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IEEE approves SystemVerilog, revision of Verilog

Posted by iMark - 2005-11-10

The IEEE Wednesday (Nov. 8) said it has approved standards for hardware description languages SystemVerilog and Verilog.
The Verilog standard, IEEE 1364-2005, is a revision to the existing standard. IEEE said the revision to the Verilog language standard resolves several ambiguities and corrects minor errors.

SystemVerilog, IEEE 1800, is said to extend the Verilog language, the predominant language used for chip design, to address the growing complexity of electronic system and semiconductor designs. SystemVerilog is a unified language for hardware design, specification and verification that was developed within the IEEE Standard Association's Corporate Program.

When SystemVerilog headed to balloting in February, it was said to be on the fast track for standardization by Sept. 23.

IEEE said the broad IEEE SystemVerilog 1800 standard raises productivity for hardware design, specification, simulation and validation, especially for large-gate-count, intellectual property (IP)-based, bus-intensive chips. It is based on the SystemVerilog 3.1a hardware description and verification language (HDVL) from the Accellera standards organization.

"IEEE 1800 enhances the Verilog HDL to keep it at the cutting edge of the industry," said Johny Srouji, chair of the SystemVerilog 1800 working group and Verilog 1364 working group, in a statement. "It offers a more powerful, integrated, concise design and verification language, allowing engineers to deal with more complex design configurations, such as deeper pipelines, greater logic functionality and a higher abstract representation of the design using fewer lines of register transfer level code."

Accellera issued a statement Wednesday commending IEEE's approval of the SystemVerilog standard.

"The approval process was expedited due to close cooperation among EDA tool providers, semiconductor and system companies, Accellera and the IEEE," said Shrenik Mehta, Accellera chair. "The approval of this standard is a sterling example of how an industry can work towards a common goal for the benefit of the entire design and verification community."

IEEE said the SystemVerilog and Verilog IEEE standards would be available for purchase under the IEEE store, and can obtained through IEEE Standards Online subscription, or purchase according to published list price.

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