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Review: Password Keeper 2000

Posted by iMark - 2005-11-04

Independent software programmer Gregory Braun has updated his password-keeper software to version 6.9. Although the download is available to anyone with $20, Braun's program is designed for home or business users who need individual file security on a wide scale.

±¤ °?font>While most of us do not fit this description, those who do will find an easy-to-use password-storage program that is, above everything else, secure.

Password Keeper 6.9 looks like something from the Windows 95 era and, in this case, that is a good thing. The interface is very straightforward with no fancy graphics or unnecessary input fields. The program loads, asks you to identify a file, receives the respective passwords, and saves the information in an encrypted file.

There are a few dozen preferences and options you can customize, but the main screen includes nothing more than a few lines of text.

The program has not experienced many significant changes over the years -- most recent releases were geared toward fixing minor bugs. Aside from adding compatibility with the Windows Add/Remove module, Braun kept Password Keeper simple and functional.

Its only purpose is to save multiple and frequently used passwords as well as credit-card information for Web surfing and online shopping.

This simplicity enables Password Keeper to excel in performance. It always will load, rarely will crash, and will keep your information secure.

During our test we stored dozens of password files and had no problem finding or editing any of them. Users who want to protect hundreds of files should encounter few difficulties.

Password Keeper 2000 v6.9

Pros: Very easy to use.
Cons: It's about $5 to $10 more expensive than most password storage utilities.
Verdict: A reliable and secure password storage utility that takes up minimal computer resources.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Price: $19.95

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