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Archive of March,2006
2006-03-31 - TV downloads break new barrier with "Scrubs" deal

In another first for the fledgling world of "on-demand" television, NBC and the sister studio of rival netwo ... | Category: Internet

2006-03-31 - Microsoft Updates E-Mail Protection

Microsoft Corp. is releasing new versions of its software packages for safeguarding and archiving e-mails an ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-03-31 - SAS Expands Into Credit Risk, Bank Compliance Areas

SAS Institute announced a new SAS Fair Banking system aimed at helping banks stay within regulations in thei ... | Category: Security

2006-03-30 - Intel backs wireless sensor networking startup

SAN FRANCISCO — Intel Capital, the venture arm of the world's No. 1 semiconductor company, has joined ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-03-29 - IBM Working To Build Faster PCs

IBM Corp. researchers are working to build faster PCs and more reliable electronics, a company research scie ... | Category: Hardware

2006-03-29 - Illinois Man Fined For Piggybacking On Wi-Fi Service

In Illinois, riding piggyback on someone else's Wi-Fi could cost you some money.

David M ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-03-29 - Corning looks to greener glass

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Corning Inc. is trying to do its part to ensure that future liquid crystal displays a ... | Category: Hardware

2006-03-29 - Lycos Enters VoIP Market, Bundled With Goodies

The VoIP marketplace is getting another major player in the form of Lycos Phone, which is offering a bundle ... | Category: Network

2006-03-29 - Schott to build thin-film solar plant

SAN JOSE, Calif. — In the latest wave of activity for renewable energy, Schott GmbH will invest 60 mil ... | Category: Network

2006-03-28 - Tacit Goes Optimization Route

You can count Tacit Networks as the latest company to combine wide-area file services (WAFS) with WAN optimi ... | Category: Network

2006-03-27 - SAP, Microsoft Mendocino On Schedule

SAP AG said Friday that Microsoft Corp.'s decision to hold off on delivering 2007 Microsoft Office to consum ... | Category: Software

2006-03-27 - Sling Software Tunes Mobile Devices Into TVs

Sling Media Inc. has turned mobile phones and portable computers into televisions with software released Thu ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-03-27 - Microsoft Offers Rivals Free Technical Support

Microsoft has offered to give unlimited, free technical support to rival software companies in the European ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-03-26 - Flash pet collar wins invention contest

SAN JOSE, Calif. — A pet collar that incorporates a flash-memory card and USB technology has won the i ... | Category: Hardware

2006-03-26 - Thin-film, organic solar creating a buzz

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The market for thin-film and organic photovoltaics (PV) is projected to be worth ov ... | Category: Network

2006-03-26 - Orchestras go digital on Universal download series

Already a leader in the digital marketing of classical music, Universal Classics is guiding orchestras into ... | Category: Internet

2006-03-25 - Marketers Google Themselves For ROI

Marketers on the hunt for ROI are increasingly using the same tools everyone else uses to search for stuff-- ... | Category: Internet

2006-03-25 - Sendmail Vulnerability Threatens E-Mail Servers

A significant vulnerability has been discovered in the Sendmail open-source e-mail application that could al ... | Category: Software

2006-03-24 - French Lawmakers OK Online Copyright Bill

French lawmakers approved an online copyright bill Tuesday that would require Apple to break open the exclus ... | Category: Internet

2006-03-24 - BellSouth To Test Large Scale Wi-Max Rollout

BellSouth Corp. said on Monday it is looking at emerging wireless technology Wi-Max as a way to more cheaply ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-03-24 - Broadcom leads in networking chips, says Linley

LONDON — Broadcom Corp. captured about one fifth and built its overal lead in a networking semiconduct ... | Category: Hardware

2006-03-24 - Microsoft Warns Of Dangerous IE Exploit

An exploit for a new zero-day bug in Internet Explorer appeared Thursday, causing security companies to ring ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-03-24 - Report: Flex display market to grow 83.5% a year

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Driven by cards and small public viewing screens, the flexible display panel market ... | Category: Hardware

2006-03-23 - CA Introduces New Systems-Management Platform

I.T. systems specialist CA today launched CA Desktop and Server Management 11, a scalable software platform ... | Category: Software

2006-03-23 - Nortel Debuts New Router Line For Converged Networks

A month after completing its acquisition of router manufacturer Tasman Networks for $99.5 million, Nortel ha ... | Category: Network

2006-03-23 - Nanoelectronics roadmap aims to speed commercialization

MANHASSET, NY — The IEEE launched an Nanoelectronics Standards Roadmap initiative Tuesday (March 21) t ... | Category: Hardware

2006-03-23 - Many Data Centers Still Have No Risk Management Plan

More than 75% have experienced a business disruption in the past five years, including 20% who say the disru ... | Category: Security

2006-03-23 - Linux Tools Set To Change Network Environments

Open Country Inc. on Tuesday expects to officially launch OCM 3.0 Universal Linux System Management Suite. B ... | Category: Open Source

2006-03-23 - Siemens, Nokia build faster T-Mobile network

Germany's Siemens and Finland's Nokia are equipping T-Mobile's mobile phone network to speed up third-genera ... | Category: Internet

2006-03-23 - Sun releases open-source processor

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Making good on a promise made last year, Sun Microsystems announced the release ... | Category: Hardware

2006-03-23 - Microsoft, Brown University Launch Center For Pen-Based Computing

Microsoft and Brown University launched the Microsoft Center for Research on Pen-Centric Computing, at the u ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-03-22 - Apple says proposed French law smacks of piracy

Apple Computer Inc. said on Tuesday a proposed French law that would force Apple to make sure that songs bou ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-03-21 - FCC near deciding Verizon's broadband request

The U.S. telecoms regulator was poised to reveal on Monday whether it would ease numerous regulations on som ... | Category: Internet

2006-03-21 - Boeing Chooses Wind River For Army Project

The Boeing Co. has chosen Wind River Systems Inc. as the supplier of embedded software tools needed to build ... | Category: Software

2006-03-21 - AirPlay Hopes To Merge Live TV With Mobile Phones

Startup AirPlay Network Inc. on Monday unveiled plans to launch in the fall multiplayer interactive games fo ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-03-20 - IBM Acquires Software That Helps Catch Terrorists, Scammers

IBM says it has acquired a maker of linguistics software that law enforcement and other agencies can use to ... | Category: Software

2006-03-20 - Google Eyes Online Retail Space

Google Inc., always coy about future plans, is showing stronger signs of interest in online retail.

2006-03-20 - Microsoft's Live Video, Voice Still A Beta Thing

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The way companies are rolling out beta products these days, you're never quite sure what ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-03-20 - Mac Hardware Successfully Runs Windows XP

Chalk up another first to the hacker universe. According to the " Windows XP on Mac" Web site, a hacker know ... | Category: Software

2006-03-19 - SMBs Ripe For Secure E-Mail

Following the path of Symantec, Microsoft and 3Com, SonicWall has become the latest security vendor to add e ... | Category: Security

2006-03-19 - Microsoft goes on $500 million marketing push

Microsoft will pump $500 million into marketing Windows Vista and Office 2007, the latest versions of the co ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-03-19 - Zantaz Integrates Mailbox Management And Hosted Storage

Zantaz Inc., the Pleasanton, Calif. provider of hosted information retention and discovery management system ... | Category: Network

2006-03-19 - Bluetooth shipments could hit 500 million in '06

MANHASSET, N.Y. — After seeing shipments more than double in 2005, the Bluetooth market is expected to ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-03-18 - Microsoft ALM server online next week

Saint Patrick's Day is the lucky day for developers awaiting Microsoft's ALM (application lifecycle manageme ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-03-18 - Apple, CBS offer NCAA Men's Basketball on iTunes

Apple and CBS Sports said on Tuesday that the 2006 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament would be made avai ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-03-17 - Carnegie Mellon to Use 'Sims' in Software

PITTSBURGH - Carnegie Mellon University plans to incorporate characters and animation from the popular video ... | Category: Software

2006-03-17 - Apple Windfall Seen If Mactels Run Windows Apps Equal To PCs

A major barrier to running Windows software lies in the different technologies, or firmware, used to start t ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-03-17 - Firms Fight For Slice Of Booming Navigation Market

If proof were needed that the market for navigation devices is booming, a glance at the number and size of b ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-03-17 - Intel Adds Low-Voltage Xeon In Portfolio Revamp

Intel on Tuesday began making good on its pledge to revamp its processor line with devices that generate sig ... | Category: Hardware

2006-03-17 - Red Hat Details Virtualization Plans

Linux specialist Red Hat on Tuesday provided details of plans to integrate virtualization capabilities in it ... | Category: Open Source

2006-03-16 - Clever Phishers Dodge Spoofed Site Shutdowns

Fraudsters are using a new technique to keep their spoofed Web sites up and running even as authorities pull ... | Category: Security

2006-03-12 - Technicolor Opens Digital Cinema Test Lab To Squash Bugs

Thomson's Technicolor Digital Cinema division has opened a digital cinema research and equipment test lab, s ... | Category: Security

2006-03-12 - Habib Bank, Microsoft sign deal

KARACHI, Mar 10: Habib Bank Limited on Friday signed an enterprise agreement with Microsoft Pakistan for usi ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-03-12 - PIN Scandal "Worst Hack Ever;" Citibank Only The Start

The unfolding debit card scam that rocked Citibank this week is far from over, an analyst said Thursday as s ... | Category: Security

2006-03-12 - SAP Launches Latest Supply Chain Management Suite

SAP AG will launch a new version of its supply chain management suite in June, the German business software ... | Category: Software

2006-03-12 - Iomega Takes REV Drives To Next Level

In the two years since Iomega launched its REV drive technology, the 35-GB disks have become a viable option ... | Category: Hardware

2006-03-11 - TDK to shut down DVD media plant

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Japan-based TDK Corp. said Wednesday (March 8) it would shut down its recordable med ... | Category: Hardware

2006-03-11 - Mobile Music, Gaming, Video To Reach $40 Billion By 2010

Mobile phone content, such as music, gaming and video, is forecast to reach $43 billion worldwide by 2010, u ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-03-10 - New IM Worms Delete Files, Hijack PCs

An anti-virus vendor warned Tuesday that two new worms spreading on Microsoft's and America Online's instant ... | Category: Security

2006-03-09 - US music co-op "la la" goes online for legal song swapping

An online song co-op that claims to be the world's most diverse music store went live on the Internet from i ... | Category: Internet

2006-03-09 - NetApp Nudges Closer to New OS

NetApp, which is about to unveil its long-awaited GX operating system, warned this week that it could be yea ... | Category: Network

2006-03-09 - AOL Opens AIM Code to Developers

After years of jealously guarding access to its AOL Instant Messenger network, America Online is openly flir ... | Category: Software

2006-03-09 - AOpen's New Mac Mini Clone Can't Beat Apple On Price

Apple has always been famous for its hardware designs. Now, maybe its purchasing department should win some ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-03-09 - Firefox Whips Internet Explorer In Vulnerability Tally

Symantec has changed how it spells out Firefox and Internet Explorer browser vulnerabilities in reaction to ... | Category: Open Source

2006-03-08 - SAP wins French government contract

SAP, the world's leading marketer of business software, has outbid arch rival Oracle for a contract from the ... | Category: Software

2006-03-07 - U-boat's Enigma Cracked With PCs

Sixty years after the end of World War II, a network of several thousand PCs has cracked a message enciphere ... | Category: Security

2006-03-07 - eBay Developers Create Huge Software-As-A-Service Community

Mpire Corp. will launch in March a mobile search application to help sellers determine the correct day, time ... | Category: Internet

2006-03-07 - Symantec Takes Heat For Changing Adware Advice

Symantec's out-of-court settlement with an adware maker is a loss for users, an anti-spyware researcher said ... | Category: Security

2006-03-06 - Cisco, Microsoft To Collaborate On Communications Tools

Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO), the world's largest network equipment maker, said on Monday it's partnering with ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-03-06 - NEC touts signal-reshaping chip for 40 Gbit networks

LONDON — NEC Corporation has developed a signal-reshaping chip that it plans to deploy in a 40 Gbit/s ... | Category: Network

2006-03-06 - Music phones to slice into iPod growth

Perhaps the biggest threat to Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod and the portable music player industry is a device ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-03-06 - Intel brings WiMAX to Middle East

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Intel Corp.’s internal operations in Saudi Arabia has deployed WiMAX broadband ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-03-05 - British Agency Praises Linux for Government

Open source software is stable, secure, liked by users and can save the government money.
&nb ... | Category: Open Source

2006-03-04 - AMD seeks Skype records in Intel suit

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) has filed a subpoena to obtain documents from Sky ... | Category: Network

2006-03-04 - ICANN Approves VeriSign Domain Deal

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ( ICANN) has approved a proposal that will extend Ve ... | Category: Internet

2006-03-04 - Apple security fix closes Mail, iChat, Safari holes

Apple on Wednesday released Security Update 2006-001, available for download through Software Update system ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-03-04 - DVB ponders next-gen terrestrial DTV standard

DUBLIN — The Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) group has launched a "study mission" on the next-generation ... | Category: Hardware

2006-03-03 - AMCC, Intrinsity developing PowerPC core

AUSTIN, Texas — AMCC (Sunnyvale, Calif.) and Intrinsity Inc. are codeveloping a multigigahertz PowerPC ... | Category: Hardware

2006-03-03 - Philadelphia To Offer Wi-Fi For Under $20 Per Month

Cable and DSL broadband providers in Philadelphia are breathing easier Thursday after the city announced its ... | Category: Network

2006-03-03 - Web Services, SOA, Open Source Converge

NEW YORK—What happens when you mix Web services, service-oriented architecture and open source?
... | Category: Open Source

2006-03-03 - Microsoft whispers Origami details

Microsoft updated the Web site for its secretive Origami Project on Thursday in the United States, offering ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-03-03 - Intel To Use New Micro-Architecture In 2006

Intel Corp. said on Tuesday it would implement an Israeli-designed new micro-architecture in all segments of ... | Category: Hardware

2006-03-02 - IBM debuts FPU for PowerPC

SAN JOSE, Calif. — IBM Corp. has announced the availability of a 90-nm version of its floating-point u ... | Category: Network

2006-03-02 - Flickr of idea on a gaming project led to photo website

Caterina Fake knew she was onto something when one of the engineers at her Vancouver, British Columbia-based ... | Category: Internet

2006-03-02 - Apple Unveils IPod Speaker System

CUPERTINO, Calif. - Reaching further into living rooms, Apple Computer Inc. on Tuesday introduced a speaker ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-03-01 - IBM and Novell Lead Challenge to Microsoft InfoCard

IBM and Novell are joining forces on an open-source security project that promises to deliver identity-manag ... | Category: Open Source

2006-03-01 - Yahoo Limits Advertising With Competing Trademarks

On Wednesday, Yahoo will no longer offer advertisers the option to bid on search keywords containing a compe ... | Category: Internet

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