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Web site offers Front Row, Photo Booth to all Mac users

Posted by iMark - 2005-11-03

With the announcement in early September of the iPod video and new iMac, Apple Computer gave users two new applications: Front Row and Photo Booth. Unfortunately, the applications, Apple said, would only be available on the new iMac and had no plans to put them on any of their other products.
While Apple may not have had plans to distribute the applications, Macintosh enthusiast Web site McMac has made both applications available for download.

Front Row is an application on the iMac that interacts with the new Apple remote control. When Front Row is activated, it takes control of your Mac’s screen, sweeping the Mac user interface into the background and fading it out until only four icons (representing movies, DVD, photos, and music) remain.

Via the remote control, Front Row lets you play DVDs and navigate through DVD menus; browse and play back any QuickTime-compatible movies in the Movies folder; play back slide shows from iPhoto books, albums, and slideshows; browse and watch movie trailers streamed directly from Apple’s web site; and browse and watch music videos, movie shorts, and television shows purchased from the iTunes Music Store using iTunes 6.

The version of Front Row downloaded from McMac Web site works in exactly the same way. However, no remote control is needed to activate or navigate through the application. Simple launching the Front Row application and holding down the Esc key for five seconds will activate Front Row for use.

The new Photo Booth utility allows users to take snapshots using the iSight camera, then add visual effects such as sepia tint, x-ray, bulge and squeeze. When it comes time to take the picture, Photo Booth turns the entire iMac screen white, creating a “flash” effect that illuminates the subject. Once Photo Booth takes the photo, a Polaroid-inspired icon of the photo slides into a tray near the bottom of the Photo Booth interface.

Using Mac OS X 10.4.3, Photo Booth worked exactly as demonstrated by Steve Jobs during the original announcement of the product.

Representatives from Apple nor McMac were not immediately available to comment on this story.

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