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Microsoft reports second patch problem

Posted by iNext - 2005-10-23

Windows users are continuing to experience problems with Microsoft Corp.'s latest round of security patches. This time, a problem with a critical patch related to Microsoft's DirectShow streaming media software is leaving some Windows 2000 users unprotected even after they have installed a patch.

Windows 2000 users who have installed Microsoft DirectX Version 8.0 or 9.0 may not have fixed their software by installing Microsoft Security Update MS05-050, the company said in a statement posted Thursday to its Web site.

The patch, called an "update" by Microsoft, was released Oct. 11 as part of the company's monthly security software fixes. It addresses a problem in DirectShow that could allow an attacker to seize control of an unpatched system. The attacker would first need to trick a user into visiting a Web page with maliciously coded Web content -- a banner advertisement, for example -- in order for this to happen, Microsoft said.

The problem with the patch is that Microsoft DirectX 8.0 or 9.0 users who may have accidentally installed the patch written for DirectX 7.0 will still be vulnerable to the underlying vulnerability, and they won't be notified of this fact, the statement said.

Only a "limited" number of customers have been affected by this problem, and customers who received Update MS05-050 automatically or who correctly followed the steps in Microsoft's security bulletin won't be affected, Microsoft said.

This is the second problem Microsoft has had with the Oct. 11 patches. Last week, some users ran into a variety of technical problems when they attempted to install a separate Security Update, MS05-051.

Directions for determining whether a Windows 2000 system has been correctly updated can be found here.

Microsoft executives were unavailable for comment.

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