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Archive of November,2005
2005-11-30 - International Cell-Phone Calls Could Get Cheaper

Cell phones are rapidly replacing wired lines for calls within the U.S., but high charges have kept people f ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-30 - FTC Study Concludes Masking, Filtering Stop Spammers

Unmasked E-mail addresses received over 6,400 spam messages, while only one spam message reached masked E-ma ... | Category: Security

2005-11-30 - ICANN Considers Freeing Up Single-Letter Domains

Although Internet domain names may be getting longer or more complex as Web sites creatively squeeze into th ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-30 - 30% Of Homes To Be Cellular Or VoIP-Only: Gartner

By 2010, 30 percent of homes in the U.S. will exclusively use either cellular phones or voice-over-IP, accor ... | Category: Network

2005-11-29 - Microsoft Launches Hosting Partner Program

Microsoft Corp. today announced the Microsoft Hosting Program, a free offering that provides hosting compani ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-29 - Korean Vendor To Launch Small 5 Megapixel Cameraphone

South Korean mobile phone vendor Pantech said it will soon release a five megapixel cameraphone that it clai ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-29 - Adobe: Aperture is a Photoshop alternative, not a rival

The forthcoming arrival of Aperture has provided something of a wake-up call to Adobe—but not because ... | Category: Software

2005-11-29 - Sober Worm Hidden In Fake CIA E-mails Remains Threat

Sober.x, the year's biggest worm outbreak, showed little signs of slowing Monday, a security company reporte ... | Category: Security

2005-11-29 - Motorola, Skyworks team to develop digital radios

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Motorola Inc. and Skyworks Solutions Inc. have agreed to produce complete Edge radio ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-28 - Both sides claim victory in Internet control squabble

Government leaders attending a contentious Internet summit in Tunis, Tunisia, last week decided one thing: T ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-27 - Browser Makers Band Together Against Phishers

Representatives from the most prominent browser makers -- including Microsoft and Mozilla -- recently gather ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-27 - Microsoft plans 300,000 Xbox 360s at Europe launch

Microsoft will have around 300,000 of its new Xbox 360 games console available for its European launch on De ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-26 - Fujitsu to Dock Execs' Pay Over Glitches

TOKYO - Japan's Fujitsu Ltd. on Friday said it would dock the pay of its president and several other executi ... | Category: Software

2005-11-26 - Kazaa gets stay; industry sees changes

The operator of the Kazaa file-sharing network on Friday said an Australian court would hear an appeal on a ... | Category: Software

2005-11-25 - Hollywood Hopes to Reduce Movie Downloads

Hollywood hopes that an agreement with the creator of BitTorrent software, popular for downloading pirated m ... | Category: Software

2005-11-25 - S. Korea Watchdog Eyes Samsung-Apple Deal

South Korea's Fair Trade Commission said Wednesday it is looking into whether Samsung Electronics Co. may ha ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-24 - Analysis: SAP's Khimetrics Deal Targets Rival Oracle

SAP AG's second try to acquire a pricing and optimization vendor could prove fruitful. The purchase of a sma ... | Category: Software

2005-11-24 - Partnerships are key to online travel search survival

The online travel search market is fast filling up with Web sites offering the cheapest bookings, and expert ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-24 - Next-Generation Network Gear Sales Up 70% In 3rd Q: Report

Sales of next-generation network (NGN) equipment experienced a sharp rise in the third quarter, as carriers ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-24 - Microsoft launches new battle in console wars

US software giant Microsoft was elated after seeing its new Xbox 360 computer games console fly off store sh ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-24 - Skype Hooks Up with RadioShack

Internet phone service provider Skype has hooked up with retailer RadioShack in a deal that will put Skype h ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-24 - TiVo Files Patent For RFID Personal Video Recorder

TiVo Inc. has filed a patent application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office earlier this month that sug ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-23 - Microsoft gives big splash for behind the scene applications

New versions of SQL Server, Visual Basic launched this month, but without some of the promi ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-23 - Midnight Madness Hypes Xbox 360 Launch

Microsoft unwrapped its Xbox 360 gaming console Tuesday, amid a major marketing push from the software giant ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-23 - Is Dell On the Decline?

When Dell recently announced it would miss its earnings forecast because of slumping U.S. and U.K. sales, pl ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-22 - TiVo speaks on Mac Desktop software, iPod support

On Monday Digital Video Recorder (DVR) pioneer TiVo Inc. announced plans to support the video iPod and the S ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-22 - KLA touts technology to cut flash defect detection time

KLA-Tencor Corp. said Monday (Nov. 21) that it has identified a new application for its MicroLoop electrical ... | Category: Network

2005-11-22 - Apple secures flash memory supply deals for iPod

Apple Computer Inc. on Monday said it would prepay $1.25 billion to secure its supply of flash memory used i ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-22 - Sun Brings Open-Source Database Postgres into Solaris

Sun Microsystems, in an effort to broaden the scope of its flagship enterprise operating system, is offering ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-21 - Microsoft fires first salvo of new console wars

US software titan Microsoft takes the computer game wars to the Japanese enemy with the North American launc ... | Category: Software

2005-11-21 - Xboxes, iPods, Star Wars Dolls Jingle, Jingle on eBay

Xbox 360, Apple iPod Nanos, Star Wars action figures, American Girl items and decorative collectibles are th ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-21 - Broadband service ready to board more corporate jets

Executives who travel on corporate jets may soon be finding in-flight high-speed Internet a common feature. ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-20 - Motorola Leads BroadLight Funding

PON-chip vendor BroadLight Inc. may be expanding its prospects in U.S. fiber buildouts, as the company has s ... | Category: Network

2005-11-20 - Mozilla Uncages Latest Firefox Beta

The open-source Mozilla Foundation released the latest iteration of its Firefox Web browsing software on Fri ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-20 - BellSouth Expands Georgia WiMAX Service

BellSouth said Thursday it is expanding the WiMAX wireless broadband service it has been offering in Athens, ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-20 - Nokia Predicts 3 Billion Mobile Users By 2010

The number of people worldwide using mobile phones will likely reach 3 billion by 2010, a Nokia Corp. execut ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-20 - Can Open Source Defeat Microsoft?

While Microsoft has had some 20 years to make Office what it is today, most industry analysts say that new o ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-19 - Risky Employee E-mail Habits Threaten Business

Survey shows at-work e-mail usage may be exposing businesses to legal problems.

2005-11-19 - Online Open-Source Database Bows

The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) launched an online patent commons reference library Tuesday, giving ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-19 - UTC rolls bus powered by fuel cell

UTC Power, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp., unveiled a bus powered by a fuel cell.


2005-11-19 - Chinese Internet star Alibaba.com vows to beat Google

Chinese Internet firm Alibaba.com has vowed to defeat US giant Google in the battle to become the dominant s ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-19 - Apple iTunes, QuickTime Face Flaws

Just days after Apple Computer updated the Windows version of its popular iTunes software, a security firm w ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-19 - The Playlist: Great Online Sources for Finding New Music

You might be wondering where regular Playlist columnist Eric Dahl has gone. He is still avidly covering musi ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-18 - e-Security Debuts Mainframe Compliance Monitoring

New Sentinel Mainframe Connect is an add-on module for e-Security's enterprise compliance monitoring system. ... | Category: Security

2005-11-17 - Spansion to extend flash range with logic IP deals

LONDON — Spansion, the flash memory venture between AMD and Fujitsu, is planning to collaborate with & ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-17 - Google Expands Reach With Database Project

An ambitious new Google Inc. service lets anyone upload most anything to a publicly searchable database, pot ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-17 - Microsoft Launches Enterprise Desktop Search Tool

Microsoft announced a version of its desktop-search software geared toward enterprise users. The offering is ... | Category: Software

2005-11-17 - UN chief says digital revolution must benefit the poor too

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan called for the Internet and information technology to be used to help build ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-17 - Windows desktop search gets down to business

Microsoft launched a business version of its Windows Desktop Search application on Tuesday. ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-17 - Velocity Java engine picks up speed

Providing an alternative to JavaServer Pages (JSP) Web development and the PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) scri ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-17 - iPod helped turned around Apple: Dell CFO

A senior Dell Inc. executive on Tuesday said that his company is far behind rival Apple Computer Inc. in dig ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-16 - Intel Goes Global with WiMax

WiMax wireless broadband technology is gaining momentum worldwide with the announcement by Intel that carrie ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-12 - Trojan Exploits Sony CD Copy-Protection

Three infections have so far been identified by antivirus companies. The software triggers ... | Category: Security

2005-11-12 - Microsoft licenses going cheap

Want to buy agreements with a mix of heavily discounted application and server based licensing such as "Micr ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-12 - Silver Lake to Acquire Serena Software

Serena Software Inc. said Friday it agreed to sell itself for $1.2 billion to investment firm Silver Lake Pa ... | Category: Software

2005-11-12 - IBM Boasts Superior App Server Results, BEA Does Same

IBM claims it has crushed the competition and broken records with its WebSphere Application Server software. ... | Category: Software

2005-11-12 - PSP versus iPod: What's better for video?

Two of this season’s hottest portable entertainment systems are Apple’s new video-capable iPod a ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-12 - Senior Citizen Bloggers Defy Stereotypes

Web logs, more often the domain of alienated adolescents and home to screeds by middle-aged pundits, are gai ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-11 - Microcontroller Upsizing Toward 32 Bits

The microcontroller is moving rapidly into 16- and 32-bit universes, according to an In-Stat report released ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-11 - New Stock-Options Regulation Slows Cisco's Quarter

On Wednesday, Cisco Systems reported a slightly lower quarterly profit due to the cost the company incurred ... | Category: Network

2005-11-11 - NYT Signs Up 135,000 Online Subcriptions

The New York Times Co. said Wednesday it had signed up about 135,000 paying subscribers to its new online se ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-11 - Email Seen As Biggest Security Hole For Mobile Devices: Survey

Email vulnerabilities represent the greatest source of risk for mobile devices, according to a recent survey ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-11 - Some Sony CDs' piracy protection called spyware

Sony BMG Music has a firestorm on its hands.
The label, in a bid to comb ... | Category: Software

2005-11-11 - Industry Group Forms To Buy Linux Patents

A group of tech giants linked up on Thursday to promote Linux globally, with the unveiling of a new company ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-11 - Microsoft, Daum reach $30 mln settlement

Microsoft Corp. has reached a $30 million settlement with South Korea's Daum (035720.KQ) over an antitrust s ... | Category: Software

2005-11-11 - US against multinational role in Internet: France

The United States will not heed requests by the European Union and other countries to accept a multinational ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-11 - Viruses Exploit Sony CD Copy-Protection

A controversial copy-protection program that automatically installs when some Sony BMG audio CDs are played ... | Category: Software

2005-11-11 - EBay Launches Analytical Tool For Sellers, Buyers

EBay Inc. on Thursday launched a service that gives sellers and buyers access to listing, bidding and pricin ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-10 - Verizon Reduces Prices for Phone Service

Verizon Communications Inc. sharply cut its prices for unlimited telephone service across the Northeast and ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-10 - Spyware Has Become A "Global Pandemic" For Enterprises: Survey

It probably comes as no surprise that the spyware and adware scourge is only getting worse. However, a new s ... | Category: Security

2005-11-10 - Sources: Cisco Set To Launch Wireless Mesh Solution

Cisco Systems will make its long-anticipated entrance into the wireless mesh networking arena next week with ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-10 - Plasma Display Shortage To Shrink Price Gap With LCD TVs

The surplus of plasma display panels in the first half of 2005 has turned into a shortage, which stands to s ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-10 - Cellular, VoIP Convergence Trials Set For Sweden

Ericsson said Wednesday that it and cellular operator TeliaSonera will conduct trials of technology that con ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-10 - Test acquisition improves results for JDS Uniphase

Broadband and optical components supplier JDS Uniphase Corp. posted a net loss of $67.0 million, or 4 cents ... | Category: Network

2005-11-10 - Sony's Smaller Patch Brings Up "Blue Screen Of Death"

Sony BMG Music Entertainment on Tuesday re-issued the patch that reveals the copy-protection files some of i ... | Category: Security

2005-11-10 - Denali PureSpec supporting AMD64-based workstations

SAN FRANCISCO — Denali Software Inc. announced support for the AMD Opteron processor and AMD64 archite ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-09 - New Worm Targets Linux Web Service Holes

Over the last few days, a new worm, Linux.Plupii, which attacks Linux systems via Web-server related service ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-09 - Airlines Continue to Upgrade Web Sites

DALLAS - Squeezed by high fuel costs, airlines continue to turn to their Web sites and other technology to s ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-09 - CDT prints 14-inch full-color OLED display

LONDON — Cambridge Display Technology Ltd. (CDT) said it has produced a number of 14-inch diagonal siz ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-09 - Qualcomm announces Scorpion ARM processor

LONDON — Mobile phone technology company Qualcomm Inc. said it has entered the microprocessor industry ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-09 - Homeland Security Funds Advanced Cyber-Security Projects

With a shrinking budget, the Advanced Research Projects Agency's cyber-security arm has to ... | Category: Security

2005-11-09 - Motorola, Michigan DOT ink pact on wireless network

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Motorola Inc. has signed a contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation ( ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-09 - TeaLeaf Shows Why Shoppers Don't Complete Online Sales

As the holiday shopping season nears, TeaLeaf Technology is urging retailers to apply brick ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-08 - Google brings maps to phones

Internet search giant Google introduces its first downloadable cellphone application on Monday, bringing its ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-08 - Plan drafted for fuel cells on airliners

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has drafted conditions that will allow the transportati ... | Category: Network

2005-11-08 - Cisco's Black Hat Nemesis Hired By Rival Juniper

The security researcher who stirred up a hornet's nest last summer when he went public with a new exploitati ... | Category: Security

2005-11-08 - Motorola trials offer insights into HSDPA deployment

LONDON — Motorola, Inc. has released initial findings from in depth trials it has been conducting into ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-08 - Mac Skeptic: Fall Brings a Bumper Crop of Apple Gear

October was a big month for Apple, as the company rolled out a slew of new hardware and software that includ ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-08 - Grokster to stop distributing file-sharing service

File-sharing service Grokster Ltd. has agreed to stop distributing software that allows users to copy songs ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-07 - Scientists debunk TV band-sharing interference allegations

Three leading U.S. scientists have delivered a brief outlining why the unlicensed use of the white space in ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-07 - Mozilla Tests Next Firefox

The Mozilla Foundation has released a test preview of the next version of the Firefox browser, showing off t ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-07 - DirecTV To Send Content To Mobile Devices

Satellite television operator DirecTV is planning to deliver its television content to mobile devices, the R ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-07 - Suspected U.S. Botnet Controller Collared By FBI

In the first case of its kind in the U.S., federal authorities Thursday arrested a California man and charge ... | Category: Security

2005-11-07 - ScanSource's Networking Business On the Rise With Juniper Alliance

When ScanSource's Catalyst Telecom division signed a major distribution agreement with Juniper Networks rece ... | Category: Network

2005-11-07 - VH1 hits VSpot with 'Classic Thanksgiving'

The turkey will reach the Internet table a week early this year as a companion to VH1 Classic's annual "A Ve ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-06 - REVIEW: Flock Browser Promotes Creation

Web browsing used to be mostly about just that: Surfing site after site for information and goods. But latel ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-06 - Lenovo To Sell ThinkPads Via Office Depot

Lenovo, making good on a strategy to enter the U.S. retail market, has reached a deal to begin selling some ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-06 - Soon you can buy a book on Amazon, read it online

Amazon is trying to do for books what Apple's iPod digital player did for portable music. The online retail ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-06 - Security-spooked Users Slap Sony CD On Amazon

Customers have used Amazon.com's review feature to slam a Sony CD implicated in a security and copy-protecti ... | Category: Software

2005-11-06 - MySpace Launches Record Label

LOS ANGELES - The social networking Web site MySpace.com has launched its own record label in a joint ventur ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-05 - Apple riding high on video, PC expectations

Shares of Apple Computer Inc. on Wednesday jumped to a record high as investors made bets on growth in its d ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-05 - Cisco Fixes "Critical" Router Security Hole

Cisco has fixed a critical security hole in its Internetwork Operating System (IOS) that could have allowed ... | Category: Security

2005-11-05 - INI Power gets funding, demos fuel cell

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Startup INI Power Systems Inc. said that it has demonstrated the viability of its f ... | Category: Network

2005-11-05 - Microsoft patches break some Web sites

Two patches released by Microsoft Corp. earlier this year for its Internet Explorer browser may cause some W ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-05 - Fliers Sign Up for Airport Security Pass

Federal officials are evaluating the results--some 10,000 frequent fliers have signed up so far--before deci ... | Category: Security

2005-11-05 - Microsoft Cautions Against Unofficial Windows XP Service Pack 3

A Microsoft employee is warning Windows XP users not to download an unofficial version of Service Pack 3 (SP ... | Category: Software

2005-11-05 - Next Big Wireless Thing: Near-Field Communications

Near-Field Communications (NFC), a short-range wireless technology that enables, among other things, cell ph ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-05 - Google launches controversial digital book site

Google launched its controversial effort to digitize millions of books for online viewing -- but said it wou ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-05 - After Criticism, Sony Issues Fix for Hidden Rootkits

Sony has admitted that it included a stealth rootkit on some music CDs shipped in 2005 and has issued an upd ... | Category: Software

2005-11-05 - AOL buys MusicNow, aims for top spot

Looking to boost its presence in the digital music market, America Online Inc. (AOL) has acquired music subs ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-04 - Microsoft Announces 'Live' Operating System

Microsoft has announced that it will roll out online versions of its Windows operating system, in addition t ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-04 - Startup unveils nanoscale batteries

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Startup A123Systems Inc. on Wednesday (Nov. 2) unveiled its first product — a ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-03 - TELUS Selects Nokia For Broadband Rollout In Western Canada

Mobile telecommunications giant Nokia will supply broadband infrastructure to build and support Canada’ ... | Category: Network

2005-11-03 - First paperless Internet daily launched in Czech Republic

The first Czech online daily without a paper edition, Aktualne.cz, was launched overnight.
&n ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-03 - Grant awarded for solar hydrogen cells

Altair Nanotechnologies Inc., in collaboration with the University of Nevada Las Vegas Research Foundation ( ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-03 - Symantec To Offer Single-License Enterprise Bundle

Symantec extended its goal of integrating security and e-mail archiving to the enterprise space with updates ... | Category: Security

2005-11-03 - Sony Introduces iTunes-Like Software for PlayStation Portable

Sony has introduced software to enhance the reputation of its PlayStation Portable (PSP) gaming device as a ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-02 - Sidebar: Small Companies Get Access and Clout Via TAP

Microsoft's Technology Adoption Program isn't just for huge corporations with thousands of users. Many small ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-02 - Candidates Reach Voters With Blogs, RSS, Text Messages

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaign is going mobile. The mayor's campaign Web site landed a spo ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-02 - IBM Supports Utility Upgrades In Michigan

IBM has announced a new Substation Automation and Integration Project with the Michigan Electric Transmissio ... | Category: Network

2005-11-02 - Ford Debuts Truck With Mobile Office

Ford Motor Co. says it will soon offer wireless mobile offices in its F-series pickups, an option aimed at b ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-02 - Nvidia raises share in graphics chip rankings

LONDON — In the third quarter NVidia was able to raise its share of the market for graphics chips but ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-02 - Video effect IP provider joins OCP-IP

Jetstream Media Technologies has joined the intellectual property (IP) plug-and-play standards organization ... | Category: Network

2005-11-02 - HP Runs Linux on Blade Server

Hewlett-Packard is expected on Tuesday to unveil its first blade server based on an Intel Itanium 2 processo ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-01 - Dell to preload Trend Micro software on PCs

Japanese security software maker Trend Micro Inc. has teamed with PC maker Dell Inc. to sell Internet securi ... | Category: Software

2005-11-01 - Miralink Debuts New Family of Disaster Recovery Products

Miralink Corp. today announced an IP-based disaster recovery solution designed to help small and medium-size ... | Category: Network

2005-11-01 - Sri Lanka to cut phone links to 13 countries to stop scams

Sri Lanka will cut international direct dialling to 13 countries next week in a bid to stop "modem hijacking ... | Category: Internet

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