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Simucad intros 'multicore-optimized' parasitic modeling tools

SAN FRANCISCO — Privately held EDA vendor Simucad Design Automation...[Added: 2006-03-31]
Category : Network

India develops as hotbed for semiconductors

BANGALORE, India — India, with its huge consumer population and its...[Added: 2006-03-31]
Category : Hardware

Researcher: DRM technology fails in practice

Digital rights management (DRM) technology has deep flaws despite the hop...[Added: 2006-03-29]
Category : Apple Mac

Lycos Enters Internet Phone Fray

Lycos plans to launch on Monday a VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) pho...[Added: 2006-03-29]
Category : Internet

Updated On-Demand Telecom Service For Small Businesses

RingCentral Inc. today announced RingCentral Online 3.0, an update of its...[Added: 2006-03-29]
Category : Network

BIAS sees huge performance bumps using Intel apps

Long time Macintosh audio developer BIAS on Friday said that Intel-native...[Added: 2006-03-27]
Category : Apple Mac

Open source SOAP stacks getting revamped

XFire, an open source SOAP stack used in SOA, is being fitted with enhanc...[Added: 2006-03-27]
Category : Open Source

Corning develops nature-friendly glass for LCDs

Glass maker Corning Inc. has developed a more environmentally-friendly gl...[Added: 2006-03-27]
Category : Apple Mac

IBM devises carbon nanotube chip

SAN JOSE, Calif. — IBM Corp. claims to have developed a device that...[Added: 2006-03-27]
Category : Network

Novell steers Linux to the virtualized datacenter

At Novell’s annual gathering of the faithful in Salt Lake City, the...[Added: 2006-03-26]
Category : Open Source

EarthLink Scores California City Wi-Fi Deal

Milpitas, Calif. picked EarthLink to build out a citywide Wi-Fi network. ...[Added: 2006-03-25]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Broadband Use, Online News Growing Together

The rapid growth of broadband adoption in U.S. homes has led to an increa...[Added: 2006-03-25]
Category : Internet

Apple Fires Back at French iTunes Plan

Apple Computer has sharply criticized a pending French law that, if passe...[Added: 2006-03-25]
Category : Apple Mac

MindTree develops satellite handset for Nera

BANGALORE, India — Bangalore-based Mindtree Consulting has develope...[Added: 2006-03-24]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Yahoo launches instant message phone in US

Yahoo Inc. on Tuesday said it is launching a service in the United States...[Added: 2006-03-24]
Category : Software

Yahoo Launches IM VoIP Service In US

Yahoo Inc. on Tuesday said it is launching a service in the United States...[Added: 2006-03-23]
Category : Network

Google Launches Financial Web Site

Google plans to launch on Tuesday a financial news and information Web si...[Added: 2006-03-23]
Category : Internet

Novell Details Enterprise Road Map

Novell has laid out a fresh vision for its future, highlighting several n...[Added: 2006-03-23]
Category : Software

In Brief: Sun announces C/C++ support for NetBeans IDE
Sun Microsystems has announced a preview version of the NetBeans C/C++ Development Pa...[Added: 2006-03-22]
Category : Open Source
Nimbus Storage Appliances Unify SAN/NAS, SAS/SATA

Nimbus Data Systems aims to unify SAN and NAS architectures in a new seri...[Added: 2006-03-22]
Category : Hardware

Microsoft wins big European TV deal

Deutsche Telekom <DTEGn.DE> will use Microsoft's <MSFT.O> sof...[Added: 2006-03-22]
Category : Microsoft

Microsoft Launches Assault on Phishers

Microsoft is taking another serious swing at phishers

Micros...[Added: 2006-03-21]
Category : Microsoft

Sony BD-ROM player to debut in July

TOKYO — Sony Electronics said it will launch its first Blu-ray Disc...[Added: 2006-03-20]
Category : Hardware

U.S. Patent office launches new Mac compatible e-filing system

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Friday launched ...[Added: 2006-03-20]
Category : Apple Mac

USA.NET Launches Encrypted E-mail Service

Hosted messaging service provider USA.NET, Denver, said it is now offerin...[Added: 2006-03-20]
Category : Security

Microsoft Sues to Prevent Bootlegging on eBay

In a continuing effort to crack down on distributors of illegal software,...[Added: 2006-03-20]
Category : Software

Experts refute RFID virus claims

LONDON — The trade association for automatic identification and mob...[Added: 2006-03-19]
Category : Security

'Largest Wireless Network' Planned For Arizona

The wireless mesh network that began in Tempe, Ariz., and initially produ...[Added: 2006-03-18]
Category : Wireless Mobile

HP Rolls Out AMD-based Thin Client, Servers

Hewlett-Packard said Wednesday it is deepening its portfolio of Advanced ...[Added: 2006-03-18]
Category : Hardware

Malaysia Airlines ties up with Octopus to boost revenue

Struggling Malaysia Airlines has signed an agreement with Octopus Travel,...[Added: 2006-03-17]
Category : Internet

Chambers Clarifies Cisco's Vision

When John Chambers works the room, he literally works the room. At an inv...[Added: 2006-03-17]
Category : Network

Cisco Zooms In On Video Surveillance Market

Cisco Systems’ portfolio continues to expand as part of the company...[Added: 2006-03-16]
Category : Network

DS2 of Spain cuts BPL deal with Netgear

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — DS2 SA (Design of Systems on Silicon SA),...[Added: 2006-03-16]
Category : Hardware

NEC Intros Biometric User ID for PCs, Cell Phones

NEC Europe Ltd. Friday unveiled a combination biometric user ID product f...[Added: 2006-03-13]
Category : Security

Free Search Engine Identifies Unknown Windows Files

Bit9 Inc. on Monday will launch a free search engine to identify unfamili...[Added: 2006-03-12]
Category : Security

Amazon in talks for movie, TV downloads: NYT

Online retailer Amazon.com Inc is holding talks with three Hollywood stud...[Added: 2006-03-12]
Category : Internet

Apple iTunes in monthly deal with Comedy Central

Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes online music and video store on Wednesday la...[Added: 2006-03-11]
Category : Apple Mac

Micron-Lexar Merger Strengthens Flash Memory Business

Micron Technology Inc. on Wednesday said it has acquired Lexar Media Inc....[Added: 2006-03-11]
Category : Network

Mozilla Confirms Firefox Taking In Millions Of Google Dollars

Mozilla Corp. on Tuesday confirmed that it is taking in millions of dolla...[Added: 2006-03-10]
Category : Open Source

Cisco Buys Video-Surveillance Company SyPixx

Cisco Systems is taking a closer look at enterprise security with plans t...[Added: 2006-03-10]
Category : Internet

'Father of DB2' to Mentor Super-Fast Database Startup

Don Haderle, the man known as the "father of DB2," has signed on to be th...[Added: 2006-03-09]
Category : Software

AT&T's Cingular, Verizon's Wireless Begin Skirmishing

A dress rehearsal of the coming battle between the new AT&T and Veriz...[Added: 2006-03-09]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Cisco Invests In Converged IT And Video Surveillance Security

In a move to promote a convergence between IT security and surveillance c...[Added: 2006-03-09]
Category : Security

Microsoft moves to Groove

A year after buying Groove Networks and its peer-to-peer technology, Micr...[Added: 2006-03-08]
Category : Microsoft

Samsung unveils new MP3 player to challenge Apple's iPod

South Korean electronics giant Samsung will unveil its new portable music...[Added: 2006-03-07]
Category : Apple Mac

Amax Touts Easy To Configure, Inexpensive NAS Line For SMB

Amax Information Technologies is expanding its custom- built storage busi...[Added: 2006-03-06]
Category : Hardware

Music phones to slice into iPod growth

Perhaps the biggest threat to Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod and the portable...[Added: 2006-03-04]
Category : Apple Mac

Earthcomber Offers Free Map Service For Windows Mobile Devices

Earthcomber LLC today introduced a free service that provides maps and di...[Added: 2006-03-04]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Telcos To Roll Out WiMAX By 2006-2007: Report

Telecom carriers and service providers expect to begin rolling out commer...[Added: 2006-03-03]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Apple updates Front Row, iTunes, iPhoto

Apple has released updates to iTunes and iPhoto. If you’re using a ...[Added: 2006-03-03]
Category : Apple Mac

New Breed of Hacker Attacks Have Criminal Intent

A new report issued by Websense Security Labs shows that hacker attacks h...[Added: 2006-03-03]
Category : Security

Oracle Patches E-Business Security Flaws Ahead Of Schedule

Oracle has issued a patch to its E-Business Suite diagnostics software th...[Added: 2006-03-03]
Category : Security

Report: IP Is Squeezing Traditional TDM Switching

Rapidly-growing IP PBX revenue is on the way to eclipsing traditional cir...[Added: 2006-03-02]
Category : Network

Apple unveils iPod home stereo, mini-computer with Intel chip

Apple Computer unveiled a new mini-computer designed as a hub for digital...[Added: 2006-03-02]
Category : Apple Mac

Bringing The Web And TV Together

The race to marry TV with the Web has a new entrant: Veoh Networks, which...[Added: 2006-03-01]
Category : Internet

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