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IPTV Set For Massive Growth Spurt: Survey

Posted by iNext - 2005-11-02

IPTV will become the next global growth industry, with a potential market of 200 billion RMB (Chinese currency), according to a study by Analysis International. The China IPTV market, in particular, will skyrocket, reaching 16.7 billion RMB in revenue and nearly 17 million users by 2009, the group adds.

The early stages of market cultivation may pose some threats and risks, the group says. Uncertain regulations, insufficient hardware platforms, an immature value chain and unclear business models are the main concerns right now.

The potential for profit has attracted many companies despite the risks. According to the study, there will be 1.1 million IPTV users in China by the end of 2005. That number grow quickly until it slows down by the end of 2009. By that point, there will already be 16.7 million users.

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