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Microsoft licenses going cheap

Posted by iTech - 2005-11-12

Want to buy agreements with a mix of heavily discounted application and server based licensing such as "Microsoft office XP with Visio, or Office XP + Microsoft Server 2000 etc" or " agreements, which only contain a mix of Microsoft Office products (Office 2000, XP, 2003)" or " agreements that will only contain server based licensing such as Microsoft 2000/2003 Servers & CAL's"?


No problem, says Britain's Disclic, a registered Microsoft partner.

The company says its discount-licensing.com is the, "first and currently, the only legally compliant reeseller of its kind" that "guarantees supplying Microsoft Application and Server based software licensing solutions at prices that are typically 20-50% below the most recent versions available from any authorised UK reseller".

"I've never heard the like, and I am stunned," CNET News has Gordon Davies, commercial director of Microsoft reseller Compusys, saying. "This is clearly going to take away revenue from the channel and from Microsoft."

A loophole in British insolvency laws and a clause within many Microsoft licenses permits disused or unwanted volume licenses to be transferred, enabling Disclic to "sell the licenses legally," says the story.

And, Microsoft has confirmed on Thursday that Disclic's resale of licenses "does meet Microsoft's terms and conditions," it says.

The "new business approach of selling off volume software licenses could take time to sink in," CNET has Disclic's Jonathan Horley saying.

"It's such a new concept to the way people bought licenses before. How people react in terms of the resellers and the users remains to be seen."

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