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Check Point Targets Enterprise Spyware

Posted by iMark - 2005-11-09

Check Point Software Technologies Monday ratcheted up end point security for the enterprise -- adding integrated antispyware, secure automatic downloads, IM safeguarding and support for the SUSE Novell Linux Desktop to its Integrity software.

That combination gives enterprises client and server software working together to detect, quarantine and remove spyware with centrally managed policies and treatments.

The updated Integrity 6.5 also gives partners new revenue opportunities, said Phil Lin, product marketing manager for the Redwood City, Calif., security software vendor.

"For one, partners now can sell the new antispyware module and the IM module, which we've put back into the Integrity suite," said Lin. "They also can tap into recurring revenue by selling our SmartDefense service, which is our annual service, geared to enterprises, for keeping spyware out. And for the first time, we've started offering suite-based pricing. We think customers will respond to the value that provides."

Without question, the most important new feature in the updated Integrity software is Check Point's antispyware module. Integrated directly into the new version 6.5, the antispyware software works with the Integrity client to block spyware from the PC, prevents infected PCs from communicating with the corporate network, and prevents users from compromising security settings. On the server side, the new module works to create policies, configure scanning and treatments, and report on attempts to enter the system. And because the software makes use of data collected by Check Point's ZoneAlarm consumer community, the Check Point SmartDefense enterprise service can respond rapidly to new spyware threats, sending automatic updates to Integrity's users.

"We receive millions of points of realtime data from our ZoneAlarm community of users. From there, our research team can analyze the spyware and create the method to catch and stop it," said Lin.

The enterprise version of Check Point's DefenseNet consumer service, SmartDefense is priced at $925 per 1,000 users per year.

In addition, Integrity 6.5 now features an ability, which Check Point calls "secure autoremediation," that confirms the authenticity and integrity of antivirus files before they can be downloaded.

"Other products just download the files and apply it. There's no check to make sure the download itself hasn't been hijacked," said Lin.

Customers with Integrity 6.0 can upgrade automatically to the new version. Lin said Check Point includes the basic Integrity server, which can support up to 100,000 PCs, with the licensed client software. Pricing for the Integrity suite, including all modues and a one year subscription to SmartDefense, is $67 per seat per 100 users. Customers can continue to buy per module, as well.

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