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Online Banking: How Safe Is Your Money?

Online banking is suffering through a withdrawal phase. A study last fall...[Added: 2006-01-21]
Category : Internet

Office Live To Feature Web Mail Client

Microsoft's Office Live service will likely include a Web-based e-mail cl...[Added: 2006-01-21]
Category : Software

Andrew Kantor: CyberSpeak - What 'Web 2.0' means to us

There has been a subtle yet incredibly important change with the way the ...[Added: 2006-01-21]
Category : Internet

Microsoft Updates Lotus Notes Migration Tools

Less than a week before the start of rival IBM's annual conference for Lo...[Added: 2006-01-21]
Category : Microsoft

California bets on solar

WASHINGTON — A solar initiative approved Thursday (Jan. 12) by the ...[Added: 2006-01-15]
Category : Hardware

Bug Bounty Hunters Spot Flaw In Linux AV

3Com has identified a vulnerability in a popular Linux anti-virus program...[Added: 2006-01-15]
Category : Security

GPL 3: Pre-Release Buzz Centers on Patents, License Compatibility

The first public draft of GNU General Public License 3.0 will be released...[Added: 2006-01-15]
Category : Open Source

DHS Funds Open-Source Security Project

The U.S. government's Department of Homeland Security plans to spend $1.2...[Added: 2006-01-14]
Category : Open Source

Google offers personal home page for mobile phones

Web search leader Google Inc. on Thursday said it was now offering U.S. m...[Added: 2006-01-14]
Category : Internet

Wi-Fi Moves Into Grocery Stores

Wi-Fi has spread from office and home to Internet café and fast food fra...[Added: 2006-01-13]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Cisco takes 'strategic' stake in home networking group

MUNICH — Cisco has made a 'strategic investment' in home control sp...[Added: 2006-01-13]
Category : Network

Wireless Spending To Exceed Wireline In 2006: Study

For the first time, enterprises will spend more for wireless voice servic...[Added: 2006-01-12]
Category : Network

Music downloading creates listener apathy: research

Internet downloading and MP3 players are creating a generation of people ...[Added: 2006-01-12]
Category : Internet

Indian team of 500 helped Intel design Yonah

BANGALORE, India — Starting work in June 2004 about 500 technical s...[Added: 2006-01-11]
Category : Hardware

Disney online sales show 30 percent holiday growth

The Walt Disney Co on Monday said online and retail sales during the 2005...[Added: 2006-01-10]
Category : Internet

Debate Looms for GPL 3 Draft

The first draft of GNU General Public License Version 3 will be unveiled ...[Added: 2006-01-10]
Category : Open Source

TiVo Uncharacteristically Quiet at CES

SAN JOSE, Calif. - TiVo Inc., the digital video recorder pioneer, made he...[Added: 2006-01-10]
Category : Internet

Laptops Get Instant-On Makeovers at CES

Vendors including Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, and Intel are intr...[Added: 2006-01-09]
Category : Hardware

'Roll Your Own' Fabric Keyboard Now Shipping

The Elek Tex Smart Fabric wireless keyboard that can be rolled up and put...[Added: 2006-01-09]
Category : Hardware

Sober Worm Outbreak Under Control

Concerns over the latest potentially high-profile Internet worm attack se...[Added: 2006-01-08]
Category : Security

Verizon Plays New Tune with V Cast

Verizon Wireless today entered the mobile-music market, joining the likes...[Added: 2006-01-08]
Category : Apple Mac

Software Error Led Brokers to Fail Test

NEW YORK - Almost 2,000 people trying to qualify as stockbrokers were flu...[Added: 2006-01-07]
Category : Software

Toshiba rolls 16-Gbit NAND part

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Keeping up with rival Samsung Electronics Co. Lt...[Added: 2006-01-07]
Category : Network

Netgear to offer first Wi-Fi phone for Skype calling

Netgear Inc. and Skype, the Web-based calling company which is a unit of ...[Added: 2006-01-06]
Category : Wireless Mobile

BBC to Post Past Reports Online for Free

LONDON - Landmark BBC television reports of major world events from the p...[Added: 2006-01-06]
Category : Internet

AirPort Extreme, Express base station firmware updated

Apple has posted firmware updates for its AirPort Extreme and AirPort Exp...[Added: 2006-01-06]
Category : Apple Mac

Kopin, Israeli group focus on nano-projectors

LONDON — Microdisplays specialist Kopin Corp. has teamed with Israe...[Added: 2006-01-06]
Category : Hardware

Report: Google to Offer Video, Software Downloads

Google plans to announce Friday a new service that will allow consumers t...[Added: 2006-01-05]
Category : Software

Nintendo Paces WayPort To Record Hotspot Connections

Helped by the ability of game players connecting at McDonald's restaurant...[Added: 2006-01-04]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Cornice launches smaller portable disk drive

LONDON — Miniature disk drive provider Cornice Inc. has added the &...[Added: 2006-01-04]
Category : Hardware

Slingbox set to go mobile with home TV

Sling Media is expected to announce Thursday that consumers can use a wid...[Added: 2006-01-04]
Category : Software

Starz promises portable digital movies via Vongo

Starz Entertainment Group on Tuesday introduced Vongo. a new video downlo...[Added: 2006-01-03]
Category : Apple Mac

Phishers Stay One Step Ahead

Fraudsters stayed a step ahead of gullible Internet users in 2005 by fine...[Added: 2006-01-02]
Category : Security

Thirty Russian Cities Sign Up for WiMAX Networks

GlobeTel Communications Corp. said Friday its wireless subsidiary has bee...[Added: 2006-01-02]
Category : Wireless Mobile

Web 2.0, Wikis, Commercial Open Source All Came Of Age

The top tech ideas of 2005 covered a wide terrain. They shared two import...[Added: 2006-01-01]
Category : Open Source

U.S. To Probe Contractor's Web Tracking

Unbeknownst to the Bush administration, an outside contractor has been us...[Added: 2006-01-01]
Category : Security

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