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Firefox Grows To 15% Of U.S. Web Browser Market

Posted by iNext on 2006-07-12

Firefox's share of the Web browser market has surpassed % in the United States and % globally according to Web analytics company OneStat.com.

Niels Brinkman cofounder of OneStat observes that Firefox usage is growing again after a period of no growth.

Since May Mozilla Firefox has grown .% in usage globally. Microsoft Internet

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Battle lines drawn over Net neutrality

Posted by iTech on 2006-07-10    Article Source : InfoWorld

As the U.S. Congress argues the pros and cons of network neutrality many companies doing business on the Internet say their very futures may be at stake.
Net neutrality supporters want new laws prohibiting Internet providers from blocking or degrading traffic from their competitors&; networks. If providers are allowed to

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Google Enters the Dictionary as a Verb

Posted by iTech on 2006-07-10

MerriamWebster has added the term google to the latest version of its Collegiate Dictionary. The term is one of new words or expressions that made the cut for this update. Not surprisingly many of the new entries hail from the world of technology.
Joining google among Internetrelated terms to

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The Print Shop: Snapshot Printer Features CD Burner

Posted by iMark on 2006-07-10    Article Source : PC World

The Lexmark P inkjet photo printer.Despite what marketing hype might have you believe it's rare that a new product not only improves on previous models but also introduces something a little different. This certainly applies to printers so from time to time I'm going to use this column to spotlight some of the more

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AOL considers free e-mail for broadband users

Posted by iNext on 2006-07-09

AOL wants to drop subscription fees for most of its users completing its transformation to a free service similar to chief rivals Yahoo and Google say top executives at AOL and its parent Time Warner (TWX).
Dialup customers who rely on AOL as their Internet service provider would still have to

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eBay Slams the Door on Google Checkout

Posted by inet on 2006-07-08    Article Source : NewsFactor

In the ongoing fight between Internet giants the latest round has eBay coming out swinging. Shortly after Google rolled out a PayPallike payment service called Checkout eBay banned it from being advertised on auction listings.
Google Checkout joins AlertPay AuctionChex and or so other payment services blocked by eBay.

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Intel\'s $600 Million Clearwire Investment Shows Its WiMax Commitment

Posted by iMark on 2006-07-08    Article Source : InformationWeek

Intel has made another huge investment in the nextgeneration wireless technology WiMax. Intel Capital the chip maker's venture capital investment arm invested $ million in financial funding to the wireless broadband company Clearwire Corp. to accelerate its development and deployment of mobile WiMax networks. The investment comes just a week after Intel announced plans

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South Korea, Japan At The Head Of The Internet Pack

Posted by iNext on 2006-07-06

South Korea and Japan top the rankings for use of information and communication technologies (ICT) such as the Internet but developing states such as India are making giant strides a U.N. report said on Wednesday.

Using a speciallydevised Digital Opportunity Index (DOI) which tracks variables such as price and infrastructure the International Telecommunication Union

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Google Offers Free Access to Online Videos

Posted by iTech on 2006-07-06

Google has upgraded and updated its online video service to offer free adsupported access to premium content among other things.
Google has launched a beta version of its new "sponsored video" service which makes available a variety of videos that are paid for by companies like HP. The free content ranges

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JasperSoft Launches JasperIntelligence

Posted by inet on 2006-07-06

The BI platform which left beta this week comprises several products all of which have been upgraded to coincide with the latest release. The products are JasperAnalysis which provides online analytical processing for small and midsize businesses; JasperReports iReports and JasperServer.
JasperAnalysis new to the framework provides realtime analysis of

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