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Samsung readies long lasting fuel cells

Posted by inet - 2005-11-09

LONDON — Samsung SDI Co. has developed a prototype fuel cell for use in laptops that it claims lasts almost twice as long as other systems being readied.
Reported in South Korea’s JoongAng Daily , the company said the fuel cell has an energy density of 200 Watts/h per liter. The cells are powered by about 200 cubic centimetres of liquid methanol. In total, the fuel cell can supply power for about 15 hours, the paper said.

Such performance betters the 100-130Wh per liter energy densities of the fuel cells being developed by companies such as Toshiba and NEC for laptops.

Samsung is reportedly planning to start volume production of the fuel cell in 2007.

"The new technology draws hydrogen from liquid methanol, giving the new battery a maximum output of 50 Watts with an average output of 20 Watts," said Yoon Seok-yeol of Samsung SDI's central research center, according to the paper.

The cell measures 23 cm wide, 8.2 cm in length and 5.3 cm deep, and weighs under 1kg according to Samsung, making it slimmer and more compact than its rivals.

The company is said to have a budget of about $10 million for the project, with 40 researchers working on the development.

In July, Samsung SDI said it had developed a fuel cell that was powered by butane, designed for households that could lose power during a blackout.

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