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Toshiba's Hotspot Access Service Goes International

Posted by iMark - 2005-11-10

Toshiba's Digital Products Division, which previously had been providing access to wireless hotspots in the U.S. developed by other vendors, has expanded the service to include access in about 110 countries.

The company's MyConnect Internet access service now provides access to 23,000 hotspots across the world plus, roughly, an equal number of dial-up numbers, the company said in a statement. Overall, it said it is aggregating access provided by more than 250 providers.

Unlike other aggregation services such as those provided by iPass and GoRemote, Toshiba claimed its service is being offered to individual end users. It said it is charging $39.95 per month for unlimited access and $19.95 for 30 hours of access a month.

Among the hotspot vendors Toshiba is working with are Wayport and SBC, according to the company's Web site. Also available as part of the plan is wired hotel access from vendors such as STSN.

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