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FAST Desktop Search Platform Comes Gunning for Google

Posted by iNext on 2005-10-25    Article Source : TechWeb News

Enterprise search vendor Fast Search & Transfer ASA has designs on your desktop, onscreen real estate that's still hotly contested by the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, not to mention a slew of enterprise search competitors including Autonomy, dtSearch, Intellext, X1 Technologies, and (soon) Verity.
FAST Monday introduced the

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Co. to Launch Internet-Based HDTV Service

Posted by iTech on 2005-10-25    Article Source : AP

ROSEVILLE, Calif. - A company that has linked more than 80,000 Northern California homes to a fiber-optic network plans to launch a TV service that relies on Internet technology to deliver programs, including high-definition shows.
Roseville-based SureWest Communications said it will be the first broadband provider in the nation to

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Congress Wants U.S. To Retain Grip On Internet

Posted by iMark on 2005-10-25    Article Source : TechWeb News

A trio of lawmakers in the House of Representatives has joined a Senate colleague in calling for the U.S. to retain oversight control over the Internet, as a showdown looms with countries wanting more say in how the Web is run.
Rep. John Doolittle, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, and Rep. Rick

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New Video iPod Put to the Test

Posted by iNext on 2005-10-25    Article Source : NewsFactor

The surprise of the new Apple iPod is not the novelty of portable video. It's that, right out of the gate, such an ambitious feature works so seamlessly. This kind of performance usually comes after years of trial and error, consumer give-and-take, fevered debugging, and quality control.
It's just too

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Tibco acquires Velosel for master data management technology

Posted by inet on 2005-10-25    Article Source : InfoWorld

Tibco Software on Monday announced it acquired Velosel, a provider of master data management software. The application integration company will add Velosel's technology, which creates a master data hub to synchronize information between retailers and manufacturers in the consumer goods and retail industries.
According to Neeraj Gokhale, founder of Velosel,

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OpenOffice 2.0 Has Its Eye on Microsoft

Posted by iTech on 2005-10-25

OpenOffice.org has officially rolled out the second version of its open-source productivity suite, and its backers are hoping that new features and support from government agencies will give the application the boost it needs to take on Microsoft Office.
The latest version, available for free, has been under development for

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Real Estate Ads Finding More Space Online

Posted by inet on 2005-10-25    Article Source : PC Magazine

A company created by mapping and instant message pioneer Perry Evans is set to make a deal that highlights the importance of commercial real estate to the Internet search industry.
Evan's local search provider, Denver-based Local Matters, Inc. is in the final stages of buying some, or all, of a

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UPS agrees not to ship cigarettes to US consumers

Posted by iNext on 2005-10-25    Article Source : Reuters

United Parcel Service Inc. on Monday said it will stop delivering cigarettes to consumers in the United States in an agreement aimed at reducing Internet access to cigarettes by underage smokers.
The agreement between the world's largest package shipping company and New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, follows a similar

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Dobberpuhl's startup claims processor breakthrough

Posted by inet on 2005-10-25    Article Source : EE Times

LONDON — P.A. Semi Inc., founded by microprocessor designer Dan Dobberpuhl, has announced the PWRficient processor family, a 64-bit multicore, scalable processor line based on the Power Architecture from IBM.

The company, mainly silent for the last two years, already has 150 people on its engineering team and claims its processor architecture

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OZ Takes PC-Like Email Client To Cellular Phones

Posted by iNext on 2005-10-25    Article Source : TechWeb News

Cingular Wireless has agreed to offer OZ Communications Inc.'s new email client on some of its mobile phones, giving consumers a way to scan messages before deciding whether they are worth the cost of downloading, OZ said Monday.

The new technology powering the Cingular Mobile Email service provides an email client similar

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