday visits this year, as more consumers look to the Internet to compare prices, a research company said on Wednesday.
Last week, top comparison shopping sites logged about 0.3 percent of all Internet traffic, a 24 percent jump from a year earlier, according to Internet traffic monitoring company Hitwise. Those sites accounted for 2.79 percent of all traffic to online retail sites.

"People are not only buying online but also

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Posted by iNext on 2005-12-08   

India - The number of Internet users in India will shoot to 100 million in two years from the current 38.5 million, an industry study said.
The number of Internet users has soared 54 percent from 25 million users in 2004-2005.

The catalyst for this growth was the rise in online shopping for airline and rail tickets, books and home appliances, Preeti Desai, president of the Internet and Mobile Association of India, said Wednesday.

Desai said the forecast

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Posted by iTech on 2005-12-07       Article Source : Reuters

Britain's Inmarsat Plc has launched a long-awaited service to provide voice and high speed Internet access anywhere in the world, as the satellite operator looks to tap new sources of revenues.
Inmarsat, which operates a constellation of satellites that enable phone, fax, video and Internet access from anywhere in the world, said on Wednesday its new Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) would allow data transfer speeds of up to 492 kilobits per second.

"It enables anyone to set up

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Posted by iNext on 2005-12-07       Article Source : AP

The quasi-governmental organization that oversees the Internet has tentatively approved a ".asia" Web domain to unify the Asia-Pacific community, but the group has delayed a decision on whether to move forward with a ".xxx" zone for pornography sites.
At its annual meeting this past weekend in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers took up several topics related to the global administration of the Internet, which has become a heated topic because the U.S. has insisted

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Posted by inet on 2005-12-06   

RealNetworks Inc. to launch a Web-based version of its Rhapsody subscription music service, becoming the latest company hoping to capitalize on growing consumer interest in software and services that can be accessed anywhere via the Internet.
The Web-based Rhapsody service will let users listen to the songs from its catalog over the Internet without downloading the desktop application that is currently required.

That will open Seattle-based RealNetworks' service up to people using Apple Computer Inc. or Linux-based systems.
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Posted by iNext on 2005-12-06       Article Source : NewsFactor

Extortionists now have a new type of victim to pick on: podcasters. U.S. podcaster Eric Marcus has fallen prey to a hijacker who has diverted his really simple syndication (RSS) feed and is allegedly demanding money to release it. Marcus, who runs the Vegan.com site and produces the Erik's Diner podcasts, is looking for legal redress.
A podcast is audio content that is distributed to listeners over the Internet through an RSS feed. According to press reports, Marcus discovered that

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Posted by inet on 2005-12-05       Article Source : IDG NEWS SERVICE

Several mobile search services that America Online made publicly available for testing back in July are now ready for prime time, the company has announced.
To access the services, users need to fire up a browser on their mobile devices and go to mobile.aolsearch.com. There they will have the option of using the AOL Search general Web search engine, its Pinpoint Shopping comparison shopping engine, or its AOL Yellow Pages listing of local businesses.

Users can submit queries

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Posted by iNext on 2005-12-05       Article Source : PC Magazine

MP3Tunes.com LLC, a self-described Music Service Provider, has launched a new online music service dubbed "Oboe" that boasts unlimited storage capacity for digital music collections, the company announced Thursday.
Oboe is a virtual music "locker" that enables customers to store and access their entire personal music collections online.

With Oboe, users can sync their stored songs to any computer they have, and can also stream audio files from almost any Internet-enabled device, according to company officials.
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Posted by iNext on 2005-12-04       Article Source : Reuters

Yahoo Inc. aims to boost the effectiveness of its advertising -- and rates -- by targeting ads to users based on their surfing behavior on its site, the company's advertising sales chief said on Thursday.
"The new, new thing at Yahoo, even though we've had variations of this, is getting much more into behavioral targeting," Yahoo Executive Vice President Greg Coleman told the Reuters Media and Advertising Summit in New York.

Search functions on Yahoo and rival Google Inc

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