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New Worm Is Redirecting Google and Yahoo Traffic

Posted by iTech on 2005-10-02

PandaLabs has identified Adware/PremiumSearch, a new malicious code that takes advantage of some of the most popular Internet search engines. This cybercrime attack would seem to mimic the actions of the worm detected last week, that altered the sponsored links in Google searches.

In this case the infection originates from visits to a

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Verizon CTO lays out next-gen network plans

Posted by iTech on 2005-10-02    Article Source : NetworkWorld.com

Verizon is planning several network upgrades that will support new services such as optical VPNs and high-speed home networking, as well as to reduce data replication among multiple services.

On its national optical network, Verizon is installing reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADMs) and plans to migrate to wavelength switching to support automated

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Novell downplays server hack

Posted by iTech on 2005-10-02    Article Source : Computerworld

An internal Novell investigation of an apparent hack involving one of its computers revealed that the incident was less serious than was described by the security consultant who reported it to the company, a spokesman said Friday.

The company also asserted that several of the claims made by the researcher were inaccurate.Read More...   Category: Security

Users look to buy more LAN switches in 2006, with an eye on price/performance

Posted by iTech on 2005-10-02    Article Source : NetworkWorld.com

For LAN switch buyers, standards-compliance and price/performance are key aspects for IT professionals when choosing a vendor, according to a recent survey.

Infonetics Research surveyed LAN switch buyers at 180 organizations, with an average workforce of 25,000 employees, about their LAN-switch buying plans. The study found that users expect to boost the

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Software security: How to keep your software secure!

Posted by iTech on 2005-10-02

Microsoft has developed a number of sites to help you ensure that your software is up to date and secure.

Whether you're looking for a quick fix with the latest patch to protect against a new security threat or want to bring your software up to date with a new service pack, you

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This Just In: Customers Hate Their Software Vendors

Posted by iTech on 2005-10-02    Article Source : Techweb.com

Being the pack rat that I am, my digital archive is replete with the old, the outdated and the obsolete. But every once in a while there's something truly worth a second look, as in the old survey of Oracle applications customers I unearthed recently. The report, dated January 2002, was written by none

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SAP to offer major SCM upgrades in Release 5.0

Posted by iTech on 2005-10-02    Article Source : infoWorld

San Francisco (InfoWorld) - With supply-chain management becoming a key benchmark for success in most industries, SAP will offer its enterprise customers enhanced SCM capabilities in the next release of its enterprise software, SAP 2005.

In an exclusive to InfoWorld, Greg Mekjian, executive vice president of North American Field Operations for Bristlecone,

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IBM Applies Technology for Disabled at Aging Baby Boomers

Posted by iTech on 2005-10-02    Article Source : TechWeb News

As IBM's Human Capital Management group offers help to companies with huge numbers of employees reaching retirement age, the group is relying on IBM's years of experience helping people overcome disabilities.
"It's something IBM has had a deep commitment to for a long time," Accessibility Services Program Manager Sara Basson, Ph.D., said

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Vendors Ship High-Speed HSDPA 3G Technology

Posted by iTech on 2005-10-02

At least two vendors this week released products that work with high-speed HSDPA 3G networks even though very few such networks have been deployed.
Novatel Wireless said Thursday it has started shipping its Merlin U740 High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) PC Cards to several unnamed European cellular operators. HSDPA is a

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Microsoft: Half of Xbox 360 Owners will Connect to Xbox Live

Posted by iTech on 2005-10-02    Article Source : GameSpot

Microsoft's chief Xbox officer predicts huge jump in online users following next-gen console launch; hints at original MMORPG.

In an interview in this week's Famitsu, Microsoft chief Xbox officer and senior vice president Robert "Robbie" Bach discussed the Xbox 360 at length, covering everything from the console's launch to plans for

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