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John Lennon music offered digitally; but not on iTunes

Posted by iMark - 2005-11-11

Perhaps one of the greatest songwriters in music history will soon have his music available for digital download. Former Beatles frontman, John Lennon’s entire solo catalogue will be made available on several online music services, but not on Apple’s iTunes Music Service.

Lennon’s music will be made available on Real/Rhapsody, Napster, MSN and Yahoo! Unlimited. Apple Computer’s market-leading iTunes Music service was conspicuously missing from the list, perhaps due to the ongoing legal battle Apple and Beatles parent company, Apple Corps have been waging.

The companies wrangled in the early 1990s when they agreed to a settlement that specified that Apple Computer would keep its trademark on computers, not music. That changed with the introduction of the iTunes Music Store. Apple Corps. claims that Apple broke the agreement when the company launched the iTunes Music Store.

The entire Lennon solo catalogue will then be made available digitally beginning December 5th (December 6th in the US).

“I am very happy that John’s music is now available to a new generation of music fans,” said Yoko Ono. “New technology is something he always embraced and this is something he would have loved.”

Lennon’s greatest hits album “Working Class Hero,” which was released on CD in the UK and US in October, is available to purchase in download form now.

“At this time I think it’s important that we remember John for what he contributed to the world,” said Ono. “For people who still love John’s music and for those now getting into John’s music, this opens up a whole new world in which they can appreciate John’s music again.”

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