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Archive of July,2006
2006-07-30 - Kazaa, Recording Industry Reach a Deal

In a dramatic close to the legal battle between filesharing software developer Kazaa and the entertainment in ... | Category: Internet

2006-07-28 - Cisco Patches Security Software Glitch

Cisco Systems released a security update meant to close three vulnerabilities in one of its network monitorin ... | Category: Software

2006-07-23 - New IBM Software Offers Constant Data Backups

Everyone knows they should back up their personal data files but almost no one does. So what if a piece of so ... | Category: Software

2006-07-23 - Intel Will Beat AMD To Market With Quad-Core Processors

Advanced Micro Devices beat Intel to the market with the first dualcore x server processors but Intel this we ... | Category: Hardware

2006-07-22 - Google Launches Accessible Search for visually impaired users

For visually impaired users Web pages that are designed to be accessible can be more easily read by screen re ... | Category: Internet

2006-07-19 - Microsoft Touts Tool Against Blog Spam

Anyone with a blog or Web site can attest to the fact that spam has increasingly become the bane of the blogo ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-07-19 - ATT launches Homezone TV and Internet service

U.S. phone company AT&T Inc. said on Wednesday it began marketing its AT&T Homezone a longawaited ser ... | Category: Internet

2006-07-17 - Travelers can share the wealth at Trip Planner

Yahoo's Trip Planner which launched in beta phase nine months ago and now highlights more than member trip p ... | Category: Internet

2006-07-15 - IBM To Support Xen Virtualization Software For Suse 10 Linux

IBM said it will support Novell's Suse Linux and Xen virtualization on its IBM's BladeCenter and other x har ... | Category: Software

2006-07-14 - Security Company Recommends Macs

A new breed of malicious software has replaced viruses and worms as the weapon of choice for Internet crimina ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-07-10 - The Print Shop: Snapshot Printer Features CD Burner

The Lexmark P inkjet photo printer.Despite what marketing hype might have you believe it's rare that a new pr ... | Category: Hardware

2006-07-08 - Intel\'s $600 Million Clearwire Investment Shows Its WiMax Commitment

Intel has made another huge investment in the nextgeneration wireless technology WiMax. Intel Capital the chi ... | Category: Hardware

2006-07-04 - Microsoft Pushes Back Office 2007 Release

Businesses waiting to get their hands on Microsoft's flagship Office software will have to wait a little lon ... | Category: Microsoft

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