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Samsung Memory Boosts Vista PCs in a Flash

Tired of waiting for software applications to boot up? If so here?s some g...[Added: 2006-07-30]
Category : Hardware

Microsoft: Windows mobile taking share from Blackberry
Microsoft Corp. said on Thursday that mobile smartphones and devices running its Wind...[Added: 2006-07-28]
Category : Microsoft
Nokia\'s New Nseries Cell Phones Focus on Video

Nokia continues to push the envelope with highend multifunctional handheld...[Added: 2006-07-27]
Category : Hardware

South Korean Internet game giant targets US market

South Korea's top online video game website announced plans to become a pl...[Added: 2006-07-26]
Category : Internet

Freeswitch: The New Open-Source Telco Switch

The first opensource carriergrade telephony switch will be introduced next...[Added: 2006-07-24]
Category : Hardware

Microsoft\'s \'Zune\' To Challenge Apple iPod

Microsoft Corp. said on Friday it plans to release a new music and enterta...[Added: 2006-07-23]
Category : Microsoft

Skype Announces Four VoIP Over Wi-Fi Phones

Skype today announced four WiFi phones that will let Skype users make free...[Added: 2006-07-21]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Revolutionary New Chip Arrives

In a breakthrough that could someday supercharge the creation of new mobil...[Added: 2006-07-17]
Category : Hardware

Cell Phones Join Emergency Broadcast Network

If you feel out of touch with the all the emergency alerts issued by the g...[Added: 2006-07-15]
Category : Network

Apple sees no future for CRTs

Following an industry trend toward smaller more efficient PCs Apple phased...[Added: 2006-07-14]
Category : Hardware

Microsoft reportedly readying iPod rival for holidays

Microsoft is reportedly readying an iPod killer set to hit retail shelves ...[Added: 2006-07-12]
Category : Microsoft

Battle lines drawn over Net neutrality

As the U.S. Congress argues the pros and cons of network neutrality many c...[Added: 2006-07-10]
Category : Network

Google Enters the Dictionary as a Verb

MerriamWebster has added the term google to the latest version of its Coll...[Added: 2006-07-10]
Category : Internet

Google Offers Free Access to Online Videos

Google has upgraded and updated its online video service to offer free ads...[Added: 2006-07-06]
Category : Internet

Google Opens the Checkout Lines

With the launch of Checkout formerly called GBuy search specialist Google ...[Added: 2006-07-04]
Category : Internet

IBM tops supercomputer list, AMD gains ground

The Top list of the world&;s fastest supercomputers was released Wednesday...[Added: 2006-07-01]
Category : Hardware

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