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Archive of November,2005
2005-11-30 - Time's Up for VOIP E911 Compliance

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) order requiring full VOIP E911 service takes affect at midnight ... | Category: Network

2005-11-30 - Nokia Adds Wi-Fi To Smartphone

Nokia said Tuesday that it will release a version of its model 9300 smartphone that includes Wi-Fi support. ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-29 - Opera Patches Browser Security Holes

Opera Software has released an upgrade addressing two serious security flaws involving Macromedia's Flash Pl ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-29 - Agilent unveils image pipe for camera phones

Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced an image pipe processor that allows mobile phone and computing devi ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-29 - Perficient's Blue-Chip Dish

While it's true that great products like Apple's iPod will sometimes sell themselves, most companies must wo ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-28 - One in Six U.S. Web Users Sell Online

One in six U.S. Internet users have sold goods and services online and 2 percent do so on a given day, a new ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-26 - Software group seeks role in Microsoft case

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) has asked to be allowed to make arguments against Microsoft Corp. ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-25 - LG Ships DVR With Microsoft Program Guide To Retailers

LG Electronics on Wednesday said major consumer electronic retailers have started selling an LG digital vide ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-25 - Browser Makers Band Together Against Phishers

Representatives from the most prominent browser makers -- including Microsoft and Mozilla -- recently gather ... | Category: Security

2005-11-25 - Sober Is Biggest Worm Attack Of The Year

The Sober worm outbreak that began in earnest Tuesday has been dubbed the world's largest mass-mailed malwar ... | Category: Security

2005-11-25 - Internet gains more ground in holiday shopping

More American consumers are leaving their cars at home and shopping online for the holidays in the face of h ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-24 - TI says Web site tailored to designers

Texas Instruments Tuesday (Nov. 22) announced a new release of the company's Web site that TI says has been ... | Category: Network

2005-11-24 - Hackers Target Security Software

Instead of targeting weaknesses in operating systems, those who write viruses and worms are increasingly tar ... | Category: Software

2005-11-24 - Juniper opens India center

Juniper Networks opened a new technical center here Wednesday (Nov. 23) built at a cost of $8.5 million.

2005-11-24 - Digital Satellite Radio Forecast To Grow

The U.S. digital satellite radio market is expected to grow from 12 million installed units this year to 55 ... | Category: Network

2005-11-23 - Taiwan to spend $33 million to promote WiMAX

Taiwan’s Cabinet has decided to budget about $33 million next year for promoting the island’s Wi ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-23 - VARs Find Big VoIP Opportunities In Commercial Space

As the market for VoIP technology continues to boom, partners are finding that the commercial market may be ... | Category: Network

2005-11-23 - Customers Most Satisfied With LG Phones: Survey

Korean mobile phone vendor LG received the highest levels of customer satisfaction in both Europe and the U. ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-23 - Staktek unveils memory stacking technology

Packaging IP services company Staktek Holdings Inc. has unveiled a family of flash memory stacking technolog ... | Category: Network

2005-11-22 - TiVo to bring TV programming to iPod, PSP

TiVo Inc. on Monday said it will begin testing a feature in the coming weeks to let some subscribers transfe ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-22 - Web advertising up 34 percent

Spending on Internet advertising rose 34 percent in the third quarter to $3.1 billion from a year earlier, s ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-22 - Europeans expected to flock to TV over Internet

About 8.7 million Europeans will be watching television over the Internet by 2009, or 9.4 percent of a marke ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-22 - Internet Search Needs New Tack in 2006

In 2005, the news got out that Google Inc. had purchased a jet airplane. Jokes immediately circulated about ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-22 - Unpatched IE Bug Now "Extremely Critical"

A unpatched flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser that first surfaced in late May was upgraded Monda ... | Category: Security

2005-11-22 - SKorea's Samsung, Hynix sign 750 million dollar deals with Apple

South Korea's two semiconductor giants, Samsung Electronics and Hynix Semiconductor, have signed separate de ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-21 - iPod battery class-action settlement being appealed

After agreeing to settle a class action lawsuit brought by customers of its iPod music player, Apple Compute ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-21 - Skype in US retail distribution pact

Skype, the Internet-calling phenomenon that eBay Inc. acquired for $4.1 billion, is set to break into the U. ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-20 - Buying a PC or laptop this year? Keep Windows Vista in mind

Retailers are expecting this year’s holiday shopping season to be one of the best in recent years for ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-20 - Battle for Web Control May Not Be Over

The United States claimed victory this week in the contest to keep control of the computers crucial for dire ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-20 - Microsoft to Market New Software in Japan

Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it will start marketing Japanese versions of two new server software products ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-20 - Report: One-third of China handset makers to disappear

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Thirty percent of China's handset makers will be gone by the end of 2006 due to the ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-20 - Microsoft Makes Windows Validation Plug-In For Firefox

Microsoft this week released a plug-in for the rival Firefox browser so that users can validate their Window ... | Category: Software

2005-11-19 - Micron climbs NAND flash ranks, says iSuppli

Micron Technology Inc., Hynix Semiconductor Inc. and Renesas Technology Corp. all easily exceeded the growth ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-19 - Alvarion Plans To Deploy WiMAX Gear In Japan’s Hokkaido Island

Alvarion said Wednesday its BreezeACCESS VL mobile network equipment is slated to be deployed in several maj ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-19 - Google Shares Breach $400 Mark

Google Inc.'s share price crossed the $400 threshold to a new all-time high Thursday, marking a gain of near ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-18 - Cisco Unveils Wireless Integration Hardware

Cisco this week took the wraps off new networking hardware designed to integrate wireless functionality into ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-17 - Microsoft aims to enter supercomputer market

Microsoft Corp, which built its business by aiming to put a "computer on every desk" is moving into the high ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-17 - IM Worms Mutating At An Alarming Rate

Instant-messaging threats are mutating at an alarming rate, as virus writers attempt to bypass security-syst ... | Category: Security

2005-11-17 - Start-up stokes fixed-mobile convergence flames

Wireless start-up Stoke Inc. has come out of stealth mode with its plans for an IP service delivery platform ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-17 - Enterasys, Formerly Cabletron, Accepts $386 Million Buyout

Enterasys Networks Inc., a successor to Cabletron Systems Inc., has agreed to be bought out by two Southern ... | Category: Network

2005-11-17 - Tucson OK's Wi-Fi Muni Networks

Two more cities have approved the deployment of municipal Wi-Fi networks, as the public network rollout of t ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-16 - Big Supercomputing Show To Showcase High Performance Computing

Supercomputer experts from all over the world will descend on Seattle beginning this weekend to learn the la ... | Category: Network

2005-11-16 - Spectra Logic Gives Data Backup A Boost

Backing up critical data is so crucial that companies that don’t do it regularly probably won’t ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-16 - Refco should ease online currency woes

Forex Capital Markets LLC's deal to take over the foreign exchange business of futures brokerage giant Refco ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-12 - Analyst Firm: Enterprises Should Ban Skype Due To Security Risks

The analyst firm Info-Tech Research Group has recommended that enterprises ban the use of Skype on their net ... | Category: Security

2005-11-12 - Rating System Adopted For Mobile Content

The cell phone industry is adopting a rating system for its multimedia services to designate which music, vi ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-12 - Finding More Juice For Power-Thirsty Devices

Battery makers are rushing to try to improve their wares, with much of their research cente ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-12 - PortalPlayer scraps plans for secondary offering

PortalPlayer Inc. Thursday (Nov. 10) said it has scrapped plans announced last month for a follow-on offerin ... | Category: Network

2005-11-12 - Survey: Consumers Increasingly Reluctant To Bank Online

Fears of identity theft have left increasing numbers of consumers wary of banking online, according to a sur ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-12 - Analysis: Uncertain Q4 looms for electronics industry

MANHASSET, N.Y. — With the all-important holiday buying season fast approaching, will electronics comp ... | Category: Network

2005-11-12 - Google offers Silicon Valley home free wireless Internet

Internet giant Google is offering to cloak its home city in Silicon Valley with free wireless "Wi-Fi" comput ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-12 - F5 Gives VARs An Edge

New strategy gives leads to partners first, includes deal registration 

F5 Networks ... | Category: Network

2005-11-12 - WiMAX Forum Says 150 Nets Deployed

More than 150 pilot and commercial deployments of WiMAX networks are currently in use and the first group of ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-11 - Advances seen in flexible solar cells

Researchers at Wake Forest University's Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials claimed that they ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-11 - Emcore acquires optical module supplier

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Communications semiconductor supplier Emcore Corp. has acquired the assets of Phaseb ... | Category: Network

2005-11-11 - Vinton Cerf Weighs In On House Telecom Bill

Vinton Cerf, one of the founders of the Internet, urged on Wednesday a House committee working on major tele ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-11 - IBM, Sony Release Documents and Software Components for Cell Processors

IBM, Sony and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. are releasing new software components and documentation for c ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-11 - Mobile phone makers to stay in-house, says iSuppli

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Despite a marked trend toward outsourcing to contract manufacturers, mobile-phone OE ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-11 - Cisco Reports Growth In Enterprise Spending

Still, the company is cautious about the future. "It's too early to say it's turned around," says chief deve ... | Category: Network

2005-11-11 - Fabless DRAM vendor offers to license IP

LONDON — Inapac Technology Inc., a system-in-package (SiP) memory integrator, has announced two compon ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-10 - Bell Micro To Distribute Apple Servers, Storage

Bell Microproducts is now Apple's third distributor in the U.S.


2005-11-10 - Yahoo in China to Promote Search Engine

BEIJING - The entrepreneur who runs Yahoo Inc. 's China-based Web portal has announced a new strategy based ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-10 - Worm Targets Linux Systems

A new worm that attacks Linux systems and exploits several vulnerabilities in the operating system has been ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-10 - Certified WiMAX Products Near As 'Plugfest' Ends

In a sure sign that certified WiMAX wireless broadband products are close to appearing, vendors have started ... | Category: Network

2005-11-10 - HP Crafts Universal Printer Driver

Hewlett-Packard plans to announce an update to its printer management software along with a one-size-fits-al ... | Category: Software

2005-11-10 - Internet Explorer 7 - Review

In the latest preview of Windows Vista, IE 7 offers some significant new additions. However ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-10 - NSF, other research agencies avoid budget ax

WASHINGTON — A spending bill approved by a House-Senate conference this week boosts spending for U.S. ... | Category: Network

2005-11-10 - IBM, Sony Release Documents and Software Components for Cell Processors

IBM, Sony and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. are releasing new software components and documentation for c ... | Category: Software

2005-11-10 - Man Spends $100,000 On Virtual Space Station In Online Game

In one of the largest sales yet of property in an online game, a Miami resident has bought a virtual space s ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-10 - Study: MIMO Becoming A Necessary Wireless Technology

Multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) technology for wireless networks is potentially "disruptive" and will ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-09 - Samsung readies long lasting fuel cells

LONDON — Samsung SDI Co. has developed a prototype fuel cell for use in laptops that it claims lasts a ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-09 - Grokster to stop distributing file-sharing service

File-sharing service Grokster Ltd. has agreed to stop distributing software that allows users to copy songs ... | Category: Software

2005-11-09 - Social funds warn Web firms on human rights

A group of social investment funds from Western countries on Monday called for Internet companies to refrain ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-09 - iPod class action lawsuit goes international

Lawyers representing users of a class action lawsuit filed in the United States that purchased iPod nanos ha ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-09 - Sony XCP patch might crash Windows

A software patch released by Sony BMG Music Entertainment after an uproar over its XCP (Extended Copy Protec ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-09 - Microsoft expects high Xbox 360 sales

Microsoft Corp. expects to sell as many as 3 million Xbox 360 consoles in the first three months after launc ... | Category: Software

2005-11-09 - Dotcom boom and bust tops list of Internet watersheds

The breaking of the Monica Lewinsky scandal and this year's Live 8 concerts were voted among the most influe ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-09 - Magma offering design flow for new ChipX structured ASICs

SAN FRANCISCO — Structured ASIC supplier ChipX and EDA vendor Magma Design Automation Inc. have made a ... | Category: Network

2005-11-08 - Startup Offers Directory-Based Security Appliance

Joining the ranks of security-appliance vendors this week is startup Identity Engines, which today is expect ... | Category: Security

2005-11-08 - Microsoft releases SQL Server 2005

Microsoft Corp., the world's largest software maker, officially released SQL Server 2005 on Monday, in an ef ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-08 - SAP Releases New Version of Business One

German developer SAP has released the latest version of its Business One application. The software is an int ... | Category: Software

2005-11-08 - Microsoft Rebrands AntiSpyware As "Defender"

Microsoft has renamed its still-in-beta Windows AntiSpyware as "Microsoft Defender," a company official disc ... | Category: Security

2005-11-07 - Windows Live : Google’s Technological Simplicity Influence

Microsoft has taken a page from Google and Yahoo with its web based search, email, and feed aggregating web ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-07 - New Law Fuels Technology-Government Clash

A new method of communicating is creating intriguing services that beat old ways of sending information. But ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-07 - Advertisements to Invade Online Games

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Here you are, one of the millions of Americans who like to play casual games on the Inter ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-06 - Sun looks to boost Java-.Net interoperability

Sun Microsystems, in a move to improve interoperability between Java and Microsoft's .Net platform, plans to ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-06 - Microsoft, British Libary strike content deal

US software kingpin Microsoft has forged a "strategic partnership" to digitise 25 million pages of content f ... | Category: Software

2005-11-06 - NetZero Offers Internet Telephony

Internet services provider United Online Inc. has launched a telephony service under its NetZero brand.

2005-11-06 - Panelists optimistic on lower power design

Design for reduced power consumption may not be as daunting a challenge as widely assumed, according to a pa ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-06 - Aldec's Active-HDL 7.1 adds new simulation technology

SAN FRANCISCO — Aldec Inc. has released a new version of its Active-HDL 7.1 FPGA and ASIC design entry ... | Category: Network

2005-11-06 - RIM's New BlackBerry Could Spur New Mobile Applications

A new souped-up BlackBerry could usher in a new wave of applications for mobile workers, solution providers ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-05 - Nokia launches mobile-TV phone

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Nokia Corp.'s first phone capable of receiving mobile broadcast TV, the N92, employ ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-05 - Programmable logic outpacing MPU industry, Altera exec claims

BANGALORE, India — Programmable logic developers are a decade ahead of the microprocessor industry, an ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-05 - IBM's Meyerson: Time for DFM to 'come of age'

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — With classical scaling dead and Moore's Law no longer relevant to device perform ... | Category: Network

2005-11-05 - Sony Issues Patch As Hackers Pounce On Rootkit

Reacting to criticism of its CD copy protection, Sony on Wednesday posted a patch that reveals files previou ... | Category: Security

2005-11-05 - Amazon to sell "online access" to books

Internet commerce giant Amazon.com said it was launching a program allowing consumers to purchase "online ac ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-05 - Microsoft Acquires Swiss VoIP Company

The acquisition of Zurich-based Media-streams.com AG will give Microsoft engineering talent, technology, and ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-05 - CMD to build 200-, 300-mm fabs in China

A little-known group called CMD International (Tianjin) Electronic Co. Ltd. has broken ground on a large-sca ... | Category: Network

2005-11-05 - AOpen's Mac mini look-alike to hit US stores

Taiwanese computer maker AOpen Inc. is about to put on sale a mini PC that looks a lot like Apple Computer I ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-04 - Fabric7 unveils Opteron-based servers

WASHINGTON — A family of servers based on AMD's dual-core Opteron processor is being pitched by manufa ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-04 - Nokia Launches Open-Source Browser

Nokia has announced the release of its open-source mobile Web browser and has launched a new portal to share ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-04 - WiMAX To Grow Quickly, But 3G To Dominate: Study

The coming year will be pivotal in terms of deployment of new and improved wireless broadband technologies b ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-04 - Microsoft Acquires Swiss VoIP Company

The acquisition of Zurich-based Media-streams.com AG will give Microsoft engineering talent, technology, and ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-03 - Advance Xbox 360s Fetching $1,000-plus On Ebay

Customers anxious to get their hands on Microsoft's new Xbox 360 gaming console, which won't be in stores un ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-03 - SBC revises high-speed Internet prices

SBC Communications Inc. said on Monday it was revamping prices for its high-speed Internet services, cutting ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-03 - Veritas Purchase, Weak Antivirus Sales Hurt Symantec's Quarter

Symantec's much-debated acquisition of Veritas has at least temporarily cut into the compan ... | Category: Security

2005-11-03 - Microsoft Adds PC Security Tools to Windows Live

Microsoft has fitted an anti-virus and PC clean-up utility into the new Windows Live initiative as part of a ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-03 - The Print Shop: Stop Printing Photos & Start Ordering Online

Printing a photo right after you've taken it is immediately gratifying. The excitement is like that of the o ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-03 - AtomShockwave buys AddictingGames.com

Privately held AtomShockwave Corp. on Wednesday said it bought AddictingGames.com, a gaming Web site, expand ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-03 - The battle for hearts in Europe: US, French Internet dating sites do battle

Is Cupid showing signs of cupidity? In Europe battle has been joined for the continent's lonely hearts looki ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-03 - Microsoft's Free Web-based Virus Scanner Sends Data Back To Microsoft

As part of the Windows Live services that Microsoft touted Tuesday, the Redmond, Wash.-based developer rolle ... | Category: Security

2005-11-02 - HP Unveils Unix Server Blades

Hewlett-Packard will take a page from IBM's server blade book with the introduction on Tuesday of a new serv ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-02 - Old Friends Collide In Online Software Showdown

Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison knows all about battles with old friends.
< ... | Category: Software

2005-11-02 - Sprint Launches Mobile TV, Music Downloads

Sprint Nextel Monday launched both a mobile music download service and mobile TV to be delivered to users of ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-02 - Tech Notebook: iPods users hit snags with hookup to cars

Owners of Apple Computer iPods have trouble using their trendy music players in their cars, according to an ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-02 - Earliest Adopters Get Put to the Test

With the release of the first beta copies of Windows Vista in midsummer, Microsoft Corp. began ramping up th ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-02 - One Quarter Of Enterprises Admit To Intrusion Attempts: Survey

One in four enterprises have been victimized by intrusions into their networks and servers in the last two y ... | Category: Security

2005-11-02 - IBM Leads Open-Source Storage Effort

IBM and eight other storage vendors are teaming up to form an open-source organization initially called Aper ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-02 - Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.3

Apple on Monday released an update for Mac OS X, bringing both the client and server versions of the operati ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-02 - Netgear Unveils Five-In-One MIMO Gateway

WLAN equipment vendor Netgear said Tuesday that it has released a gateway based on Multiple Input, Multiple ... | Category: Network

2005-11-02 - Microsoft to Enter Online Services Market

Microsoft Corp. unveiled a new strategy Tuesday to move software and services online, seeking to fend off a ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-02 - Researcher Details More Microsoft Patch Missteps

Microsoft's patching problems resurfaced again when a researcher published a paper last week detailing how t ... | Category: Security

2005-11-02 - Trend Micro Touts SMB 'Worry-Free' Security

Trend Micro on Monday started a campaign, dubbed "Worry-Free Security Initiative" for small businesses, back ... | Category: Security

2005-11-02 - Review: Blogging Tools Need Integration

NEW YORK - First came words, then came photos. Now, many Web journals are incorporating moving images — ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-01 - Supreme Court rejects Microsoft appeal in Eolas case

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear a Microsoft Corp. appeal in the software company's ongoing We ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-01 - Aggressive Pricing Tactics Come Back To Haunt Dell

Dell warned Monday that third-quarter earnings and sales would come in at the low end of previous forecasts ... | Category: Hardware

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