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Pactolus Drives WiMAX-Delivered VoIP Carrier Services

Posted by inet - 2005-10-29

Pactolus Communications Software, a developer of Class 4/5 SIP-based IP voice services, has introduced support for WiMAX delivery of its SIPware Services Suite and customized applications based on the RapidFLEX Service Creation Environment (SCE). Pactolus' WiMAX support aids service providers in their quest to deliver services -- such as primary line VoIP, audio conferencing, and real-time prepaid voice services -- to new customer populations regardless of their current degree of 'last mile' transport access. The company also supports WiMAX delivery of customized and new innovative services based on its SEC.

The product aims at helping operators integrate 3G and VoIP primary line services for bundling to consumer and business customers. It also focuses on assisting service providers extend and enrich the service profitability potential of their WiMAX investments and strategies.

Many cellular and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) are using WiMAX to reduce backhauling costs, extend coverage throughout rural areas, support consumer usage of VoIP-IM services such as Skype and GTalk, and bring new bandwidth efficiencies and range to urban wireless coverage.

Pactolus recently announced IMS support, which lets 3G operators incorporate innovations such as rich conferencing service features. As service providers plan to converge cellular, wireline, and VoIP networks, SIP-based voice services will be key to creating service bundles that leverage any type of network access such as WiMAX.

Pactolus has implemented both WiMAX and IMS support in its RapidFLEX platform and across its SIPware Services suite using an open software environment that includes SIP, SOAP, XML, HTTP, RTP and other IP-based technologies in an extensible framework. That enables service providers to take advantage of the existing, commercially-proven capabilities in any wireless network.

WiMAX support for SIPware Services, RapidFLEX Service Creation Environment and RapidFLEX Application Server will be initially available for existing customers in Q1 '06 and generally available to new customers in the first half of 2006. Costs will be based on concurrent call volume

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