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Posted by iMark on 2006-03-04       Article Source : EE Times

DUBLIN — The Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) group has launched a "study mission" on the next-generation terrestrial digital television standard, dubbed "DVB-T2," according to Ulrich Reimers, chair of DVB Technical Module at this week's DVB Forum.

Separately, the DVB group is also close to completing another study mission on "Satellite Services to Portable devices," he added.

The group's first meeting on DVB-T2, run by BBC, was held last week. In updating the ten-year old terrestrial digital video broadcast standard, called DVB-T, widely

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Posted by inet on 2006-03-04       Article Source : TechWeb News

Sales of data storage hardware surged in the fourth quarter, research firm IDC announced Thursday, capping a year of double-digit growth.
Total disk storage system sales climbed 13.1 percent in the quarter over the same period in 2004, said IDC, while revenues reached $6.8 billion worldwide. External disks grew even faster, showing a 17.9 percent boost over 2004's fourth quarter, and posting sales of $4.7 billion.

"The external disk storage systems market growth continued to accelerate through the year," said

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Posted by iMark on 2006-03-03       Article Source : Reuters

Intel Corp. said on Tuesday it would implement an Israeli-designed new micro-architecture in all segments of the computer market around the world beginning in the second half of 2006.

Intel said the 64-bit microprocessor at the heart of the new architecture was code-named "Merom" and would be implemented in desktop computers, laptops and servers, to be made with Intel's 65 nanometre chip-making technology.

It also noted that its dual-core Conroe processor for desktop computers and the Woodcrest processor for servers

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Posted by inet on 2006-03-03       Article Source : EE Times

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Global shipments of large-area (10 in. and over) thin-film-transistor liquid crystal display modules increased 10 percent quarter-to-quarter and 69 percent year-over-year to 65.5 million units, according to market research firm DisplaySearch Inc.

DisplaySearch (Austin, Texas) reported fourth-quarter 2005 sales of $14 billion, up 13 percent quarter-to-quarter and 78 percent year-over-year. For all of 2005, shipments rose 58 percent to 218.5 million panels while revenue rose 25 percent to $44 billion.

DisplaySearch noted that average selling prices rose 3 percent

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Posted by iMark on 2006-03-03       Article Source : EE Times

AUSTIN, Texas — AMCC (Sunnyvale, Calif.) and Intrinsity Inc. are codeveloping a multigigahertz PowerPC core for use in AMCC’s network infrastructure and storage products, the companies said Wednesday (March 1).

Intrinsity, based here, is a 55-person company that has spent the last decade developing design tools and circuit techniques aimed at high-performance logic, combining dynamic with static logic. Intrinsity’s "Fast 14" technology will be used by the AMCC-Intrinsity design team to reach performance in the 3-GHz range, said Mike Becker, vice president

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Posted by iNext on 2006-03-01       Article Source : TechWeb News

NEW YORK -- Lenovo Group Ltd. has launched a new line of desktops and PCs, dropping the IBM Think brand in the global product and marketing launch.

Company leaders said during a news conference Thursday that they will continue to offer the Think PC line with the IBM logo for at least four years. Their 3000 series, however, offers an alternative and a means to push the Lenovo brand for small business owners.

The products are aimed at businesses with

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Posted by iMark on 2006-02-28       Article Source : Reuters

Hewlett-Packard Co. Wednesday announced its entry into the $35 billion retail-photo-printing market, introducing a self-service photo kiosk and an in-store photo studio that will initially installed in Albertsons Inc. supermarkets and Longs Drug Stores.

HP, already the world's largest maker of computer printers and a leader in digital photo printers, already is strong in home printing of digital photographs and in online photo printing, with its Snapfish acquisition. Now, it hopes to complete the cycle by moving into retail photo printing. Read More...  

Posted by iMark on 2006-02-28       Article Source : EE Times

LONDON — STMicroelectronics is offering a a family of six multichip package (MCP) memories intended for use in multimedia-capable 3G and CDMA mobile phones and in other portable devices.

The series offers memory densities of 256-Mbit to 1-Gbit of NAND flash together with 256-Mbit or 512-Mbit of DRAM in a single package. ST does not make DRAM but works closely with Hynix Semiconductor Inc., a DRAM maker, on the production of flash memory.

ST did not disclose where it was

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Posted by iMark on 2006-02-24       Article Source : Reuters

BOSTON (Reuters) - Lenovo Group Ltd. <0992.HK>, the world's No. 3 PC maker, will soon start selling low-priced computers targeted at small U.S. businesses, taking the Lenovo brand outside China for the first time, said an analyst familiar with the matter.

Lenovo, which last year bought IBM's ailing PC business, plans to introduce a line of notebooks and desktops using processors from both Intel Corp. <INTC.O> and Advanced Micro Devices Inc.<AMD.N>, said Roger Kay, president of market researcher Endpoint Technologies Associates.


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Posted by inet on 2006-02-24       Article Source : CRN

Toshiba said Wednesday it’s expanding its environmentally friendly line of portable PCs with a deal to supply Wal-Mart with RoHS-compatible notebooks.

Restriction on Hazardous Substance, or RoHS, is a directive adopted by the European Parliament that restricts the use of certain hazardous substances--such as lead, cadmium and mercury--in the manufacture of electronics products. The directive becomes effective on July 1.

Though the United States doesn’t require RoHS compliance, many electronics vendors are expected to offer such compliance in the U.S.

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Posted by inet on 2006-02-23       Article Source : CRN

Microsoft has had a beta of its upcoming at Commerce Server 2006 available since December, but is formally announcing it just now.

As previously reported, one goal of the successor to Commerce Server 2002 is tighter integration with BizTalk Server and the rest of the Microsoft server roster. That means there will be no more need for Microsoft Solution for Internet Business (MSIB), a make-shift toolkit for server integration.

One solution provider said the biggest advantage of the new version

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Posted by iMark on 2006-02-22       Article Source : TechWeb News

Microsoft confirmed Thursday that it's working on a fix for a battery draining problem on Intel Core Duo-equipped notebooks which it acknowledged to manufacturers seven months ago but had not made public.

In July, Microsoft issued a confidential support document, dubbed KnowledgeBase article KB899179, that outlined the flaw in the Windows XP SP2 USB 2.0 driver. While still not available on Microsoft's public support site, the document has been posted to Slashdot.

The faulty driver doesn't let the notebook enter

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Posted by iNext on 2006-02-22       Article Source : EE Times

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a lithium nickel manganese oxide battery that could become an alternative to nickel metal hydride batteries used today to power hybrid cars.

Researchers modified the lithium nickel manganese oxide material's structure to make it capable of charging and discharging more quickly. MIT is said to have designed and synthesized a material with an ordered crystalline structure, allowing lithium ions to freely flow between metal layers.

Lithium nickel manganese oxide consists

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Posted by iTech on 2006-02-21       Article Source : EE Times

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Seeking to lower the cost of solar energy by up to 50 percent, the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) on Thursday (Feb. 16) announced a partnership with SolFocus Inc., a manufacturer of low-cost solar energy systems.

Under the plan, PARC (Palo Alto, Calif.), a subsidiary of Xerox Corp., is contributing core patents and long-term technology development support for current and next-generation product lines in exchange for royalties and equity in SolFocus.

The partnership builds on SolFocus’

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Posted by iNext on 2006-02-18       Article Source : EE Times

LONDON — Ntera Ltd., an electrochromic display startup originally based in Dublin, Ireland, has partnered with Seiko Epson Corp. and the two companies have produced working direct drive display prototypes, Ntera said.

The partnership is set to continue in a quest to produce full color video-speed reflective displays that can be produced using ink-jet printing methods.

The prototypes feature 200 dot per inch and 400 dot per inch QVGA resolution and were produced using solution inkjet methods provided by Epson.

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