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Microsoft developing disaster data management system for Pakistan

Posted by iNext - 2005-10-22

The Director of the Microsoft Humanitarian Disaster Management, David Roberts is in Pakistan these days offering technological assistance for setting up a crucial data management system, which would help the people to come into contact with their loved ones worldwide in the event of natural disasters.

The data collected would be used for disaster planning and preparedness efforts at the community level, and will be stored as baseline information in a database, and Microsoft would be working on a long-term partnership with Pakistan in formulating the database system, The News quoted Roberts as saying.

He added that his company sought ways to use software technology to help alleviate sufferings that result from natural disasters and complex emergencies all over the world. By gathering and reporting crucial data electronically, we could reach disaster victims in a more timely and effective way, the paper quoted the Microsoft representative as saying.

According to him, the data-collecting system to be introduced in Pakistan would have a three-phase strategy of disaster management. In the first phase, all the details of the quake victims would be registered in a databank, which would connect the loves ones across the world to the victims. Through registering, the family members would be able to know about one another's whereabouts and safety and know how to reach one another in emergency situations.

The second phase called 'Smart Client' would allow relief workers to go into a centre with a computer and register as individuals without having to be onto a network. After working in the field for all day or several days, they can work offline collecting data and can simply pass on their data to the web service that's being posted by the Microsoft. The web service is a 'no-cost' programme for the citizens of Pakistan.

In the third phase - 'Groove' - various data-collecting teams would collaborate across organisations and geographical boundaries, and its another purpose would be to understand the nature of business between stakeholders to get them back to having the potential to help each other in avoiding another disaster forming in the form of joblessness and other crisis situations erupting out of the natural calamity. (ANI)

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