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Spectra Logic Gives Data Backup A Boost

Posted by inet - 2005-11-16

Backing up critical data is so crucial that companies that don’t do it regularly probably won’t be in business for very long. Companies that do perform regular backups can either do it in time-consuming, roundabout ways or use a backup device that makes the job as easy as possible.

With its unique color touch-screen interface, Spectra Logic’s Spectra T50 Tape Library is easy to use, manage and maintain. In addition, the rack-mountable 4U tape library offers either two LTO-3 full-height drives or four LTO-2 half-height drives. The LTO-3 drives give the Spectra T50 an instant 100 percent performance boost. The library is easily expandable and can be configured with 10 to 50 slots.

The tape library has a native capacity of 400 Gbytes and a native transfer rate of 80 MBps. LTO-3 offers twice the speed and twice the capacity of LTO-2. The LTO-3 drives are available with either SCSI 160 LVD or 2-Gbyte Fibre Channel interfaces. The library is ideal for both large and small companies, as it offers high-end features in an affordable unit that can store up to 40 Tbytes of data. The Spectra T50 has an MSRP of $8,700.

Solution providers will appreciate the flexibility of the Spectra T50. It is compatible with all major backup packages and operating systems and can be connected directly to host servers regardless of whether it’s configured with SCSI or Fibre Channel drives. When using direct-connect SCSI, each of the tape drives must be connected to a host, or the drives can be daisy-chained to a master drive connected to the host. When using direct-connect Fibre Channel drives, the T50 can be connected directly to a Fibre Channel SAN.

Managing the Spectra T50 Tape Library is also simple. The unit has a color touchscreen interface on its front panel, and its Remote Library Controller allows the same interface to be displayed remotely through any Web browser. This feature enables the T50 to be managed from any computer with Internet access.

BlueScale is Spectra Logic’s software environment that supports tape libraries and disk equipment. BlueScale supports lots of features and options, including the Shared Library Services Partitioning option, which does not require managing any external hardware or software. The option can be purchased online at Spectra Logic’s Web site and enabled by entering an activation key in the library. The configuration process allows solution providers to set up new partitions to create new virtual libraries with no changes in hardware.

BlueScale also supports Capacity on Demand, which allows new slots to be enabled in the library by requesting an activation key from Spectra Logic’s Web site. This will instantly provide access to additional capacity. In addition to tape, the Spectra T50 library supports RXT RAID portable disks. Spectra Logic’s portable RAID eXchangeable TeraPack lets solution providers add disk storage to the overall backup strategy.

Spectra Logic’s channel program has three levels: Authorized, Premier and Elite. All VARs begin at the Premier level. After a trial period, Spectra Logic will determine how a VAR’s status will change. Authorized VARs must maintain a valid contract with Spectra Logic and must supply reporting for all current and new account registrations. Premier VARs must supply reporting plus maintain a minimum of $100,000 in sales each fiscal year. They must also complete sales and technical training. Elite VARs must do all of the above and maintain a minimum of $500,000 in sales each year. Comprehensive benefits are included at all levels. Profit margins typically range from 35 percent to 45 percent

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