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China Seen As World\'s Largest Broadband Market

Posted by iNext on 2006-09-08

China is on track to overtake the United States next year as the world's largest broadband market a research firm said.
China's broadband sector has been growing dramatically at a compound annual growth rate of percent over the last three years Ovum said. As a result the communist nation is expected

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Cisco, Microsoft Reveal Long-Awaited Network Access Control Plans

Posted by iMark on 2006-09-08

Cisco and Microsoft released closely held details about their twoyearold partnership to deliver integrated controls that prevent malwareinfested computers from connecting into networks. Cisco's Network Admission Control or NAC technology will work with the Microsoft Network Access Protection or NAP capabilities available with the upcoming Windows Vista and Longhorn operating systems.

The result

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HP Unveils Vista Ready PCs

Posted by iTech on 2006-09-07

The new systems were designed for improved security mobility and management.

Maybe the PC isn't a commodity after all. HewlettPackard today introduced new desktops laptops and workstations that aim to solve its customers' mobility security and management challenges and stimulate a new wave of hardware spending. HP is also priming the pump with

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Samsung unveils intelligent mobile display driver

Posted by inet on 2006-09-07    Article Source : EE Times

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has developed an intelligent mobile display driver IC that enables liquid crystal displays (LCDs) on handheld devices to deliver clearer images in broad daylight.

Unlike conventional ICs that merely drive the display Samsung's chip automatically determines the optimal image output based on the brightness of ambient light measured. While enhancing

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Philips Semi, Reborn As NXP, Targets HDTV

Posted by iMark on 2006-09-05

NXP said Friday that it has developed a semiconductor chip that allows highdefinition LCD television sets to switch automatically between analog and digital signals.

The company previously known as Philips Semiconductors will build the chip into reference designs that manufacturers can use to speed new HD LCD TVs to retail stores worldwide.

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CrossOver virtualization software public beta offered

Posted by inet on 2006-09-04

Codeweavers has announced the release of a public beta version of CrossOver Mac their virtualization software that lets Intelbased Macs run Windows applications without having Windows installed.

Based on the opensource project WINE CrossOver Mac provides the ability to run Windows applications and some games on the Mac without having to reboot or

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Mobile Companies Develop New, Faster 4G Technology

Posted by iTech on 2006-09-04

Global mobile operators and device makers are betting that the next level of transmission technology will ramp up mobile phone usage in a way that thirdgeneration technology has so far failed to do.

Socalled fourthgeneration (G) mobile technology now being developed would allow twoway communication in voice video and data on a scale that

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SanDisk\'s 2-GB MP3 line breaks $100 barrier

Posted by iTech on 2006-09-04

SanDisk Corp. Friday (Sept. ) expanded its flashbased MP line rolling out a new system that is said to break the $ price threshold for a gigabyte (GB) player.

SanDisk (Milpitas Calif.) rolled out two new models in its Sansa c series. The c series is offered in two capacities &; and

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Microsoft Software Aims At \'Safe\' Family Web Browsing

Posted by inet on 2006-09-04    Article Source : TechWeb News

Microsoft on Wednesday released in beta a Windows Live service meant to give parents control over their children's Web surfing.
OneCare Family Safety available in the United States and formerly known as Family Safety Settings provides Web filtering and activity reports. The service requires a software download from http://ideas.live.com/ .

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Sharp unveils large LCD TVs from Gen 8 fab

Posted by iNext on 2006-09-04    Article Source : EE Times

TOKYO &; Sharp Corp. said it would introduce and inch liquid crystal display (LCD) TVs whose panels would be fabricated in the company's Gen fab in Kameyama.

The fab opened earlier this month will use x mm glass substrates with the TVs to be available globally starting Oct..

"The simultaneous

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