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Archive of January,2006
2006-01-21 - Pixar, Disney deal could change digital landscape

A possible merger of the Walt Disney Co. and Pixar Animation Studios Inc. , if successful, could give Pixar ... | Category: Internet

2006-01-15 - Symantec Denies It Uses Rootkit In Software

Symantec on Thursday disputed the claim by researchers who said it was using a rootkit to hide files from us ... | Category: Security

2006-01-15 - AOL Expands Casino Games With Blackjack Site

America Online Inc. on Friday said it had partnered with the Game Show Network LLC to create a blackjack sit ... | Category: Internet

2006-01-15 - Feature: MacBook Pro: What you need to know

From the outside, Apple’s new MacBook Pro looks suspiciously like a 15-inch aluminum PowerBook G4. Yes ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-01-14 - NetSuite unveils integration program

NetSuite on Thursday detailed a new effort to let third parties tap its data model as a platform on which to ... | Category: Software

2006-01-14 - Microsoft Extends XP Home Support To '08

Microsoft has quietly extended the support lifespan of Windows XP Home, which as recently as last week was s ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-01-14 - Accessories Proliferate for the iPod at Macworld

As Macworld gets in full swing, the appearance of so many accessory makers indicates a robust and growing ma ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-01-13 - Novell Unveils Linux App Security Project

Novell Inc. on Tuesday launched an open-source project for developing technology that provides application s ... | Category: Security

2006-01-13 - Sirius Satellite Radio Signs Exclusive Deal With Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars said Wednesday it has agreed to include radios that receive Sirius Satellite Radio as ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-01-13 - Microsoft's Newest Bug Could Be Awful, Researcher Says

The Outlook and Exchange vulnerability disclosed by Microsoft Tuesday has the potential to become a much mor ... | Category: Security

2006-01-13 - Wiki Offers Anonymous Blogging Tips

A new collaborative Web site offers tips on blogging more anonymously for people who live in countries that ... | Category: Internet

2006-01-12 - Microsoft Readies 'NXT' to Take On 'Nix

In the beginning, there was .Net. Next up is NXT.
NXT is the name of Mic ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-01-12 - AMD Intros High-End Athlon For Gamers

AMD topped off its AMD64 processor family Tuesday with its Athlon 64 FX-60 dual-core processor and aimed it ... | Category: Hardware

2006-01-12 - Poker Playing On A Mobile Phone

Glu Mobile, a game publisher for cellular phones, has agreed to work with an affiliate of Harrah's Entertain ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-01-11 - ICs still in growth phase, says expert

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. — Contrary to popular belief, the semiconductor business is still in the growth ... | Category: Network

2006-01-11 - Imation Rolls 256MB Wristband Flash Drive

The latest in flash drive fashion is a 256MB flash wristband from Imation Corp.

Imation' ... | Category: Network

2006-01-11 - AOL buys video search company

Online company AOL on Tuesday said it had closed a deal in December to purchase Truveo Inc., a video search ... | Category: Internet

2006-01-10 - SanDisk Unveils Flash Card For Verizon Wireless Users

SanDisk Corp. unveiled a fingernail-sized microSD card with 1GB of memory Friday at CES.


2006-01-10 - Adobe unveils Lightroom; Aperture competitor

Adobe on Monday will announce the public beta release of Lightroom, the company’s answer to Apple̵ ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-01-10 - Accessories for video iPod, nano on display at Expo

No matter what Apple chooses to release, or not to release, Macworld Expo should be quite exciting for iPod ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-01-09 - Motorola Plans Cell-Phone Google Feature

Motorola Inc. will soon begin selling Web-enabled cell phones that feature easy access to Google's search en ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-01-09 - D-Link, Buffalo Beef Up Their Networking, Storage And Entertainment Lines

D-Link rolled out a new network security product and Buffalo Technology unveiled additions to its home wirel ... | Category: Network

2006-01-09 - IM Worm Makes New Use Of Old Techniques

The Sober virus was not the only worm to make its run on Friday. FaceTime Communications reported the discov ... | Category: Security

2006-01-09 - Apple may offer new laptops at Macworld: analysts

For the Mac faithful this time of year is a special one: The always lively annual Macworld conference that A ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-01-08 - Tech industry scrambles to get into Internet telephony

High-tech companies are scrambling to get a piece of the action of Internet telephony as the new technology ... | Category: Internet

2006-01-08 - Test equipment supplier posts profit on sales jump

SAN FRANCISCO — Semiconductor test and burn-in equipment supplier Aehr Test Systems Thursday (Jan. 5) ... | Category: Network

2006-01-08 - HP Ships Notebook Supporting Verizon Wireless Network

Hewlett-Packard Co. on Thursday introduced a notebook PC that supports Verizon Wireless's high-speed network ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-01-08 - FTC Nails Two Spyware Sellers For Tricking Users

Two companies accused of deceiving computer users into believing their systems were infected with spyware ha ... | Category: Security

2006-01-07 - Toshiba To Hike Tiny Drives To 10GB

Toshiba announced plans Thursday to boost the capacity of its ultra-small .85-inch hard disk drives to 10GB, ... | Category: Hardware

2006-01-07 - Tech industry works to move Web content off PCs

Yahoo will dramatically leap out of the PC Friday.

At the giant Consumer ... | Category: Internet

2006-01-06 - Motorola invests in home network company

LAS VEGAS, NV — Motorola Ventures, Motorola Inc.'s investment arm, has made a strategic investment in ... | Category: Network

2006-01-06 - The iPod Kids Aren't Alright

Step aside, Tipper Gore. The new icon thumbing his nose at what kids are listening to these days is none oth ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-01-06 - Intel is planning Vietnamese chip plant, says report

LONDON — Intel Corp. has applied for planning permission to build a chip plant close to Ho Chi Minh Ci ... | Category: Hardware

2006-01-05 - CES Gadget Fest Is Biggest Ever

Do you want to catch "Saturday Night Live" on Sunday, or "Nightline" in the morning? Would you like to watch ... | Category: Hardware

2006-01-05 - BellSouth IPTV trial advances with satellite deal

BellSouth, the No. 3 U.S. local telephone company, said on Wednesday it signed a deal to receive satellite v ... | Category: Internet

2006-01-04 - Sequence partners with Korean foundry on power-aware flow

SAN FRANCISCO — EDA vendor Sequence Design said Tuesday (Jan. 3) that it is developing an advanced pow ... | Category: Network

2006-01-04 - Microsoft to issue critical security patch next week as infections rise

Microsoft plans to issue a critical security patch next Tuesday that is designed to fix a graphics Windows f ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-01-03 - Critical Flaw Detected in Windows Metafile

A vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft Windows that allows hackers to remotely access PCs and inst ... | Category: Software

2006-01-02 - Windows flaw greets the new year

Fully patched systems running     Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are open to attack ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-01-01 - Nokia Loses In Smartphone Patent Ruling

InterDigital Communications Corp. has come out a winner in a legal battle with handset maker Nokia Corp., ma ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-01-01 - Samsung, Vodafone, Qualcomm team on HSDPA

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has agreed to team up with Vodafone an ... | Category: Network

2006-01-01 - Creative Labs unveils its Vision

Creative Labs is showing no signs of slowing in its pursuit of Apple Computer's iPod market share, with the ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-01-01 - Disney applies ESPN model to broadband strategy

For years ESPN has thrived as one of the most lucrative franchises on U.S. cable TV, commanding high license ... | Category: Internet

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