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Trend Micro Touts SMB 'Worry-Free' Security

Posted by inet - 2005-11-02

Trend Micro on Monday started a campaign, dubbed "Worry-Free Security Initiative" for small businesses, backed by new product features that automatically stymie new threats, the company said.

Trend Micro touted Client Server Security for SMB 3.0 and Client Server Messaging Security for SMB 3.0, updates to long-available small- and mid-sized business security software, as having "zero administration" and additional automation, traits the company claims is necessary for the SMB market.

"Our 'Worry-Free' initiative is based on research into the behavior and business aspects of SMBs," said Bob Hansmann, Trend's North American senior product marketing manager. "They're far less well organized or resource-supported when it comes to security than enterprise. Their security expert, who is most likely the company's accountant, may know a lot about computers, but he doesn't know the subject in-depth.

"What he really wants is to be reassured that the company's protected [from threats]," Hansmann said.

A single console shows the SMB's administrator if defenses are properly in place and operating, using a series of green-yellow-red status lights, while the integrated defense -- which includes a personal firewall, anti-spam, and anti-virus modules -- takes care of all threats, said Hansmann.

The addition, called "Outbreak Prevention," partially closes the vulnerability window between the appearance of an exploit -- a worm, virus, or Trojan horse -- and the release of an anti-virus signature to stop that exploit.

"When a new threat comes out, we auto-deploy a policy to the firewall that will close the ports used by the exploit," said Hansmann. "Then when the pattern or signature is available, we also auto-deploy an uninstall of the policy to re-open the ports.

Trend Micro has narrowed the time from an exploit appearing to rolling out such temporary measures to about six minutes, said Hansmann.

The Tokyo-based security firm will continue to push Worry-Free into additional SMB products, Hansmann said, including an update to its gateway title, InterScan VirusWall for SMB.

Hansmann also said that Trend's SMB product line will be integrating some of the security vendor's consumer family characteristics in the future.

"We’ll be moving to a stronger service model in the second half of 2006," he said, that will include utilities and informational resources offloaded to the Web, as well as an undisclosed number of the security tools and components now stored on the local system.

"We want to respond quickly to new technologies," said Hansmann, "but this will also reduce the footprint of the customer's system."

Client Server Security for SMB 3.0 and Client Server Messaging Security for SMB 3.0 will be available in November at prices starting at $23.63/seat for 101 seats and $45.15/seat for 101 seats, respectively.

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