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Lattix offers software architecture management for .Net

Lattix is extending its software architecture management product which exa...[Added: 2006-08-13]
Category : Software

Microsoft Hosts Project to Run PHP on .Net

Extending its support for scripting and dynamic languages Microsoft is hos...[Added: 2006-08-13]
Category : Microsoft

Lenovo Offers ThinkCentre Desktops With AMD Chips

Lenovo on Tuesday introduced processors from Advanced Micro Devices in its...[Added: 2006-08-12]
Category : Hardware

Internet Explorer Loses More Ground to Firefox

While Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser has lost further market share ...[Added: 2006-08-12]
Category : Microsoft

Microsoft Sets Upgraded \'Live Spaces\' Live

Microsoft today officially opened Windows Live Spaces an online community ...[Added: 2006-08-06]
Category : Microsoft

Software Tools Promise to Create Virtual ATMs

Authentium which sells software development tools to security applications...[Added: 2006-08-04]
Category : Software

Riffworks guitar recording software comes to the Mac

Sonoma Wire Works has completed its extensive beta period and has released...[Added: 2006-08-02]
Category : Software

Google Sets Up Open Source Service

Google has launched a beta site service for open source software called Go...[Added: 2006-08-01]
Category : Internet

Companies take costly steps to secure laptops

Big U.S. companies are taking tough measures to shore up laptop security a...[Added: 2006-08-01]
Category : Hardware

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