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Archive of October,2005
2005-10-31 - World of Warcraft expansion announced

At its Blizzcon conference in Anaheim, Calif. on Friday, Blizzard Entertainment revealed the first details o ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-10-31 - Coalition Outlines Strategies To Fight Spyware

The Anti-Spyware Coalition (ASC), an alliance of I.T. firms and public-interest groups, has finalized its de ... | Category: Internet

2005-10-31 - Coming Soon to a Kernel Near You: GPL 3

The Free Software Foundation is just weeks away from announcing the roadmap and process that will govern the ... | Category: Software

2005-10-31 - Google Hooks IBM In Corporate Software Push

IBM has agreed to support within its OmniFind corporate search engine Google Inc.'s desktop-search software, ... | Category: Internet

2005-10-31 - Novell Plans To Lay Off 20% Of Workforce

Novell is expected to layoff as much as 20 percent of its workforce as part of a massive cost cutting measur ... | Category: Open Source

2005-10-31 - Bill Gates gives $258m to world battle against malaria

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates last night gave $258m (£145m) to the fight against malaria, branding the r ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-10-31 - New Xbox set for slow start

Microsoft Corp.'s new Xbox 360 video game console may get off to a slower start than initially expected, but ... | Category: Software

2005-10-30 - GaN helps scientists generate hydrogen from water

TOKYO — A research group based in a Tokyo university has succeeded to produce hydrogen using a Gallium ... | Category: Network

2005-10-30 - Researchers: Oracle Database Passwords Can Be Cracked

Passwords that limit access to Oracle databases can be cracked with off-the-shelf hardware, a pair of securi ... | Category: Security

2005-10-30 - eBay fraudsters jailed in Britain

Three Romanian fraudsters were jailed on Friday in London for a worldwide fraud carried out via Internet auc ... | Category: Internet

2005-10-29 - Microsoft threatens to withdraw Windows in S.Korea

Microsoft Corp. has threatened to withdraw its Windows software from South Korea if the country's antitrust ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-10-29 - Verizon Profit Climbs on Wireless Growth

Verizon Communications Inc.'s profit edged higher in the third quarter as record growth in wireless and broa ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-10-28 - Software helping insurers plan for terrorist attacks

Terrorists do not strike at random, and now a computer programme can calculate the risk of an attack on beha ... | Category: Software

2005-10-28 - Centeris Preps Linux Server Management Under Windows

A Washington-based startup is finalizing software that aims to let server administrators have the best of bo ... | Category: Open Source

2005-10-28 - Microsoft Chided Over Exclusive Music Idea

WASHINGTON - The federal judge overseeing Microsoft Corp.'s business practices scolded the company Wednesday ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-10-28 - Microsoft Hunts For 'Zombie' Spammers

Microsoft is investigating 13 spam operations it believes sent millions of junk mail messages through a sing ... | Category: Security

2005-10-28 - Cell Phones Get 3D Video Messaging Interface

Mobeon offers animated mobile buddy for mailbox navigation.

Wireless Mobile

2005-10-28 - Survey Shows Home Theater Owners Tuning Into Surround Sound

One in three American households had a home theater system by the end of 2004 and most home theaters had sur ... | Category: Hardware

2005-10-28 - Blogs on the job: US workers waste millions of hours online

That co-worker staring, eyes scrunched up, at his computer monitor may look like he's sweating through anoth ... | Category: Internet

2005-10-28 - Microsoft Q1 profits up on Windows sales

Microsoft Corp. today posted an increase in quarterly profit on robust sales of its Windows software for per ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-10-27 - Xbox 90-nm processor in production, says IBM

LONDON — IBM Corp. said that a custom processor designed for the Xbox 360 console is in production at ... | Category: Hardware

2005-10-27 - Consumers Poised To Dump Wired Phones For Wireless

Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. wireless subscribers could make mobile phones their primary telephone by 2009, a move dri ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-10-27 - Startup Focuses on Managing Linux Systems from Inside Windows Networks

"Windows and Linux in one big, happy network."
That's the tagline for Ce ... | Category: Open Source

2005-10-27 - Microsoft, Nokia Team On Security Appliance

Microsoft and Nokia, archrivals in the mobile phone operating-system space, are partnering on a Unified Thre ... | Category: Security

2005-10-27 - Summer's Zotob Attack Cost Companies $100K Each In Clean-Up

The August attack of the Zotob bot worm was milder than other major events, but still cost victims an averag ... | Category: Security

2005-10-27 - Microsoft: Multicore Chips Are Changing PC Software Design

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA-- Software developers are ill-prepared for the multicore processor era, according to a ... | Category: Software

2005-10-27 - Macworld SF announces Feature Presentation lineup

IDG World Expo on Wednesday announced its Feature Presentation lineup for Macworld Conference & Expo, ha ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-10-26 - Electronic Arts tops in game software: trade magazine

Electronic Arts computer game company trumped its competitors this year when it came to revenues, popular ti ... | Category: Software

2005-10-26 - VeriSign to control ".com" domain until 2012

VeriSign Inc. said on Monday it would maintain control of the lucrative ".com" Internet domain until 2012 in ... | Category: Internet

2005-10-26 - Motorola Rokr Phone Not Basking In iPod's Glow

Apple Computer could hardly have asked for better reviews for its first iPod digital music player four years ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-10-26 - Verisign, ICANN Settle Long-Standing Suit

NEW YORK - The Internet's key oversight agency said Monday it had tentatively agreed to settle a longstandin ... | Category: Internet

2005-10-26 - Xilinx Releases Tools To Speed Spread Of WiMAX

The rush to deploy WiMAX gained momentum Tuesday with the announcement by Xilinx of a suite of programmable ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-10-26 - Apple to open Thousand Oaks retail store on Oct. 29

Apple on Tuesday announced plans to open a new retail store in Thousand Oaks, Calif. on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2 ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-10-26 - Skype targets businesses as growth accelerates

Internet telephony firm Skype, which is being bought by eBay, reported accelerating subscriber growth on Tue ... | Category: Internet

2005-10-26 - Microsoft: A window to 2006

Early 2006 could bring a long-awaited renaissance for Microsoft -- and not a moment too soon for many invest ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-10-26 - Computer Associates swings to profit

Business software maker Computer Associates International Inc. on Tuesday said it returned to quarterly prof ... | Category: Software

2005-10-25 - Treo 650 scores BlackBerry

Palm's Treo 650, one of the hottest smartphones on the market, is poised to become even more enchanting to c ... | Category: Software

2005-10-25 - AT&T to double Internet capacity

AT&T said Tuesday that it will open a San Jose data center to double its Bay Area capacity for handling ... | Category: Internet

2005-10-25 - Congress Wants U.S. To Retain Grip On Internet

A trio of lawmakers in the House of Representatives has joined a Senate colleague in calling for the U.S. to ... | Category: Internet

2005-10-24 - Microsoft to Enter Market for Business Intelligence

Microsoft Office, the familiar toolbox of desktop computing, is a huge and lucrative business, but demand ha ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-10-24 - Report: Voice Over WLAN To Triple In By 2007

Voice over wireless local area network (VoWLAN) adoption will triple over the next two years, reflecting the ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-10-24 - Lexmark: New Sub-$500 Color Printer

Taking the next step after vowing to become more competitive with its brand, Lexmark on Monday plans to unve ... | Category: Hardware

2005-10-24 - Trapeze Flies With AirDefense

Wireless vendor Trapeze Networks this week plans to unveil a partnership through which it will incorporate A ... | Category: Network

2005-10-24 - Cingular Introduces E-Mail Access on Cells

NEW YORK - Cingular Wireless is introducing a service for nonbusiness users to get BlackBerry-like mobile ac ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-10-24 - Online Retailers Cashing in on Halloween

NEW BERLIN, Wis. - Jalem Getz used to dislike the lack of seasons in his native California. Now he uses the ... | Category: Internet

2005-10-23 - Senate Panel Mandates All-Digital TV Broadcasts By 2009

A Senate panel yesterday set a deadline of April 7, 2009 to require television stations to switch to all-dig ... | Category: Hardware

2005-10-23 - Analysis: SAP's Software Architecture Shift Shows Results

SAP AG's high-stakes gambit to rip apart its enterprise applications suite and build them on a services orie ... | Category: Software

2005-10-23 - Alcatel creates mobile TV venture

MANHASSET, N.Y. — France-based communications company has created a mobile TV venture, called Alcatel ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-10-23 - OpenOffice Packs a Powerful New Database Punch

OpenOffice.org's latest update includes a database that matches Microsoft's popular and competing Access dat ... | Category: Open Source

2005-10-23 - xBox 360 May Be Juicy Target For Hackers

Even game consoles are under attack by hackers, a security company noted Friday. But although the current cr ... | Category: Security

2005-10-23 - Microsoft Recants Exclusive Music Deals

WASHINGTON - Microsoft Corp., already under government scrutiny over its behavior toward competitors, told m ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-10-23 - Possible cover-up a focus in CIA leak case: lawyers

Prosecutors investigating the outing of a covert CIA operative opened a Web site on Friday to post possible ... | Category: Internet

2005-10-23 - Panel Criticizes Technology, Other Changes Sought After 9/11

The federal government has made minimal progress in improving technology in accordance with 9/11 Commission ... | Category: Security

2005-10-23 - 300-mm fab drives Chartered's Q3

SINGAPORE — Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. President and CEO Chia Song Hwee credited ... | Category: Hardware

2005-10-23 - Report: Mobile Phone Shipments Rise 19 Percent In Third Quarter

Worldwide mobile phone shipments rose 19.1 percent in the third quarter year over year, driven by new produc ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-10-23 - Legal online ticket portal set up for 2006 World Cup

Football's world ruling body FIFA and the 2006 World Cup organizing committee have agreed to set up an inter ... | Category: Internet

2005-10-22 - Microsoft Recants Exclusive Music Deals

Microsoft Corp., already under government scrutiny over its behavior toward competitors, told manufacturers ... | Category: Microsoft

2005-10-22 - Matsushita speeds up 65-nm production

Japan’s Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. said it will start shipping “system LSI devices& ... | Category: Hardware

2005-10-22 - Composite Information Server 3.6 Released

Composite Software released Composite Information Server (CIS) 3.6 on October 11. CIS 3.6 aims to give enter ... | Category: Software

2005-10-22 - Out-Of-Band Systems Management Helps Businesses Expand Oct. 21, 2005

Uplogix introduces a new version of its network management software for centralized and remote management th ... | Category: Network

2005-10-22 - Google's 3Q Profit Seven Times Higher

SAN FRANCISCO - When Google Inc. commanded $85 per share in its August 2004 initial public offering, the pro ... | Category: Internet

2005-10-22 - Free OpenOffice.org 2.0 Suite Launches

An open-source group Thursday launched the final version of OpenOffice.org 2.0, a free application suite tha ... | Category: Open Source

2005-10-22 - Apple Sticks with PowerPC for Now

In its recent release of its new Power Mac G5 line, Apple Computer has shown that it will rely on the dual-c ... | Category: Apple Mac

2005-10-22 - AMD Goes Commercial

Advanced Micro Devices is for the first time supporting VARs and integrators with a dedicated channel progra ... | Category: Hardware

2005-10-22 - Dutch Botnet Suspects Ran 1.5 Million Machines

Dutch prosecutors who last month arrested a trio of young men for creating a large botnet allegedly used to ... | Category: Security

2005-10-22 - Record handset sales boost Motorola

Motorola Inc. posted record sales of $9.42 billion in the third quarter, up 26 percent from $7.50 billion in ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-10-22 - Nokia Completes Fast Data Call Using WiMAX Technology

Nokia announced Tuesday that it has completed a data call in its WiMAX development program as the cell phone ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-10-22 - T-Mobile Launches High-speed Cell Service In Czech Republic

T-Mobile said Wednesday that it has launched a high-speed “Internet 4G” service in the Czech Rep ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-10-22 - Intel Wi-Fi solution to support Cisco

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Intel Corp. has announced it would support the latest version of Cisco Compatible Ex ... | Category: Wireless Mobile

2005-10-22 - First Look: Apple's Video-Ready iPod

Given the brouhaha surrounding Apple's latest player, one might assume its name is the Video iPod. Think aga ... | Category: Apple Mac

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