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Electronic Arts tops in game software: trade magazine

Posted by iMark - 2005-10-26

Electronic Arts computer game company trumped its competitors this year when it came to revenues, popular titles, and happy workers, a trade magazine announced.
Electronic Arts (EA) of Redwood City in Silicon Valley headed Game Developer magazine's "Top 20" list of entertainment software publishers.

Measures used in the study included revenues, numbers of new releases, quality of games, and staff pay and perks, according to the magazine.

This was the third consecutive year that EA won the top spot in the ranking. EA had an annual revenue of more than 3.1 billion dollars, created lots of new games and got overall positive reviews for its titles, raters reported.

"Game Developer magazine's survey compiles the essential ranking for each publisher, not just simply using raw revenue values," editor Simon Carless said in a written release.

EA faced intense competition from game publishers Activision, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, all of which rounded out the list's top five in that order, according to the magazine.

"This year's research reflects the continuing consolidation of third-party publishers, as well as strong software line-ups by the major hardware manufacturers," Carless said in the release.

EA bills itself as the "world's leading independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for personal computers."

Its game titles include the popular Sims2, From Russian With Love, Harry Potter, and an array of professional sports.

EA has published games compatible with Playstation and Xbox systems as well as Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance, according to the company.

Earlier this month, EA announced that Academy Award winning film director Steven Spielberg would collaborate with the company to create three original new games.

The magazine's ratings showed that Activision, with titles such as X-Men Legends, Spider-Man 2, and the Tony Hawk Underground series, worked its way up to second place this year.

Bandai, LucasArts and Capcom made the Top 20 list, knocking out Koei and Empire and filling a void left by Acclaim's bankruptcy, according to the magazine.

Atari slipped four places to No. 13, but is relying on key titles such as The Matrix: Path of Neo to climb back up in the ranking, the magazine reported.

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