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AMD surpasses Intel in U.S. PC market, says firm

Posted by iMark - 2005-11-10

MANHASSET, N.Y. — Microprocessor supplier AMD Inc. has scored a minor victory in its long uphill fight to wrestle the processor market from Intel Corp., as the company overtook its archrival in the U.S. retail PC sector, according to market reseach firm Current Analysis.

The firm noted that in October, processors from AMD (Sunnyvale, Calif.) were in 49.8 percent of desktop and notebook PCs sold, compared to 48.5 percent from Intel (Santa Clara, Calif.).

AMD has been tugging on Intel’s hold in U.S. retail desktop sales in recent months. The company saw its market share of unit retail sales in desktop PCs here increase from 52 percent in September to 67.7 percent in October. Unit sales in U.S. retail notebook PCs also increased, from 26.2 percent of the market in September to 31.5 percent in October, said the firm.

On a revenue basis, AMD has a way to go before catching Intel, however. October revenue share on U.S. retail PC sales was 40.1 percent, trailing Intel’s 57.6 percent share. This is due to the average selling price of Intel PCs being significantly higher than AMD PCs, said Current Analysis.

The firm said that Intel remains the leader in all U.S. consumer PC sales if one takes into account direct channel sales. Dell, the leading PC supplier here, utilizes Intel processors alone.

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