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Microsoft is offering $1m worth of prizes in return for using MSN Search

Posted by iMark on 2006-02-20

Microsoft is offering web users the chance to get their hands on $1m worth of prizes in return for using its MSN Search website.

In what seems like a frantic bid to get users to switch from arch-rival Google, the software giant has launched a three-month promotion around MSNSearchandWin.

"We are

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Mobile Phones Target MySpace Generation

Posted by inet on 2006-02-20    Article Source : TechWeb News

Helio LLC, a joint venture between Korean wireless carrier SK Telecom Co. Ltd. and Earthlink Inc., plans to launch its service in the spring with two cellular phones tied to MySpace.com, a music-focused social networking site popular with teenagers and young adults.

Los Angeles-based Helio on Thursday said it plans to offer

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Salesnet Debuts Update For On-Demand CRM Apps

Posted by iMark on 2006-02-19    Article Source : InformationWeek

New lead management and campaign management tools and an enhanced document library are among 250 new features.

Salesnet this week introduced the 25th release of its on-demand customer-relationship-management application, and it's marking the occasion with an update that features 250 new features, including broader marketing automation capabilities in campaign management, lead management,

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African entrepreneur tweaks U.S. at 3GSM

Posted by inet on 2006-02-19    Article Source : EE Times

BARCELONA — In the midst of Europe’s largest mobile telephony conference Wednesday, an African entrepreneur interjected a wry critique of "American know-how" and provided participants at the 3GSM World congress a rare note of levity.

Mohamed Ibrahim, discussing the challenge of providing telecommunications services to rural Africa, disputed the stereotype of his

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Microsoft to offer first look at Office Live

Posted by inet on 2006-02-19

Microsoft plans to offer the service in three versions, one of which will be advertising-supported and free of charge to customers.

All three versions -- Microsoft (Profile, Products, Articles) Office Live Basics, Microsoft Office Live Collaboration, and Microsoft Office Live Essentials -- will be a part of the beta program. Office Live Basics

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SugarCRM Collaborates with Microsoft on Windows Interoperability

Posted by iNext on 2006-02-18    Article Source : NewsFactor

Open-source vendor SugarCRM has unveiled a new technical-collaboration partnership with Microsoft that will boost interoperability between SugarCRM products and Windows Server.

Announced at the Open Source Business Conference, the collaboration project is designed to help customers of both vendors take advantage of Windows administration for running SugarCRM.

SugarCRM also announced

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Apple updates iDVD, iPhoto, iWeb, iTunes, iMovie

Posted by iNext on 2006-02-18    Article Source : MacCentral

Apple on Wednesday updated most of the individual applications that are included with its iLife 06 suite. The updates are available for download through the Software Update system preferences pane.

iDVD has been updated to version 6.0.1; iPhoto has been updated to 6.0.1; iWeb has been updated to 1.0.1; iMovie HD has

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NetApp CEO: Security The Next Business Driver

Posted by iTech on 2006-02-18    Article Source : CRN

While storage giant Network Appliance enjoyed a strong third fiscal quarter, data security will be the company's next main revenue driver going forward, the company's CEO told CRN on Wednesday.

Thanks to last year's acquisition of Decru, a developer of technology to encrypt data before it is sent to tape or to

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Internet muck-raker challenges China's censors

Posted by iMark on 2006-02-18    Article Source : Reuters

Chinese Communist Party elders and U.S. lawmakers fired shots at China's powerful censors this week, but Li Xinde says muck-raking campaigners like himself are undermining the country's barriers to free speech every day.
Li is one of just a handful of Internet investigative reporters, exposing corrupt officials and injustice on

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Microsoft eyes multiple versions of new Office 2007

Posted by iNext on 2006-02-18    Article Source : Reuters

Microsoft Corp. unveiled on Wednesday multiple versions of its upcoming Office business software suite with features that aim to simplify worker collaboration and improve efficiency.
The 2007 Microsoft Office, previously code-named Microsoft Office 12, is the successor to its Office business application franchise, which packages together word processing, spreadsheet, presentation

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