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Unisys Opens Brussels Biometric Centre

Unisys Corporation reported Wednesday that it has opened a Biometrics Cen...[Added: 2006-04-30]
Category : Security

Intuit To Launch Add-on For QuickBase For Corporate Workgroups

Intuit Inc. expects to launch this week a fully-hosted software-as-a-serv...[Added: 2006-04-30]
Category : Software

Intel Promises New vPro Chips For Business

In an attempt to check a slide in its market share, Intel said Monday it ...[Added: 2006-04-29]
Category : Hardware

IBM to use immersion litho at 45-nm

IBM Corp.’s Microelectronics Group plans to deploy 193-nm immersion...[Added: 2006-04-29]
Category : Network

Microsoft Unveils Repatched Patch

As promised, Microsoft Tuesday released an updated edition of its April 1...[Added: 2006-04-28]
Category : Security

Intel Slashes Desktop Chip Pricing

Intel is cutting prices on its higher-end desktop processors by up to 50 ...[Added: 2006-04-28]
Category : Hardware

Hacker 'Smartbomb' Toolkit Attacks Unpatched Computers

A dirt-cheap, do-it-yourself hacking kit sold by a Russian Web site is be...[Added: 2006-04-27]
Category : Security

Visual Studio 2005 Express Goes Free

Microsoft declared Visual Studio 2005 Express "forever free" last week, e...[Added: 2006-04-27]
Category : Microsoft

New MacBook Pro To Ship Next Week

NEW YORK - Apple Computer Inc. on Monday said a new 17-inch version of it...[Added: 2006-04-26]
Category : Hardware

Apple's Boot Camp Tweaked To Support Linux

The folks who first brought Mac and Windows together have now added Linux...[Added: 2006-04-24]
Category : Open Source

Rootkits To Mask Most Malware By 2008

Rootkits that hide malicious software from anti-virus and anti-spyware to...[Added: 2006-04-24]
Category : Security

Mac OS X Hit By 6 New Zero-Day Bugs

At least six zero-day vulnerabilities in Apple Computer Inc.'s Mac OS X w...[Added: 2006-04-23]
Category : Security

Alcatel Chosen To Launch WiMax Trial In Tokyo

Alcatel will launch a WiMax trial in Tokyo in June of this year for ACCA ...[Added: 2006-04-23]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Activists Draw Attention to China's Internet Censorship

Activists, stirred up by Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to the White...[Added: 2006-04-22]
Category : Internet

Samsung develops 2GB memory card

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. said Thursday (April 20) it has developed a ...[Added: 2006-04-22]
Category : Hardware

Mobile Browsing Seen Changing Face Of The Web

People are turning to mobile phones for Internet use more quickly than th...[Added: 2006-04-22]
Category : Wireless Mobile

PortalPlayer cut out of next iPod; stock plummets

Stock of San Jose-based semiconductor maker PortalPlayer tumbled on Thurs...[Added: 2006-04-22]
Category : Apple Mac

Group Manages Mac Triple-boot, Adds Linux

The open-source project that first came up with a way to dual-boot an Int...[Added: 2006-04-21]
Category : Open Source

Burst.com Sues Apple over Media-Streaming Patents

The long legal battle between Apple Computer and Burst.com just became mo...[Added: 2006-04-20]
Category : Internet

Apple sued for patent infringement

Burst.com filed a patent counterclaims lawsuit in the Federal District Co...[Added: 2006-04-20]
Category : Apple Mac

Summit To Highlight New Server Blade Applications

This week's Server Blade Summit conference in Garden Grove, Calif., will ...[Added: 2006-04-19]
Category : Hardware

Microsoft Readies New Search Tools

Confronted with Google's huge success in the world of Internet search, Mi...[Added: 2006-04-19]
Category : Microsoft

Sprint Tracks Kids Via GPS Cell Phones

Sprint Nextel Corp. on Thursday launched a new service that locates child...[Added: 2006-04-18]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Kaspersky Sends Antivirus Software to Smart Phones

Kaspersky Lab has released a beta version of mobile antivirus software fo...[Added: 2006-04-17]
Category : Software

Software Engineers Top List Of Best U.S. Jobs

Software engineers have the best jobs in America, according to a survey r...[Added: 2006-04-16]
Category : Software

Trillium Upgrades Data Quality Managment Software

Trillium Software has unveiled a new release of its data quality manageme...[Added: 2006-04-16]
Category : Software

Novell eyes acquisitions as Linux growth pursued

U.S.-based software company Novell Inc. will look at acquisition opportun...[Added: 2006-04-16]
Category : Open Source

RISC core adds muscle to Renesas microcontroller

SAN JOSE — A Renesas microcontroller employs proprietary flash memo...[Added: 2006-04-16]
Category : Network

Google Launches Online Calendar Program

Google has launched a beta version of a Web-based calendar service that a...[Added: 2006-04-15]
Category : Internet

Novatel Unveils External 3G PCI Express Cards

Novatel Wireless announced Monday that it has delivered samples of EV-DO ...[Added: 2006-04-14]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Microsoft Releases Long-Awaited Internet Explorer Patch

Microsoft today released its security software patches for April, address...[Added: 2006-04-13]
Category : Microsoft

IBM Creates Interior Design Solution

Homeowners and renters can select interior design plans online or at kios...[Added: 2006-04-13]
Category : Software

Arialink Plans To Deploy Mobile WiMAX Technology In Michigan

Mobile WiMAX is expected to get its U.S. introduction early next year in ...[Added: 2006-04-13]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Online Banking Numbers Reflect Slowing Growth

The number of online banking customers grew by 3.1 percent in the fourth ...[Added: 2006-04-12]
Category : Internet

Virtual gets real at LinuxWorld Boston

Software virtualization plans from a number of vendors were looking prett...[Added: 2006-04-12]
Category : Open Source

IT to Apple -- boot me up

Apple's Boot Camp beta is pregnant with possibilities for IT. Some are go...[Added: 2006-04-11]
Category : Apple Mac

Business Objects unveils new Web-delivered software

Business Objects SA will introduce a Web-based version of its database ma...[Added: 2006-04-10]
Category : Software

Java 5 capabilities added to virtual machine

At the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley here this week, Aonix a...[Added: 2006-04-10]
Category : Network

Open source BI tool to target enterprise customers

The open source software model will continue its assault on traditional a...[Added: 2006-04-09]
Category : Open Source

Users Push for CDP Shapeshift

Storage users, always a vocal lot, are really having their say with CDP, ...[Added: 2006-04-09]
Category : Network

Hewlett-Packard Issues Printer Security Alert

Hewlett-Packard has noted that a vulnerability in the software that ships...[Added: 2006-04-08]
Category : Software

Linux Community Unfazed by Windows on Mac

Linux users and movers and shakers at LinuxWorld here were more bemused t...[Added: 2006-04-08]
Category : Open Source

Apple "Boot Camp" Software Boots Windows On Macs

Apple on Wednesday introduced Boot Camp, a program to allow Windows XP to...[Added: 2006-04-07]
Category : Apple Mac

Government Information Brokers Fail To Protect Privacy

Information resellers often fail to follow privacy protection guidelines ...[Added: 2006-04-07]
Category : Security

Corrigan sees double-digit chip growth returning

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Semiconductor industry icon Wilfred J. Corrigan ...[Added: 2006-04-07]
Category : Network

Microsoft Pledges DRM Investment

Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday it would increase investments in digital r...[Added: 2006-04-06]
Category : Microsoft

RIM to add Yahoo Web services to BlackBerry

Research In Motion will put such Yahoo Inc. Web offerings as search, e-ma...[Added: 2006-04-06]
Category : Internet

Microsoft Gives Virtual Nod to Linux

Microsoft is pushing further into the virtualization realm, announcing th...[Added: 2006-04-05]
Category : Microsoft

AmpliTube guitar amp software going Intel

AmpliTube-maker IK Multimedia on Tuesday announced support for Apple̵...[Added: 2006-04-05]
Category : Apple Mac

Nortel, Qualcomm Report 7.2 Mbps HSDPA Mobile Data Tests

Nortel reported that it has successfully tested 7.2 Mbps HSDPA mobile dat...[Added: 2006-04-05]
Category : Wireless Mobile

AOL Shrinks Web for Cell Phones

Browsing the Web on ordinary cell phones will become easier thanks to a n...[Added: 2006-04-04]
Category : Internet

Users See Mobility Boost in Faster 3G

As you get packed for the next tradeshow, imagine leaving behind the item...[Added: 2006-04-04]
Category : Wireless Mobile

YouTube Takes Internet Video to New Level

Online video site YouTube.com has been busy distinguishing itself from it...[Added: 2006-04-03]
Category : Internet

Third-Party IE Patches Moving Fast As Spam Attack Starts

Tens of thousands of Internet Explorer users aren't waiting for Microsoft...[Added: 2006-04-02]
Category : Security

Microsoft Will License Mouse, Keyboard Technologies

Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday said it would license key technologies used ...[Added: 2006-04-02]
Category : Microsoft

Wyse Banks On Thin-Client Resurgence

Back in the '90s, thin-client talk was all the rage. Whether it was Oracl...[Added: 2006-04-02]
Category : Hardware

Wireless Growth Seen Shifting From Consumer To Business

With revenue growth from wireless voice traffic slowing, U.S. wireless pr...[Added: 2006-04-02]
Category : Wireless Mobile

For Sale: Your Life on the Internet

Forget shredding your mail or worrying about who might have a copy of a r...[Added: 2006-04-02]
Category : Internet

Verizon, Cingular Broaden Notebook Wireless Data Offerings

Cingular Wireless said Wednesday that its BroadbandConnect service is bui...[Added: 2006-04-01]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Hackers Tap Banks' Web Sites In Unique Phishing Attack

In an unusual form of phishing, hackers cracked the computers hosting the...[Added: 2006-04-01]
Category : Security

Qualcomm hurls another suit at Broadcom

MANHASSET, N.Y. — San Diego-based wireless technology supplier Qual...[Added: 2006-04-01]
Category : Wireless Mobile

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