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Dell Updates Servers With Dual-Core, Will Integrate SQL Server 2005

Posted by iNext - 2005-11-02

Dell updated its four-way PowerEdge server line Tuesday by offering customers Intel's dual-core Xeon processors, and in combination with Microsoft, touted factory-installed SQL Server 2005, the database scheduled to roll out Nov. 7.

The PowerEdge 6800 and 6850 can now be configured with up to four dual-core Intel Xeon 7000-series CPUs, said Neil Hand, Dell's vice president of worldwide marketing, completing the move to dual-core across the Round Rock, Tex.-based manufacturer's server line.

"This provides a lot of commonality across our portfolio, making it easy for businesses to migrate through the PowerEdge line," said Hand.

The dual-core Xeons offered in the 6800 and 6850 run at speeds of 3.0GHz or 2.66GHz, and use a 677MHz front side bus, added Kirk Skaugen, general manager of Intel's server platforms group. In early 2006, Intel will roll out 800MHz front side bus versions of the dual-core Xeon; Dell will then offer those chips as well.

Along with the hardware announcement, Dell said that it would provide Microsoft's upcoming SQL Server 2005 as a factory-installed, factory-direct option.

"We've worked with Microsoft to provide the best-in-class integration with SQL Server," said Dell's Hand, "to be the only vendor that can provide factory-direct [systems]."

SQL Server 2005 can be ordered either pre-packaged on PowerEdge servers, or via existing licensing agreements. Dell will also offer tools and support to help customers migrate from older editions of SQL Server to the newest version.

The dual-core PowerEdge 6800 and 6850 servers are available for pre-order immediately, and will ship in two weeks, said Dell, with factory-installed Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Prices start at around $6,400.

SQL Server 2005 will be available from Dell as soon as Microsoft releases the database update.

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