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Mobile Data Users Give Up When Going Gets Tough

Posted by iNext - 2005-11-05

Users are more likely to give up than seek assistance when they run into difficulties when using using mobile data applications, a survey released Thursday says.

The survey, conducted by NOP on behalf of Olista, which provides services for cellular operators, found that 64 percent of respondents who actually tried to use mobile data services said they'd give up trying after one or two attempts if they ran into trouble. Only two percent said they would seek help from the operator. About 25 percent said they'd continue trying on their own.

The survey covered 1000 adults, according to a statement from Olista. It covered simple data services such as downloading games and ringtones and sending pictures.

A similar survey commissioned by Olista earlier this year found that 77 percent had never tried mobile data services and, of those who did, only 12 percent were happy with their experience.

"The findings make salutary reading for mobile operators, content providers and ISPs seeking to increase the take-up of mobile data services," Oren Glaz, Olista's CEO, said in a statement. "The monies they are investing in call center and self-care solutions are not working.

About 53 percent of the respondents said they'd use more mobile data services if they were less expensive and 43 percent said they'd increase their mobile data usage if usability improved, Olista said.

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