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SafeGuard Solution Helps Protect BlackBerry Users

Posted by inet - 2005-10-21

Utimaco has released its latest SafeGuard PushMail security technology, software that encrypts all e-mails sent to and from BlackBerry devices, thereby preventing information from being read by unauthorized persons. Only the recipient can read and process the decrypted mail.
BlackBerry users always receive their e-mail encrypted with S/MIME and OpenPGP security standard. A recipient who does not use a BlackBerry device receives the e-mail either in encrypted or unencrypted form. Although BlackBerry vendor Research in Motion (RIM) has long used encryption to protect e-mail, some official agencies around the world have identified certain security deficits as a result of RIM's server structure. As a result, a recent German Federal Office for Information Technology Security (BSI) report labeled "the architecture of BlackBerry as unsuitable for use in critical IT infrastructures of authorities and enterprises threatened by espionage." Such issues have created uncertainty among users, who fear that eavesdropping of e-mails will be conducted for "reasons of national security."

In response, Utimaco has developed SafeGuard PushMail, based on the company's SecurE-Mail Gateway technology, to protect BlackBerry users and remove the security obstacles that stand in the way of many enterprise-class mobile computing projects. The solution puts the security and integrity of mail traffic under the customer's control. Formerly, it was possible via the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to obtain full administrative access to the messaging server -- and therefore to all of an organization's mail contents -- e-mails are now encrypted before being stored on the customer's mail server.

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