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Consumers Warm To Internet TV On Mobile Phones

Posted by iMark - 2005-11-09

Consumers are showing early demand for watching TV programming over the Internet on desktop computers, portable players and mobile phones, researchers said Monday.

In a survey of 1,000 online consumers, 1 in 5 said they watch news videos on the Web three to four times a week, according to Ports North Group and Horowitz Associations Inc. said. More than a quarter expressed "strong interest" in watching regular TV shows on their PCs, and over 15 percent expressed high interest in viewing TV programs, movies, and live newscasts on mobile devices.

In a separate study, researcher Park Associates found that U.S. consumers, particularly teenagers, preferred short, easily consumable content, such as music videos, TV sitcoms, and movie trailers, when it comes to portable streaming video and downloads.

Music videos were the most favored content, receiving strong interest from 15 percent of all U.S. households, and 38 percent of teenagers.

The findings validate Apple Computer Inc.'s release of a video iPod, and its addition of short videos in its iTunes music service, the firm said.

"As early results from the Apple video experiment have shown, consumers are reacting well to the notion of music videos that complement iTunes audio tracks," Kurt Scherf, vice president and principal analyst at Parks Associates, said in a statement.

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