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Google Unveils Web-Design Tool

Google has added another service to its portfolio of online offerings wit...[Added: 2006-02-28]
Category : Internet

Adobe unveils Photoshop Elements 4.0

Adobe on Monday will unveil the latest release of Photoshop Elements 4.0 ...[Added: 2006-02-27]
Category : Apple Mac

Software AG enters SOA fray

Software AG is packaging existing products into an integrated platform fo...[Added: 2006-02-27]
Category : Software

As court case looms, RIM and NTP fight war of words

With the long-running patent infringement lawsuit over BlackBerry wireles...[Added: 2006-02-27]
Category : Apple Mac

Microsoft ALM server to debut with limited Internet access

Microsoft's soon-to-be-released Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server...[Added: 2006-02-26]
Category : Microsoft

SAP designing new search engine

In the ever-increasing battle to offer the best search engine on the plan...[Added: 2006-02-24]
Category : Internet

Toshiba Expands Green Notebook Line With Wal-Mart

Toshiba said Wednesday it’s expanding its environmentally friendly ...[Added: 2006-02-24]
Category : Hardware

U.S. technology has been used to block, censor Net for years

Internet users in Yemen can't get to beer.com because of technology from ...[Added: 2006-02-23]
Category : Internet

Google Under Fire for China Presence

Google has found itself forced to respond to allegations that it is runni...[Added: 2006-02-23]
Category : Internet

Microsoft Highlights Commerce Server Beta

Microsoft has had a beta of its upcoming at Commerce Server 2006 availabl...[Added: 2006-02-23]
Category : Hardware

British SMS boom leads to digit damage

Mobile telephone text messaging has become so popular in Britain that mil...[Added: 2006-02-22]
Category : Internet

EarthLink to Offer DirecTV, Dish Service

EarthLink Inc. said Monday it will offer DirecTV and Dish Network satelli...[Added: 2006-02-21]
Category : Internet

Blog: Cisco Adds SIP to Call Manager, Finally

Next month, Cisco will introduce the next release of Call Manager, versio...[Added: 2006-02-21]
Category : Network

IBM to boost Web enablement in Rational tools

Seeking to more easily accommodate distributed development, IBM later thi...[Added: 2006-02-21]
Category : Software

MySpace: Murdoch's big hope, parents' nightmare

Rupert Murdoch saw a Web site with monster growth potential in MySpace.co...[Added: 2006-02-21]
Category : Internet

Mobile Phones Target MySpace Generation

Helio LLC, a joint venture between Korean wireless carrier SK Telecom Co....[Added: 2006-02-20]
Category : Wireless Mobile

African entrepreneur tweaks U.S. at 3GSM

BARCELONA — In the midst of Europe’s largest mobile telephony...[Added: 2006-02-19]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Microsoft to offer first look at Office Live

Microsoft plans to offer the service in three versions, one of which will...[Added: 2006-02-19]
Category : Microsoft

Big Players 'Extremely Interested' In Boston Wi-Fi

Slow off the mark in developing any citywide Wi-Fi network, the City of B...[Added: 2006-02-18]
Category : Network

Thomson to supply set-top boxes to Tata Sky

BANGALORE, India — France’s Thomson Group will supply set-top...[Added: 2006-02-17]
Category : Network

In Brief: Amazon may take on Apple's iTunes

Amazon.com plans to launch its own Internet music service to rival Apple ...[Added: 2006-02-17]
Category : Internet

Gates outlines ID management for Vista, XP

Microsoft plans to include technology in both Windows Vista and XP to all...[Added: 2006-02-17]
Category : Microsoft

Study: AOL Search Leads In Converting Shoppers To Buyers

America Online Inc. in January had the best rate for shoppers becoming bu...[Added: 2006-02-17]
Category : Internet

iSkoot Links Cell Phones To Skype

A U.S.-based start-up firm unveiled a gateway Wednesday that links Cingul...[Added: 2006-02-16]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Sun to support next-gen cryptography standard

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Sun Microsystems Inc. has announced that the Sun ...[Added: 2006-02-16]
Category : Security

Toy Makers Hitch Products to IPod Craze

NEW YORK - After bemoaning the emergence of the iPod as children's latest...[Added: 2006-02-15]
Category : Apple Mac

eBay, PayPal, Yahoo Jump On VeriSign Authentication Network Bandwagon

VeriSign on Monday unveiled a new security system to protect online buyer...[Added: 2006-02-15]
Category : Internet

Certeon Asserts Accelerator

Is there room in the world for another WAN accelerator? If Massachusetts ...[Added: 2006-02-15]
Category : Network

Japan's disgraced Internet guru Horie indicted

Takafumi Horie, the flamboyant founder of Japan's Livedoor Internet firm,...[Added: 2006-02-14]
Category : Internet

US agencies, firms simulate internet attack with 'cyber storm'

US government agencies have staged a simulated cyber attack on the countr...[Added: 2006-02-14]
Category : Internet

Cisco Shores Up Security

Cisco overhauled its security management software in an attempt to push i...[Added: 2006-02-14]
Category : Network

Old Media Wants A Piece Of The New Media Action

Google, now the world's most highly valued media company, finds itself st...[Added: 2006-02-13]
Category : Internet

Trio combine to power converged UMA phones

PARIS— Philips Semiconductors has scored a significant win in the e...[Added: 2006-02-12]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Motorola pushes MicroTCA servers for mobile apps

LONDON — Motorola is pushing to get communications servers based on...[Added: 2006-02-09]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Trio combine to power converged UMA phones

PARIS— Philips Semiconductors has scored a significant win in the e...[Added: 2006-02-09]
Category : Network

Intel seeks rebound in PDA processors

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Intel Corp. is looking to regain its footing in ...[Added: 2006-02-09]
Category : Hardware

Networks' iTunes gamble paying off

Television networks took a leap into the unknown when they started sellin...[Added: 2006-02-08]
Category : Internet

iWay steps gently into ESB

iWay software is the Belkin of application adapters, those pieces of soft...[Added: 2006-02-08]
Category : Software

Google, Skype in Startup to Link Hotspots

NEW YORK - Google Inc. and eBay Inc.'s Skype are investing in a startup t...[Added: 2006-02-07]
Category : Internet

Nineteen Indicted for 'Massive' Software Piracy

Nineteen members of an international computer piracy ring have been indic...[Added: 2006-02-06]
Category : Software

Mozilla Updates Firefox To Address Security, Stability

Mozilla this week delivered an update to its Firefox browser to address s...[Added: 2006-02-06]
Category : Open Source

Online console gaming primed for take-off

Online video game playing is growing up. A new generation of game console...[Added: 2006-02-05]
Category : Internet

Google, VW Developing In-Car Navigation System

Google Inc. and Volkswagen of America Inc. are developing an in-car navig...[Added: 2006-02-05]
Category : Wireless Mobile

E-Trade Goes into the Great Wide Open

E-Trade Financial saved $13 million annually, realized a boost in perform...[Added: 2006-02-05]
Category : Open Source

IBM describes 60-GHz transceiver chip set

SAN FRANCISCO — IBM Research Division’s description of a two-...[Added: 2006-02-04]
Category : Network

Adobe Lightroom going Intel; Creative Suite coming

Graphics software giant, Adobe on Monday confirmed their commitment to br...[Added: 2006-02-04]
Category : Apple Mac

Firefox 1.5 Passes 20 Million Mark

Firefox 1.5 has been downloaded more than 20 million times since its late...[Added: 2006-02-04]
Category : Open Source

AOL lands high speed net deal with Charter

AOL, the online division of Time Warner Inc., on Thursday said it has lan...[Added: 2006-02-04]
Category : Internet

Getting a grip on mixed Linux, Windows administration

As more companies realize the cost benefits of using open source software...[Added: 2006-02-04]
Category : Open Source

Kyocera, Marvell team on Wi-Fi/CDMA platform

Kyocera Wireless Corp. has signed a strategic alliance with Marvell to de...[Added: 2006-02-03]
Category : Wireless Mobile

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