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Ford Debuts Truck With Mobile Office

Posted by iTech on 2005-11-02    Article Source : AP

Ford Motor Co. says it will soon offer wireless mobile offices in its F-series pickups, an option aimed at building contractors and others who do business on the road.

A Ford F-250 Super Duty truck equipped with a mobile office was being shown Tuesday at the Specialty Equipment Market Association show in

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Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.3

Posted by inet on 2005-11-02    Article Source : MacCentral

Apple on Monday released an update for Mac OS X, bringing both the client and server versions of the operating system to 10.4.3. Among the changes in the update are improvements to Safari, Mail, iChat and Apple’s desktop searching tool, Spotlight.
Apple’s Internet Web browser Safari can now pass The

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IBM Leads Open-Source Storage Effort

Posted by inet on 2005-11-02    Article Source : IDG NEWS SERVICE

IBM and eight other storage vendors are teaming up to form an open-source organization initially called Aperi, Big Blue announced Tuesday. The companies intend to work together to develop common storage software to manage different vendors' systems, making it easier for users dealing with disparate storage systems. The software will be made available free

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Sprint Nextel Launches Music Service

Posted by iMark on 2005-11-02    Article Source : AP

Sprint Nextel Corp. on Monday launched a downloadable music service, the first to deliver songs over a U.S. cellular network, as it tries to keep pace in a wireless arms race increasingly dominated by mobile Internet services.
The Sprint Music Store is being launched in tandem with the rollout of

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IBM Supports Utility Upgrades In Michigan

Posted by iTech on 2005-11-02    Article Source : TechWeb News

IBM has announced a new Substation Automation and Integration Project with the Michigan Electric Transmission Company.

IBM said the arrangement, finalized last week, will improve reliability, system maintenance and workforce efficiency. The company also said its Intelligent Electricity Network will help prevent massive blackouts like the one that hit New York City

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FCC Approves SBC-AT&T, Verizon-MCI Unions Oct. 31, 2005

Posted by iNext on 2005-11-02    Article Source : AP

Federal regulators approved SBC Communications' takeover of AT&T and Verizon Communications' purchase of MCI Monday in a move consumer activists called anticompetitive.

By 4-0 votes, the Federal Communications Commission approved a compromise adding several conditions - but also removing the last regulatory barriers - to the multibillion-dollar mergers.

The agency

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IBM Places Security on Bootup

Posted by iNext on 2005-11-02    Article Source : IDG NEWS SERVICE

Researchers at IBM's Almaden Labs have developed a way to keep those nasty worms and viruses from running on computers, without the use of antivirus software.
The project is the brainchild of researcher Amit Singh, who has been working for several years on techniques to simplify PCs. Two years ago,

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BMC links batch systems to Web services, Java

Posted by iMark on 2005-11-02    Article Source : InfoWorld

Seeking to enable multilayered transactional applications, BMC Software is introducing an addition to its Control-M product family that links batch-management systems to processes executed via Web services, messaging, and Java applications.
BMC's Control-M Business Process Integration Suite integrates real-time processes with batch systems on mainframes or other platforms such as

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AMD, IBM expand IC technology alliance

Posted by iNext on 2005-11-02    Article Source : EE Times

IBM Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. late Monday (Oct. 31) announced that they have broadened the scope of their chip technology alliance.

The expanded alliance now includes chip technologies targeted at the 32- and 22-nm nodes. It also consists of early exploratory research of new transistor, interconnect, lithography, and die-to-package connection

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Microsoft To Offer Online Versions Of All Its Apps

Posted by iMark on 2005-11-02    Article Source : CRN

Over time, virtually every piece of Microsoft's software lineup will be offered as a server or a service, said Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. He and CTO Ray Ozzie unveiled the company’s new Windows Live and Office Live offerings Tuesday.

Over time, virtually every piece of Microsoft's software lineup will be offered as a

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