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Archive of November,2005
2005-11-30 - Who's Afraid of Open-Source Office?

For the past 20 years Microsoft has been pushing its Office productivity suite, which is a major reason why ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-30 - Microsoft to test feature-complete Vista by early 2006

Microsoft Corp. is accelerating the development of the next version of its Windows client OS and plans to te ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-30 - NanoDynamics to commercialize 'nanowire'

MANHASSET, N.Y. — NanoDynamics Inc. has announced it would commercialize nanowire fabrication technolo ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-29 - Japan broadcasters, Dentsu say in Web TV talks

Dentsu Inc., Japan's largest advertising company, and five television networks said on Monday they have star ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-29 - Digital River Down on Microsoft Plan

Digital River Inc. stock fell Monday after Microsoft Corp. announced it will begin providing companies with ... | Category: Software

2005-11-29 - Xbox 360 Users Find Novel Workarounds For Early Glitches

Early users of Microsoft's Xbox 360 are coming up with innovative ways to fix some of the first reported gli ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-29 - Agency Weighs Single-Letter Web Addresses

Although Internet domain names may be getting longer or more complex as Web sites creatively squeeze into th ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-29 - ESPN The Cellco Now Available

ESPN has finally launched its Mobile ESPN cellular service by quietly starting to take orders from its Web s ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-28 - Tempe Claims Largest Dual-Use Muni Wireless Network

The city of Tempe, Arizona was poised Monday to have a "cutting the wires" ceremony to formally launch what ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-27 - 3Q Server Sales Reach $12.5B

Framingham, Mass.-based IDC and San Jose, Calif.-based Gartner both gave the top honor to IBM. IDC said IBM' ... | Category: Network

2005-11-26 - Microsoft Beefs Up Windows Live

Microsoft has introduced a test version of a hosted e-mail and instant-messaging service as part of the beta ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-26 - Aspyr ships Stubbs the Zombie for Mac

Aspyr Media Inc. has announced the release of Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse. It’s Aspyr&# ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-26 - Report: Windows Is Pacing The Server Market

The worldwide server market grew at an 8.1 percent year-over-year rate in the third quarter paced by Microso ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-26 - Lycos Ordered to Tell Web Client Identity

Netherlands - The Dutch Supreme Court on Friday ordered Internet company Lycos to reveal the identity of a c ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-25 - Novell Balks at Microsoft's Linux Claims

Novell has criticized a Microsoft-sponsored report that stated the SuSE Enterprise version of Linux is relat ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-24 - Data Privacy and Security Bill Could Spell Opportunity for Channel

The Senate approved the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act this week, which requires businesses holding ... | Category: Security

2005-11-24 - Microsoft Makes RSS a Two-Way Street

Microsoft is extending the popular RSS 2.0 Web syndication format to make it "multidirectional," allowing it ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-24 - Apple iTunes Cracks Top 10 List Of Leading U.S. Music Retailers

Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes has become the first online music store to break into the top 10 list of music ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-23 - Brown researchers claim first silicon laser

Researchers from Brown University have created what they believe is the first directly pumped silicon laser, ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-23 - New Sober Worm Spoofs FBI, CIA Spreads Fast

A new variation of the long-running Sober worm uses extremely effective tactics to trick users into infectin ... | Category: Security

2005-11-23 - STATS ChipPAC offers copper process for passives

Singaporean test and packaging service provider STATS ChipPAC Ltd. has qualified a copper process for integr ... | Category: Network

2005-11-22 - SonicWall To Mix Security, Backup With Lasso Buy

SMB security vendor SonicWall is expanding its portfolio to include backup and recovery with the acquisition ... | Category: Security

2005-11-22 - Canadian startup launches fuse-memory

Sidense Corp., a startup formed by Polish engineers, has said it has developed a fuse-based one-time program ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-22 - Intel, AMD Among Fastest Growing Chip Suppliers

Intel remained the largest semiconductor supplier in the world, with estimated 2005 revenue of $35.5 billion ... | Category: Network

2005-11-22 - Microsoft in video game market for long haul-Gates

Microsoft Corp. will not back down even if the launch of its Xbox 360 video game console fails to propel it ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-21 - HP Storage Gets off the Deck

HP, which revamped its EVA midrange SAN system and added a slew of other storage products primarily through ... | Category: Network

2005-11-21 - Microsoft, Cable Industry Agree On Cable-Ready PCs

Microsoft Corp. and Cable Television Laboratories Inc., a cable industry consortium, said Wednesday they hav ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-21 - Movielink signs Fox to online movie deal

Online movie download service Movielink on Monday said it has signed a film distribution pact with 20th Cent ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-20 - 'Timeshare Spammer' Gets A Year In Prison

A man dubbed the "Timeshare Spammer" was sentenced Thursday to a year in federal prison and ordered to pay $ ... | Category: Security

2005-11-19 - Microsoft tests next Office

Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday said it was unveiling a test version of its next-generation Office suite, which ... | Category: Software

2005-11-19 - Mobile WiMax Coming Soon?

A research note put out by Lehman Brothers today suggests that a mobile WiMax standard may be "set in early ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-19 - Sun boosts Solaris with open source database

Boosting its Solaris OS, Sun Microsystems plans to distribute the PostgreSQL open source database with Solar ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-19 - Sources: Cisco Eyeing Scientific-Atlanta

With set-top box vendor Scientific-Atlanta Inc.  reportedly up for sale, some sources in the financial ... | Category: Network

2005-11-19 - Software writers spot open source in Sony BMG CDs

Controversial copy-protection software used by music publisher Sony BMG (6758.T) on music CDs appears to hav ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-19 - Maxtor Inches Away From Small Drives

The growth in popularity of consumer electronic products like Apple's iPod, MP3 players, and digital cameras ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-19 - Chinese Web Users Slow To Buy, Quick To Have Fun

The typical Chinese Internet user is under 30 years old and single, and prefers to use the Web for instant m ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-18 - Enterprise WLAN Spending Surges

Enterprise spending on wireless LAN equipment surged nine percent in the third quarter of this year compared ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-17 - Spotlight Shines On InfiniBand At Supercomputer Show

The InfiniBand interconnect standard, first specified in 2000, is catching on in supercomputing as evidenced ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-17 - Group To Push Development Of Linux Devices

A group of Linux device and software vendors Monday launched a group aimed at fostering and speeding the ado ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-17 - Intuit offers QuickBooks for Mac 2006

Intuit Inc. has introduced QuickBooks for Mac 2006, a new version of their small business accounting and fin ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-17 - IBM links software testing tools to Visual Studio, Tivoli

IBM Rational plans to enhance its application testing tools with support for Visual Studio 2005, Tivoli, and ... | Category: Software

2005-11-17 - Xbox Creates Frenzy Ahead Of Holidays

If time isn't hurtling fast enough toward the holidays, not to worry.


2005-11-17 - Rootkits DOA In 64-bit Software, Says Microsoft

Microsoft's move to 64-bit operating systems for its servers should put a stop to rootkits, at least the cur ... | Category: Software

2005-11-17 - Intel's Barrett promotes tech infrastructure at U.N. summit

Intel Corp. Chairman Craig Barrett told a United Nations IT summit that technology creates equal opportuniti ... | Category: Network

2005-11-17 - Internet Access on Display at APEC Summit

BUSAN, South Korea - Wireless technology capable of letting Internet users surf the Web at speeds almost as ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-16 - Sun Announces Record Grid Compute Utility Deal

Virtual Compute Corporation has agreed to use more than 1 million hours of central processing units on Sun M ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-16 - File viewer adds support for popular CAD programs

Cimmetry Systems Corp. said Friday (Nov. 11) that the first service pack for its AutoVue 19 enterprise-wide ... | Category: Network

2005-11-12 - Living on the Edge of E-Commerce Tech

During the heady days of the Internet in the 90s, e-commerce platforms featuring shopping carts were all the ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-12 - Apple Bundles Cover To Stymie iPod Nano Scratching

Apple Computer has quietly begun bundling a cover with its scratch-prone iPod nano portable music player, co ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-12 - Microsoft settles with S. Korean company for $30M

Microsoft Corp. moved a step closer to clearing up its legal problems in South Korea today when local Intern ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-12 - Dell's Rollins Eyes Growth Despite Earnings Dip

Earnings declined in part because of the cost of replacing defective PCs, but the company s ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-12 - FTC Shuts Down Major Spyware Ring

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), armed with an injunction from a U.S. District Court, has shut down Enter ... | Category: Software

2005-11-12 - RealNetworks Patches Pair Of Critical Bugs In Player

RealNetworks patched its Real Player yet again on Thursday to fix multiple critical flaws in the popular med ... | Category: Security

2005-11-12 - Mozilla Rolls Out Firefox RC2

Mozilla Corp. rolled out the second release candidate of Firefox 1.5, and unlike the first such preview, use ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-12 - Check Point Adds Integrated Antispyware To Integrity 6.5

Software works with Enterprise SmartDefense Service to protect against spyware

2005-11-12 - Microsoft Updates MSN Shopping

With holiday shopping season fast approaching, Microsoft Corp. on Friday added comparison-shopping tools to ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-11 - PC Containing Consumer Credit Data Stolen

TransUnion will review its data handling processes after loss of desktop system with information on more tha ... | Category: Security

2005-11-11 - Study Says Europe Has Digital Divide

BRUSSELS, Belgium - A digital divide has appeared among Europeans, with age, income and education determinin ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-11 - Linux backers form patent-sharing firm

Three of the world's biggest electronics companies -- IBM, Sony and Philips -- have joined forces with the t ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-11 - John Lennon music offered digitally; but not on iTunes

Perhaps one of the greatest songwriters in music history will soon have his music available for digital down ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-11 - Google Earth Gets Down to Business

Google's enterprise unit was recently entrusted with the business versions of the snazzy Google Earth mappin ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-11 - Microsoft Sends Out Flash Alert

Days after Macromedia posted fixes to its Flash player, Microsoft late Wednesday posted a security advisory ... | Category: Security

2005-11-11 - Number Of Wireless-Only Users Is Increasing: Survey

More than nine percent of U.S. wireless subscribers currently use their mobile phone as their only phone and ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-10 - AMD surpasses Intel in U.S. PC market, says firm

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Microprocessor supplier AMD Inc. has scored a minor victory in its long uphill fight ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-10 - Toshiba's Hotspot Access Service Goes International

Toshiba's Digital Products Division, which previously had been providing access to wireless hotspots in the ... | Category: Network

2005-11-10 - Analyst: Security Will Drive Windows-to-Mac Switch

A financial analyst predicts that the ubiquity of computer viruses, and Apple's success in its music venture ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-10 - IEEE approves SystemVerilog, revision of Verilog

The IEEE Wednesday (Nov. 8) said it has approved standards for hardware description languages SystemVerilog ... | Category: Network

2005-11-10 - Verizon Wireless Sues Florida Company, Alleges Fraud

The suit claims that Global Information Group, based in Temple Terrace, Fla., used various schemes in making ... | Category: Security

2005-11-10 - CIOs Bring Linux into the Enterprise

Today, CIOs are more comfortable with creating heterogeneous environments that include open source and Linux ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-10 - Borland lays out road map for Windows developer tools

Borland Software is in a peculiar spot when it comes to offering tools for developing Windows applications. ... | Category: Software

2005-11-10 - Paper-thin battery firm raises $30 million

LONDON — Power Paper Ltd., the Israeli group developing thin and flexible micro-power source technolog ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-10 - On-demand software is key, says Gates

Gates said in his e-mail that a forthcoming “services wave” will prove “disruptive”, ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-10 - Google Gets Closer To Firefox

The Mountain View, Calif., search-engine giant is providing its ad publishers with a set of buttons that Web ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-09 - Check Point Targets Enterprise Spyware

Check Point Software Technologies Monday ratcheted up end point security for the enterprise -- adding integr ... | Category: Security

2005-11-09 - Consumers Warm To Internet TV On Mobile Phones

Consumers are showing early demand for watching TV programming over the Internet on desktop computers, porta ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-09 - NEC teams with hard-disk signal processing expert

NEC Electronics Corp. and Link A Media Devices Corp. have formed a strategic partnership to develop SoCs for ... | Category: Network

2005-11-09 - IBM To Ship Midrange NAS Appliances From NetApp

IBM on Tuesday unveiled the second fruit of its OEM relationship with Network Appliance: a new family of mid ... | Category: Security

2005-11-09 - Sprint Boasts 3G Coverage In 141 Markets

Sprint claimed Tuesday that it now has 3G cellular data coverage in 141 U.S. markets and 250 airports and th ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-09 - IBM Unveils Single-Point Tool For Creating Blogs, Wikis

IBM has demonstrated a group of software products and services called the Public Image Monitoring Solution ( ... | Category: Software

2005-11-09 - Google tests new travel search feature

Internet search leader Google Inc. is scouting out the travel bookings business with a new feature that conn ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-09 - Online ID theft worsens, scares US bank customers

Even as banks and regulators step up efforts to thwart identity theft over the Internet, the worry that frau ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-09 - Sprint Boasts 3G Coverage In 141 Markets

Sprint claimed Tuesday that it now has 3G cellular data coverage in 141 U.S. markets and 250 airports and th ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-09 - Microsoft warns of flaw in newer Windows versions

Microsoft Corp. warned users on Tuesday of a new "critical"-rated flaw in recent versions of Windows that co ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-08 - Qualcomm Sues Nokia; 3G Patent War Escalates

The war over 3G mobile phone patents has escalated, as Qualcomm, which holds a robust intellectual property ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-08 - Orbital Data Adds WAN Acceleration Platform

Startup Orbital Data Corp. on Monday introduced a wide area network acceleration product line intended to al ... | Category: Network

2005-11-08 - Netgear Announces New Generation Of MIMO Gear

Netgear said Monday that it will roll out a new family of inexpensive Wi-Fi equipment based on multiple inpu ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-08 - Juniper Adds IPTV Features To Routers

Juniper Networks announced new software capabilities for its router families that could give telecom service ... | Category: Network

2005-11-08 - Microsoft Plans an Early Release of CRM 3.0

Microsoft is poised to deliver its latest customer-relationship management software, CRM 3.0, a few months a ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-07 - Nsite to launch Ajax-enabled SaaS applications

Further proof that packaged applications are under continual fire from SaaS (software as a service) develope ... | Category: Software

2005-11-07 - Trend Micro Rolls Out Antispyware Product

Trend Micro is beefing up its security product line with the launch of a stand-alone antispyware product for ... | Category: Security

2005-11-07 - Apollo Astronaut Discusses Space Race, Then And Now

A lot has changed on Earth since Col. Al Worden floated far beyond its orbit - more than 200,000 miles away, ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-07 - Non-Profit Brings Low-Cost Broadband to New Yorkers

Though New York City hasn't gone as far as San Francisco and Philadelphia in pushing for public access to wi ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-07 - Microsoft goes live with Windows, Office

Microsoft took a high-profile baby step in the direction of software as a service, with the expected launch ... | Category: Software

2005-11-06 - Analysis: Is Apple moving away from its computer roots?

From the day the iPod debuted, there was little doubt the diminutive music player would become a significant ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-06 - Darpa funds solar power for battlefield

A consortium led by the University of Delaware (UD) on Wednesday (Nov. 2) said that it could receive nearly ... | Category: Network

2005-11-06 - MIT Wireless System Shows Where The Crowds Are

In another time and place, college students wondering whether the campus cafe has any free seats, or their f ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-06 - Panelists ponder challenges of 45 nm

The move to the 45 nm process node will be costly and challenging, but worth it for selected applications, a ... | Category: Network

2005-11-06 - Getting Closer: Brands Vie For Desktop Space

Advertisers on the never-ending hunt for ways to engage are now counting on consumers to be the proactive on ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-06 - First Look: Apple's Updated iMac

Apple has dropped the price, bumped up the speed, and enhanced the features of its 20-inch iMac G5. The resu ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-05 - Yahoo Redesigns Its Online Mapping Service

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Yahoo Inc. has redesigned its online maps to make it easier to get driving directions to ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-05 - Sony CD Copy Protection Relies On Hacker Rootkit

Security researchers have identified a rootkit -- software used by hackers to hide their malicious code from ... | Category: Security

2005-11-05 - Sanyo to unveil eco-friendly NiMH battery

Japan-based Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. will this month begin selling a rechargeable nickel-metal-hydride batter ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-05 - Sun, Wyse Team On Thin-Client Computing

Sun Microsystems and Wyse are joining forces to expand thin-client computing across multiple platforms.

2005-11-05 - Microsoft Updates Scorecarding Software

Microsoft is counting on its new Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 as a way to bring better business in ... | Category: Software

2005-11-05 - AOL Buys MusicNow Subscription Service

DULLES, Va. - America Online Inc. expanded its offerings to digital music consumers with the acquisition of ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-05 - Sun's Disaster Recovery Software Gets Global Reach

Sun's new software will allow companies to integrate disaster-recovery platforms in centers ... | Category: Network

2005-11-05 - Novell to Cut 600 Jobs in Restructuring

WALTHAM, Mass. - Business software maker Novell Inc. will cut about 600 positions, or more than 10 percent o ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-05 - Japan demonstrates next-gen TV broadcast

TOKYO — Aiming at next-generation broadcasting, Japan Broadcast Corporation (NHK) has demonstrated a l ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-05 - Microsoft Patches Can Stymie IE

Microsoft confirmed Thursday that two recent patches for its Internet Explorer browser can break some Web si ... | Category: Security

2005-11-05 - Solution Providers Eye Municipal Wi-Fi

Cable TV companies and networking vendors are angling to provide infrastructure for municipal Wi-Fi coverage ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-04 - Review: Password Keeper 2000

Independent software programmer Gregory Braun has updated his password-keeper software to version 6.9. Altho ... | Category: Software

2005-11-04 - Red Hat Outlines Future Plans for Linux

In outlining its plans for the near term, open-source specialist Red Hat said it will focus on integrating v ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-04 - The Missing Sync for Palm 5.0 released

Mark/Space on Wednesday announced the release of The Missing Sync for Palm OS v5.0, a new version of their s ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-04 - Qualcomm sales meet guidance, earnings slip

MANHASSET, N.Y. — CDMA technology supplier Qualcomm Inc. posted earnings of $538 million, or 32 cents ... | Category: Network

2005-11-03 - Cypress expands Encore family of USB microcontrollers

SAN FRANCISCO — Promising a flexible mix of speeds and configurations, Cypress Semiconductor Corp. Tue ... | Category: Network

2005-11-03 - Nokia unveils DVB-H broadcast solution

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Nokia Inc. has announced a commercial service management solution for DVB-H services ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-11-03 - Apple sells a million videos in new service

Apple Computer on Monday said its iTunes online service has sold a million videos in under 20 days, sending ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-03 - Fujitsu to make graphics chips for S3

LONDON — A 90-nanometer manufacturing process belonging to Fujitsu Ltd. is to be used to produce a ran ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-03 - Attention Internet Shoppers: The Web's Best Product-Comparison Sites

The speed and formidable search tools of the Internet have turned the World Wide Web into a bonanza for shop ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-03 - Web site offers Front Row, Photo Booth to all Mac users

With the announcement in early September of the iPod video and new iMac, Apple Computer gave users two new a ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-11-03 - Google To Give OpenOffice a Boost

Google has fired another salvo across Microsoft's bow with the revelation that it has begun working with the ... | Category: Open Source

2005-11-03 - iVillage up for sale: report

Shares of Internet network iVillage, an online women's media company, rose as much as 11.5 percent on Wednes ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-03 - China Hardware Exports Continue To Grow

Market research figures from Mainland China and Taiwan indicate the manufacture of digital cameras and other ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-02 - Wikipedia may go to print, says founder

Entries from Wikipedia, the popular free online encyclopedia written and edited by Internet users, may soon ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-02 - Scientigo Makes Broad XML Patent Claims

The Web is built on open standards. Until recently, XML was considered one of them. Now, Scientigo is claimi ... | Category: Software

2005-11-02 - HP Finalizes AppIQ Acquisition; Details Server and Storage Roadmap

Hewlett-Packard announced today that it completed its acquisition of AppIQ October 24th and is now deliverin ... | Category: Network

2005-11-02 - Microsoft To Offer Online Versions Of All Its Apps

Over time, virtually every piece of Microsoft's software lineup will be offered as a server or a service, sa ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-11-02 - BMC links batch systems to Web services, Java

Seeking to enable multilayered transactional applications, BMC Software is introducing an addition to its Co ... | Category: Software

2005-11-02 - Sprint Nextel Launches Music Service

Sprint Nextel Corp. on Monday launched a downloadable music service, the first to deliver songs over a U.S. ... | Category: Internet

2005-11-02 - Sony Ships Sneaky DRM Software

SAN FRANCISCO-- Mark Russinovich couldn't understand how the rootkit had sneaked onto his system. An expert ... | Category: Software

2005-11-01 - Broadcom licenses Optimode DSP from ARM

LONDON — Fabless communications chip company Broadcom Corp. has extended its relationship with ARM Hol ... | Category: Hardware

2005-11-01 - Radware Offers Software To Detect Network Performance Problems

APSolute Insite is meant to deliver comprehensive network management and security auditing, ... | Category: Network

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