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Archive of February,2006
2006-02-27 - IBM Subpoenas Competitors In SCO Code-Use Case

IBM is demanding information from Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems and BayStar Capital as part o ... | Category: Open Source

2006-02-26 - Review: Google Desktop 3 Beta

In the same way that Google can search the Web, Google's desktop software can search all the files stored on ... | Category: Software

2006-02-25 - Intel, AMD, HP pay Patriot $24 million for licenses

LONDON — Patriot Scientific Corp. said it has received a total of $24 million as a result of processor ... | Category: Network

2006-02-24 - Intuit Simplifies Credit Card Processing For Small Businesses

Intuit Inc. today announced a simplified credit card processing software package for the many small business ... | Category: Security

2006-02-24 - Enterprise Users Calm as MySQL Community Freaks

The at-large open-source community of MySQL users is panicking over Oracle's second buy of the database's tw ... | Category: Open Source

2006-02-24 - Low-Cost Mobile Phones Planned For One Billion Users

The ultra-low-cost mobile handset market beckoned to handset manufacturers and service providers at last wee ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-02-24 - Linux, Windows Gain in Server Space

Global server sales increased in 2005 despite a sluggish fourth quarter, with volume systems driving sales, ... | Category: Open Source

2006-02-23 - Wireless To Organize--And Maybe Save--Lives

Imagine a warning on your cell phone that tells you when a parent in ill health needs help, when you've eate ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-02-23 - Router, Switch Market Topped $19 Billion In 2005: Report

The enterprise networking hardware market enjoyed a healthy 2005, with substantial growth likely to continue ... | Category: Network

2006-02-22 - Tracking technology could have homeland defense apps

KADIMA, Israel — SuperCom Ltd. has unveiled new technology for active tracking of people and assets. < ... | Category: Security

2006-02-21 - PARC, startup aim to cut solar costs

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Seeking to lower the cost of solar energy by up to 50 percent, the Palo Alto Resear ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-21 - Mac OS X Targeted by New Virus

Security experts have confirmed the existence of a self-replicating worm that targets Mac OS X, prompting a ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-02-18 - Google Partners with BearingPoint on Corporate Search

Google is looking to beef up its corporate-search presence by inking a partnership with global management an ... | Category: Internet

2006-02-18 - NetApp CEO: Security The Next Business Driver

While storage giant Network Appliance enjoyed a strong third fiscal quarter, data security will be the compa ... | Category: Security

2006-02-17 - Apple ships faster than expected MacBook Pro

Apple on Tuesday shipped its recently introduced Intel-based MacBook Pro, surprising customers with processo ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-02-17 - OSBC: Sun seeks to woo HP to Solaris

Sun Microsystems is trying to persuade Hewlett-Packard to move its HP-UX Unix customers over to Sun's Solari ... | Category: Open Source

2006-02-16 - Microsoft Acquires MotionBridge

Microsoft has acquired MotionBridge for an undisclosed sum.

MotionBridge specializes in m ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-02-15 - FCC Starts Review Of Telephone Record Security

U.S. communications regulators said on Friday they will investigate whether tougher protections are needed t ... | Category: Internet

2006-02-15 - Open-Source Advocates Ask for Patience in GPL 3 Debate

Open-source code advocates are calling for cooler heads to prevail in the often-heated debate about many of ... | Category: Open Source

2006-02-15 - Swedish vendor enhances FPGA supercomputing platform

SAN FRANCISCO — Mitrionics Inc., a Swedish provider of FPGA programming tools, announced new diagnosti ... | Category: Network

2006-02-15 - Call Issued For More Mobile Linux Apps

A software engineer at Google is urging the open source community to develop more applications for desktops ... | Category: Open Source

2006-02-14 - ITC Probes SanDisk NAND, NOR Chips Complaint

Flash memory card maker SanDisk Corp. on Friday said a patent infringement complaint it filed against STMicr ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-14 - Apple cuts iPod Shuffle price, adds 1-GB Nano

Apple Computer Inc. on Tuesday cut the price of its cheapest digital music player, the iPod Shuffle, and lau ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-02-13 - One In Two PCs Won't Run Vista's 3D Interface

Roughly half of today's PCs won't be able to take advantage of the "Aero Glass" compositor found within Micr ... | Category: Software

2006-02-10 - LG projects $10 billion in TV sales by 2010

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc. expects its strength in flat screen TVs t ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-09 - Microsoft massively undercuts antivirus rivals

Microsoft has announced that it will sell its desktop internet security suite for up to $70 less than its bi ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-02-09 - IBM Creates Chips For Faster Wireless Data

IBM on Monday said it has developed new chips for quickly transmitting data over wireless networks.
< ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-02-08 - Microsoft signs deal with Sony Ericsson
The US software giant Microsoft announced in an communique that it has reached a licensing agreement with mobile phone m ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-02-07 - Hitachi advances paper-thin RFID chip

TOKYO — Hitachi Ltd. has developed a 0.15 millimeter by 0.15 millimeter, 7.5 micron thick IC for radio ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-07 - Philips to present plastic RFID circuit

LONDON — Scientists at Philips Research have created a fully functional 13.56-MHz radio frequency iden ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-05 - World of film reviews changed by Internet

Once upon a time, you checked your local newspaper's film critic for advice about what to see on any given w ... | Category: Internet

2006-02-05 - Could Addonics iPod Drive Cable Be RIAA's Next Weapon?

On Friday, Addonics Technologies announced a cable to allow a Toshiba 1.8-inch hard drive -- the same hard d ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-02-04 - Firms Complete HSDPA Prototypes For GSM Networks

Preparing for the upcoming 3GSM 2006 trade show in Barcelona, companies backing the European GSM cell phone ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-02-04 - Kama Sutra Virus Causes Little Damage

A computer virus that was designed to start its malicious work on Friday did not cause the mayhem that was a ... | Category: Security

2006-02-04 - Russia's Stock Market Knocked Offline By DoS Attack

A denial-of-service attack brought down the main Russian stock exchange for over an hour Thursday, a Moscow- ... | Category: Security

2006-02-03 - CBS.com puts up downloads of 'Survivor'

CBS will make episodes from the next edition of its "Survivor" franchise available for download on CBS.com, ... | Category: Internet

2006-02-03 - Hynix up, Infineon down in NAND

Two flash-memory newcomers, Hynix Semiconductor Inc. and Infineon Technologies AG, are moving in opposite di ... | Category: Hardware

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