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Archive of December,2005
2005-12-31 - Linux Firms Say The Software Is Ready For Real-Time Applications

With a fast-growing presence in everything from servers to cell phones, the Linux operating system appears r ... | Category: Open Source

2005-12-31 - 'Intel Inside' out, 'Leap ahead' in for new year

After more than 20 years of service as a tool to teach consumers what brand of chip to ask for inside a pers ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-12-31 - UMass to open nano-imprint litho lab

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The University of Massachusetts Amherst is establishing a nano-imprint lithography ... | Category: Hardware

2005-12-30 - Three Japanese companies confirm consideration of foundry

Hitachi Ltd., Toshiba Corp. and Renesas Technology Corp. confirmed Wednesday (Dec. 28) that the companies ha ... | Category: Network

2005-12-30 - MT1 Reads You E-Mail for On-the-Go Access

MagneticTime, an Irish audio company focused on user mobility, recently launched MT1, a software product tha ... | Category: Software

2005-12-29 - McAfee, MSN Extend Security Deal To Dial-up Subscribers

McAfee will provide its top-of-the-line consumer anti-virus and firewall software to subscribers of MSN's di ... | Category: Security

2005-12-29 - Report: Philips boosts stake in China TV maker

MANHASSET, N.Y. — A Chinese business unit of Royal Philips Electronics NV will buy an additional 5 per ... | Category: Hardware

2005-12-29 - 2005: The year in music

When the skies are filled with flying cars piloted by our silver-jumpsuited descendants, history will look u ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-12-28 - Cell Phone Lodges In Woman’s Throat

A Missouri woman rang in the holidays Friday by swallowing a cell phone.

Police in Blue ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-12-28 - Britney Spears' Husband Launches Web Site

NEW YORK - Kevin Federline, aspiring rapper and husband of Britney Spears, has unveiled his own Web site. Internet

2005-12-26 - Japan's TBS, Index in Internet TV joint venture

Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc. (TBS), Japan's third-biggest TV broadcaster, said on Monday it will form a jo ... | Category: Internet

2005-12-25 - Indian software major Wipro acquires US firm for 28 million dollars

Indian software major Wipro has announced it has bought US-based information technology firm mPower for 28 m ... | Category: Software

2005-12-25 - Symantec, McAfee Problems May Lead To Sea Change In Antivirus Industry

Is there nothing sacred in the world of IT security? For years, McAfee Inc., Symantec Corp., and other antiv ... | Category: Security

2005-12-25 - OpenOffice Updated To Fix Bugs in 2.0

Continuing its effort to become a serious alternative to Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org released an update ... | Category: Open Source

2005-12-25 - Google's AOL Investment May Lead to '08 IPO

SAN FRANCISCO - Google Inc.'s $1 billion investment in America Online could lead to an IPO in 2008, giving t ... | Category: Internet

2005-12-25 - Apple, others, back new interface for displays

A recently formed industry consortium backed by PC and consumer electronics companies is pushing a new stand ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-12-24 - France Lawmakers Endorse File-Sharing

PARIS - A French government crackdown on digital piracy backfired Thursday as lawmakers rebelled by endorsin ... | Category: Internet

2005-12-23 - Future is bright for Internet ads -- surveys

'Tis the season for adjusting online expectations and reviewing what has been hot on the Internet.
< ... | Category: Internet

2005-12-22 - Calling-card shorts now mostly a long shot

George Lucas might not want to make any more "Star Wars" movies now that "Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge ... | Category: Internet

2005-12-21 - Elpida sampling 80-nm DRAMs, vague on volume

LONDON — As expected Elpida Memory Inc. has begun sampling 2-Gbit DDR2 synchronous DRAMs made using an ... | Category: Hardware

2005-12-21 - Actuate, Quantum To Debut Physical Security Analytics

Reporting and analytics vendor Actuate is expected to announce this week that it plans to package its analyt ... | Category: Security

2005-12-21 - Sober Worms Tricks Pedophile Into Surrender

In a first, a worm has trapped a criminal rather than an innocent Internet user, a Reuters wire service repo ... | Category: Security

2005-12-21 - Power Line Broadband Comes to Texas

Texans are poised to join a small but growing group of consumers and small business users worldwide who are ... | Category: Internet

2005-12-21 - HDTV-compatible PC display interface emerges

Leading PC and consumer electronics companies have announced they are developing a specification for a PC di ... | Category: Hardware

2005-12-20 - Japan plans own Internet search engine

Japan's government, high-tech firms and universities will team up to develop their own Internet search techn ... | Category: Internet

2005-12-20 - Microsoft Kills Mac Internet Explorer

Microsoft will stop supporting the Mac version of Internet Explorer at the end of 2005. The move follows a d ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-12-20 - Eclipse touts Web, J2EE development in tools release

Bolstering development of Web and enterprise J2EE applications in the open source arena, the Eclipse Foundat ... | Category: Open Source

2005-12-20 - Oracle changes prices to reflect multicore chips

Oracle Corp. on Monday effectively reduced its prices for database software licenses tied to multicore micro ... | Category: Software

2005-12-19 - Nokia to open network center in India

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Finland-based wireless equipment provider Nokia Corp. said Friday (Dec. 15) it will ... | Category: Network

2005-12-19 - Cingular To Launch 3G Video Service

Cingular Thursday announced that it will launch a streaming video service that will work over its recently-a ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-12-19 - Wireless Switch Pioneer Vivato Stops Operations

Vivato, one of the original wireless LAN switch startups, has ceased operations, Wi-Fi Net News (WNN) has re ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-12-18 - CyberSpeak: Say goodbye to software residing on your computer

Once upon a time, I used to get a lot of professional e-mail from aol.com addresses. America Online was hot ... | Category: Software

2005-12-18 - Microsoft Takes On Software Pirates with New Wave of Lawsuits

Microsoft has filed 10 lawsuits against both individuals and companies, alleging that they are pirating soft ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-12-17 - Privacy Watchdogs Weigh In On Electronic Surveillance

As the U.S. Senate threatens a filibuster, dozens of groups and newspaper editorials around the nation are q ... | Category: Security

2005-12-17 - RIM Faces More Pressure To Settle BlackBerry Case

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- The stakes in a bitter legal feud over the BlackBerry wireless e-mail service just got ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-12-16 - Sun Pushes for Greater Adoption of OpenDocument Format

People want to be able to store their information for the long term without having to continually pay to upg ... | Category: Open Source

2005-12-16 - PDA Pundit: A Miniature Office on Your PDA

I'm not ready to ditch my laptop in favor of my Treo 650. But if I had to make do with only a handheld for a ... | Category: Software

2005-12-16 - Video-Game Sales Slump Ahead of Holidays

The video-game industry saw software sales decline from 2004 levels for a third straight month in November a ... | Category: Software

2005-12-16 - AMD claims victory in dual-core challenge

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. claimed victory in its dual-core microprocessor challenge issued in August.

2005-12-16 - Mobile Video Looks Promising, But Doubts Persist

Watching TV on a mobile phone is not expected to be a major pastime for U.S. consumers for at least another ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-12-15 - Vonage Releases Long-Discussed Wi-Fi Phone

Voice-over-IP vendor Vonage Tuesday officially started shipping its F1000 Wi-Fi phone for voice-over-IP afte ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-12-15 - SugarCRM Unveils Sugar Suite 4.0

Open-source vendor SugarCRM announced the beta release of Sugar Suite 4.0, an application the company claims ... | Category: Open Source

2005-12-15 - Microsoft to reorganize entertainment division

Microsoft Corp. has split its entertainment and devices division into four businesses, the latest reorganiza ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-12-15 - iPod Tops Search List During Holiday Shopping Season

This holiday season, Apple's iPod seems to be the most popular item, at least among those searching the Web ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-12-14 - Cracked: Sober Worm Update Scheme

A security firm said it has cracked the Sober worm, and uncovered the URLs the long-running worm will use in ... | Category: Security

2005-12-14 - Memory Bulletin: DRAM, NAND falls

Prices for DRAMs and NAND-based flash memories fell last week amid lackluster demand and other factors in th ... | Category: Hardware

2005-12-14 - Microsoft, MCI join forces to offer PC-to-phone services

Microsoft Corp. and MCI Inc. yesterday announced a multiyear partnership to offer software and services that ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-12-13 - China Now World's Largest Tech Supplier

China overtook the United States as the world's biggest supplier of information and communications technolog ... | Category: Hardware

2005-12-12 - Wi-Fi Power Saving Program Launched For Mobile Devices

The Wi-Fi Alliance trade group this week launched a program to decrease Wi-Fi power requirements in an attem ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-12-11 - Rootkits Making More Spyware, Adware Stick

The sharp rise in rootkits--sneaky software used to conceal malicious code from security programs--is due to ... | Category: Security

2005-12-11 - Sun Execs Fired Up Over Efficient Servers, Open-Source Chip

Sun Microsystems is betting on the expansion and success of open source, the need to conserve space, and the ... | Category: Open Source

2005-12-11 - Apple sells 100 million songs in Europe

Apple on Wednesday celebrated the 100 millionth song downloaded from its European iTunes Music Store.
Apple Mac

2005-12-11 - VitalSource Adds Classics To Literary Download Service

VitalSource Technologies Inc. is making 'A Christmas Carol,' the classic Dickens tale of penny-pinching Eben ... | Category: Software

2005-12-11 - BBN Technologies to Develop Open-Source Radio Software

The U.S. government aims to develop open-source software to improve the performance of software-defined radi ... | Category: Open Source

2005-12-10 - WiMedia group pushes alternate route for UWB standard

LONDON — The WiMedia Alliance has by-passed the IEEE standardization process for ultrawideband network ... | Category: Hardware

2005-12-10 - XenSource Updates Virtualization Software

Open-source technology provider XenSource has introduced virtualization software designed to help enterprise ... | Category: Open Source

2005-12-09 - Cingular Finally Gets 3G Network Off The Ground

Cingular Tuesday launched its 3G network in 52 U.S. metropolitan areas and promised to continue the rollout ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-12-09 - Microsoft Ships Windows Server 2003 R2

Microsoft has released Windows Server 2003 R2, an upgrade to its primary server operating system designed to ... | Category: Software

2005-12-09 - Red Hat To Certify, Support Others' Open-Source Software

Red Hat will launch certification and support services for leading open-source LAMP and Java stacks beginnin ... | Category: Open Source

2005-12-08 - Sematech, SEMI to offer chip services

SEMI and ATDF on Wednesday (Dec. 7) said that they will collaborate in extending advanced wafer processing a ... | Category: Hardware

2005-12-07 - WiMAX To Be Important To Cellular Operators: Study

Both fixed and mobile WiMAX will be important to cellular operators to help them relieve congestion from the ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-12-07 - Inmarsat says launches high-speed Web access

Britain's Inmarsat Plc has launched a long-awaited service to provide voice and high speed Internet access a ... | Category: Internet

2005-12-06 - Quantum Adds Security Capabilities To Tape Drives

Quantum Corp. introduces a new security scheme this week that it says will help prevent the kind of lost bac ... | Category: Security

2005-12-05 - All-Around Virus Protection In One Fell Swoop

Symantec’s latest plunge into the security market comes in the form of a new line of all-in-one securi ... | Category: Security

2005-12-05 - TransMedia Plans Enterprise Sharing and E-Commerce Software

Following up on its Wednesday debut of hosted file sharing, shopping, and collaboration service Glide Effort ... | Category: Software

2005-12-04 - Nortel Leads Global IP PBX Market

Plagued by accounting scandals and management upheaval in recent months, Nortel got some good news Thursday ... | Category: Network

2005-12-04 - Philips targets new technology toward gaming

Royal Philips Electronics announced Friday (Dec. 2) it is talking with leading game developers and periphera ... | Category: Hardware

2005-12-04 - TSA Turning To Tech For Enhanced Airport Security

Bomb detection portals will increase by nine times at the nation's airports as part of the aviation security ... | Category: Security

2005-12-03 - New Skype 2.0 Offers Video Calling, Outlook Integration

Skype is upgrading its popular Internet telephone service to add video calling and a toolbar for Microsoft O ... | Category: Network

2005-12-03 - Websites dive into video iPod revolution

There's a lot more video heading to Apple's new video iPods - from vintage shows to video-flavored podcasts. ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-12-03 - Sun broadens its open source shift

Bowing to the open source mantra, Sun Microsystems officials on Wednesday said the company is packaging mult ... | Category: Open Source

2005-12-03 - Free Software Foundation Begins Overhaul of GPL

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) plans to revise the license that regulates the use of open-source softwar ... | Category: Software

2005-12-02 - Microsoft Likely To Break Cycle, Patch Early

An "extremely critical" threat may cause Microsoft to release a patch before its next scheduled round of sof ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-12-02 - Windows 2003 Server branches out

As Windows 2003 Server R2 release time draws closer, Redmond is getting more and more detailed with us on wh ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-12-02 - Make Free PC Video Calls With Skype's New Software

Skype Technologies today updated its Internet telephony software, with version 2 adding free integrated vide ... | Category: Internet

2005-12-02 - Apple fixes Safari in latest Security Update

Apple on Tuesday released Security Update 2005-009, which addresses issues with both Mac OS X and Mac OS X S ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-12-01 - Hackers Circulate Exploit Code For Two Windows Flaws

Exploits and proof-of-concept samples for two recently disclosed critical Microsoft vulnerabilities are circ ... | Category: Security

2005-12-01 - Microsoft offering frequent previews of new Windows

Microsoft Corp. is releasing preview versions of its new Windows Vista operating system about once a month i ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-12-01 - Cingular Tests Free Calls To AT&T Home Phones

Cingular is testing a service that gives its mobile phone users unlimited calling access to AT&T's home ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

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