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Xeon 5100: Intel\'s Comeback Chip

Posted by inet on 2006-06-29    Article Source : NewsFactor

Everybody is talking about Intel's new Xeon chips. Analysts bloggers and pundits of all sorts are saying the new Xeon represents a strong comeback move for Intel which has been criticized of late for falling behind in the innovation race with archrival AMD.
The new Xeon series announced

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Vonage offering new phone device for businesses

Posted by iTech on 2006-06-29

Internet phone company Vonage Holdings Corp. said on Wednesday it aimed to expand its customer base to businesses with a new device that can be carried and plugged into computers for making phone calls.
Analysts however said the product was not enough to change their dim outlook for Vonage which

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China\'s Baidu to offer blog service

Posted by iNext on 2006-06-29

China's Internet search leader Baidu.com Inc. plans to launch a new service Baidu Space which Chinese media said would offer Web logs like those from Microsoft and Google.
"There's a product named Baidu Space" Cynthia He a spokeeswoman for Baidu said on Wednesday. "I can't describe the product or give

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Intel Wows With Dualmode WiMax

Posted by inet on 2006-06-27

Intel Corp. next week is introducing a client chipset that supports both the fixed and mobile versions of the wireless broadband technology known as WiMax.

Arguably WiMax's biggest cheerleader the company is working to make the case for the technology with a chipset roadmap that targets devices ranging from video games to digital

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Intel Faces ILM Challenge

Posted by iMark on 2006-06-27

Despite efforts from vendors such as EMC Corp. to drive information lifecycle management (ILM) to the next level some organizations are still wrestling with the realities of the technology according to execs at the Storage World Conference this week.

The idea behind ILM of course is that users can quickly shift their data

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First HD DVD recorder to make debut in Japan

Posted by iTech on 2006-06-27

After offering a lowpriced $ HD DVD player this spring Toshiba Corp. has challenged Japanese consumers with a price tag of about $ for its first recordable HD DVD product slated to hit the market in the middle of July.

Toshiba was the first company to introduce a video recorder that integrated a

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Intel, NDS team on WiMAX TV multicast

Posted by iTech on 2006-06-26

Intel Corp. and Europebased digital pay TV company NDS Group plc have announced a trial system to demonstrate the TV and video services for fixed WiMAX technology.

Using the WiMAX IEEE . standard and the soon to be ratified IEEE .e Intel and NDS will also collaborate on industry and market development activities. The

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Dell Debuts 3-lb. Latitude Laptop

Posted by inet on 2006-06-26

Dell on Tuesday debuted a new notebook in its Latitude line a threepound portable that the Texas computer maker claimed can run more than hours on a battery charge.

The D the last model in the revamped Latitude line is also the lightest in the family weighing in between and .

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Sonic To Power DVD Burning In Fujitsu Blu-ray-Equipped Computer

Posted by iNext on 2006-06-26

Sonic Solutions on Friday said its Roxio software would power the DVD burning capabilities of Fujitsu Ltd.'s upcoming Bluray Disc driveequipped desktop computer.

Fujitsu is scheduled to launch the Deskpower TXS/D in Japan at the end of June. The PC is expected to be the first desktop computer available with an integrated Bluray

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IWay, AmberPoint Combine SOA Tools

Posted by iTech on 2006-06-23

IWay Software on Tuesday said it plans to combine its integration technology with AmberPoint's management software for serviceoriented architectures.
IWay owned by Information Builders said it plans to resell AmberPoint as part of its SOA Middleware Suite which provides integration among applications linked in an SOA distributed computing environment. An

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