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Archive of February,2006
2006-02-28 - ST offers six MCP memories containing DRAM

LONDON — STMicroelectronics is offering a a family of six multichip package (MCP) memories intended fo ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-28 - HP Charges Into Retail Photo Printing Market

Hewlett-Packard Co. Wednesday announced its entry into the $35 billion retail-photo-printing market, introdu ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-27 - Origami: Microsoft's 'OrPod' Alternative to the iPod?

Would you buy an OrPod?

Microsoft has registered a Web site for something called "The Or ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-02-26 - ICANN to Decide on VeriSign DNS Registry Settlement

A key decision determining who will run the Internet's domain name registry in the future could be made as e ... | Category: Internet

2006-02-25 - 'Idol' Singer Strikes Sexy Pose With Twin

LOS ANGELES - "American Idol" contestant Becky O'Donohue just doubled her exposure. The aspiring singer is f ... | Category: Internet

2006-02-24 - NAND glut to depress DRAM prices: iSuppli

MANHASSET, N.Y. — The current surplus of NAND flash memory is expected to negatively impact prices of ... | Category: Network

2006-02-24 - Microsoft Releases Windows Vista Preview

REDMOND, Wash. - Microsoft Corp. is giving businesses a preview of Vista, the next version of its flagship W ... | Category: Software

2006-02-24 - Anti-Piracy Watermarking Coming Soon To Digital Cinema

Access Integrated Technologies Inc. (AccessIT) intends to roll out a digital cinema anti-piracy initiative f ... | Category: Security

2006-02-24 - Lenovo To Launch Low-End Brand PCs In US: Analyst

BOSTON (Reuters) - Lenovo Group Ltd. <0992.HK>, the world's No. 3 PC maker, will soon start selling lo ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-24 - AT&T, Yahoo Link Web To Cingular Mobile Phones

AT&T Inc. and Yahoo Inc. are launching a service that lets people use Cingular mobile phones to get acce ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-02-23 - Terrascale Moves Out of the Lab

Startup Terrascale Technologies today unveiled a family of prepackaged InfiniBand clusters in an attempt to ... | Category: Network

2006-02-23 - Apple plans event for February 28

Apple plans a special invitation-only event to introduce new products next week. The event happens on Tuesda ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-02-23 - Sun previewing enterprise Java revision

Sun Microsystems on Tuesday plans to offer previews of the next releases of the enterprise version of Java a ... | Category: Open Source

2006-02-22 - 'Throwies' Put Open Source Spin On Graffiti

If you see tiny lights glowing on the side of a building, it may be the work of graffiti artists using "Thro ... | Category: Open Source

2006-02-22 - Microsoft Working To Fix Core Duo Battery Bug

Microsoft confirmed Thursday that it's working on a fix for a battery draining problem on Intel Core Duo-equ ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-21 - Get Radio Anywhere With the Sirius S50

The $330 Sirius S50 is a handy device for discovering new music. It blends an in-car satellite radio dock wi ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-02-21 - Aladdin readies security devices

TEL AVIV, Israel — Aladdin Knowledge Systems, the USB-based authentication provider will release a Fla ... | Category: Security

2006-02-21 - IMac Forum Hit With Copyright Violation Notice

The OSx86 Project, a Web site for enthusiasts of the new Intel-based Macs from Apple, has been served with a ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-02-21 - Windows Media Player Worm Set To Strike

An exploit against the Windows Media Player vulnerability disclosed by Microsoft two days ago is nearly fini ... | Category: Security

2006-02-20 - Microsoft is offering $1m worth of prizes in return for using MSN Search

Microsoft is offering web users the chance to get their hands on $1m worth of prizes in return for using its ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-02-19 - Salesnet Debuts Update For On-Demand CRM Apps

New lead management and campaign management tools and an enhanced document library are among 250 new feature ... | Category: Software

2006-02-18 - Gates Outlines Microsoft Security Strategy

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates on Tuesday laid out a comprehensive security strategy designed to highlight im ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-02-18 - Mobile phone industry targets the Third World

BARCELONA, Spain — With a saturated market in Western Europe and North America and a user base adoptin ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-02-18 - Internet muck-raker challenges China's censors

Chinese Communist Party elders and U.S. lawmakers fired shots at China's powerful censors this week, but Li ... | Category: Internet

2006-02-17 - Thermal chip touted as advance over filament heating

Advanced Thermal Chip Technologies said it has developed a thermal IC that overcomes reliability and perform ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-17 - Office 2007 To Feature New Workflow, Collaboration Tools

Microsoft plans to deliver Office 2007 later this year in a lineup of seven suites meant to deliver its most ... | Category: Software

2006-02-17 - Alcatel Inks Deal To Upgrade China Telecom's Network For Triple Play

China Telecom has selected Alcatel to upgrade its existing broadband DSL network to prepare for triple play ... | Category: Network

2006-02-16 - Tiny High-Capacity HDs Coming For Mobile Phones

Cornice Inc. and Seagate Technology introduced new high-capacity tiny hard drives aimed at the mobile phone ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-16 - Microsoft Hones IE 7's Drive-by-Download Defenses

While Microsoft's chairman Bill Gates told security professionals that security is job number one on Tuesday ... | Category: Security

2006-02-16 - LG.Philips LCD, Kodak team on OLED development

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Liquid crystal display supplier LG.Philips LCD has signed an agreement with Eastman ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-15 - Intel To Ship Quad-Core Server Chip In '07

Intel Corp. expects to ship its first processor with four cores in early 2007, a top executive said on Frida ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-15 - Connect360 bridges Mac and Xbox 360

Nullriver Software — best known for their Playstation Portable (PSP) to Mac sync software PSPWare R ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-02-15 - BT Group dials up television Internet deal with Endemol

British telecoms operator BT Group announced a deal with Endemol that would see the Dutch production company ... | Category: Internet

2006-02-15 - Lexmark Rolls Out New Multifunction Devices

Looking to jump-start its fortunes in the market, Lexmark is rolling out a series of new multifunction produ ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-15 - Microsoft to take wraps off Office Live in preview

Microsoft Corp. said on Monday it is set to begin testing an online version of its popular Office software i ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-02-14 - Microsoft, Motorola Partner On Music Handset

Microsoft Corp. and Motorola Inc. on Monday said they are collaborating on a music handset, which would comp ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-02-14 - SWsoft's Virtualization Software Promises Zero Downtime

SWsoft Inc. on Tuesday will introduce the latest version of its virtualization software, which is designed t ... | Category: Open Source

2006-02-13 - No Name Change for MSN

Though the new head of Microsoft's MSN division has been calling the company's MSN portal "MSN Media Network ... | Category: Internet

2006-02-13 - Microsoft pushes ahead with mobile e-mail effort

Microsoft said Sunday that its long-awaited push e-mail capability for mobile devices is finally headed into ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-02-13 - Atari and accounts woes hit France's Infogrames

Shares in French software firm Infogrames (IFOE.PA) plunged on Friday due to doubts over the future of its m ... | Category: Software

2006-02-12 - Russian "Sleeper Bugs" Empty French Accounts

Russian scammers have pillaged more than a million euros ($1.19 million) from French bank accounts in the la ... | Category: Security

2006-02-10 - iTunes Hooks Up To Cable Via Showtime

TV viewers who don't subscribe to Showtime Networks will be able to enjoy its premium cable content on deman ... | Category: Network

2006-02-09 - HP Plans HW/SW Upgrades

Hewlett-Packard's acquisition of OuterBay Technologies came on the day HP was showing off its latest Storage ... | Category: Network

2006-02-08 - The Mac Skeptic: Straight Talk on Mac Security Risks

Are Macs impervious to malicious software? No. Have Macs been the subject of catastrophic attacks? No again. ... | Category: Apple Mac

2006-02-08 - AOL to charge fee as way to cut spam

America Online will begin charging businesses to send commercial e-mail to its users in the first wide-scale ... | Category: Internet

2006-02-07 - LCDs drive Sharp to strong sales

TOKYO — For its third fiscal 2005 quarter ended December, Sharp Corp. reported record high sales of 73 ... | Category: Hardware

2006-02-07 - WiFi Phone Market Hits $102.5 Million; Will Double This Year

The worldwide WiFi VoIP phone market jumped 76% to reach $102.5 million in revenue this year, according to a ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2006-02-06 - Symantec To Wrestle Microsoft In Consumer Security

Symantec plans to defend its consumer security turf against inroads by Microsoft with new software delivered ... | Category: Security

2006-02-06 - Docomo to evaluate WiMax

NTT Docomo Inc. will begin evaluating Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax) this month. Wireless Mobile

2006-02-05 - SAP debuts Web customer tools, eyes Salesforce

Business software maker SAP AG on Thursday introduced a Web-based version of its market-leading customer rel ... | Category: Software

2006-02-05 - Sun offers support to NetBeans users

Sun Microsystems will provide code-level customer support for the NetBeans open source tools platform, the l ... | Category: Open Source

2006-02-04 - Dot-coms' song and dance no longer entertains investors

Blogs. 99-cent music downloads. Podcasts. Phoning home via the Internet. Online social networking. It's the ... | Category: Internet

2006-02-04 - Thompson: Symantec Ready For Microsoft In Security

Symantec is anticipating increased competition from Microsoft in 2006, but plans to maintain the company's m ... | Category: Security

2006-02-04 - Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo Urge Government Intervention Against Censorship

Stung by bad publicity over their respective efforts to do business in China, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo o ... | Category: Internet

2006-02-04 - Eclipse focuses on reports in new business intelligence tool

Seeking to offer an industry standard for report development, the open source Eclipse Foundation on Monday i ... | Category: Open Source

2006-02-04 - Blockbuster Online doubles in-store rental offer

No. 1 U.S. video rental chain Blockbuster Inc. on Thursday said it was doubling the number of free in-store ... | Category: Internet

2006-02-04 - Microsoft Previews Internet Explorer 7 Browser

Microsoft has released a test version of the next-generation Internet Explorer, providing the public with a ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-02-03 - 19 Charged in Alleged Software Piracy Plot

CHICAGO - A federal grand jury has indicted 19 people on charges they used the Internet to pirate more than ... | Category: Software

2006-02-03 - Microsoft seeks deadline extension in EU case

Microsoft Corp. has asked for more time to respond to the EU Commission's objections in an antitrust case ag ... | Category: Microsoft

2006-02-03 - Updated: Shell sells solar unit to SolarWorld

SAN JOSE, Calif. — In a major move to expand its operations, Germany’s SolarWorld AG on Thursday ... | Category: Network

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